By Michael Snyder,

Despite everything that we have already been through in 2020, the dominant narrative in our society right now is that everything is going to be just fine once we get past our temporary problems.  So many people that I hear from can’t understand why I am so “negative” about the future, because they are completely convinced that really great days are just around the corner.  As odd as this may sound, we are seeing this sort of wild optimism among both Democrats and Republicans, Christians and atheists, capitalists and communists.  Of course about half the country will have their optimistic hopes for the future brutally crushed by the results of the upcoming election, but we aren’t there yet.  For now, both sides are absolutely convinced that they are going to win, and both sides are envisioning a wonderful new era for our nation in which their values reign triumphant.

If only things were that easy.

The truth is that many of our largest problems have been steadily growing for decades, and they aren’t going to magically disappear just because a particular candidate wins an election.  Our debt levels are absolutely exploding, our economy has plunged into a depression, there is widespread civil unrest in our streets, our nation is more divided than it has ever been in my entire lifetime, and our society is literally coming apart at the seams as just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is growing rapidly all around us.

But there are a whole lot of people out there that want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is going to be just fine.

If you would like to be just like them, the following are 20 things that you must believe in order to convince yourself that everything is going to turn out okay somehow…

#1 “Being 27 trillion dollars in debt is not a problem.  We can go into as much debt as we want, and future generations of Americans won’t mind at all that we are dumping all of our bills on them.”

#2 “The fact that the Federal Reserve creates trillions of dollars out of thin air whenever a major crisis erupts doesn’t really matter.  We can debase the reserve currency of the world as much as we want and the rest of the globe will continue to use it and the inflation rate in this country will never get out of control.”

#3 “Antifa is just an idea, and all of the rioting, looting and violence will somehow magically come to an end after the upcoming election.”

#4 “When I see people smashing windows, setting buildings on fire and shooting at police officers, I just remember to remind myself that those are really just peaceful protesters.”

#5 “It is perfectly okay that a former intern for Joe Biden will moderate the next presidential debate.  He has promised that he will be perfectly neutral, and I believe him.”

#6 “Kamala Harris will never become president if Joe Biden wins the election, because Joe Biden is so strong and vigorous that he could easily make it through two terms.”

#7 “The Democrats would never pack the Supreme Court, because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are way too decent to ever allow that to happen.”

#8 “Once the election is over, the big social media companies will give us our freedom of speech back because that is the right thing to do.”

#9 “It makes perfect sense that the stock market has soared to record highs while the real economy has plunged into a horrifying depression.  This isn’t a bubble, and stock prices will just keep going up indefinitely.”

#10 “It is perfectly okay that 40 percent of U.S. children are being born outside of marriage.  America can certainly prosper without strong marriages and strong families because so many other great civilizations have shown that it can be done.”

#11 “Even though study after study has shown that antibodies fade very rapidly and that any immunity is very short-lived, a vaccine will save us from this pandemic.”

#12 “Once this virus has been eradicated, they won’t make us wear masks anymore, and they certainly wouldn’t try to force people to take vaccines if they don’t want them.”

#13 “Now that everyone has seen how much chaos this pandemic has caused, evil people would never purposely release more deadly viruses because they wouldn’t want to kick us while we are down.”

#14 “There is no need to worry that our relationships with Russia and China have gone down the tubes, because our military is so strong that nobody would ever dare getting into a military conflict with us.”

#15 “Even though the head of the UN World Food Program is warning that there will be famines of ‘biblical proportions’, I am sure that any food shortages are just temporary and everyone in the world will have plenty of food to eat in 2021 and beyond.”

#16 “More than 60 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits this year, but most of those jobs will quickly come back, and we are on the verge of the greatest era of economic prosperity in U.S. history.”

#17 “The rapid rise in crime rates in cities all over the nation is just temporary.  I am sure that things will go back to normal in 2021.”

#18 “We can ignore the hundreds of earthquakes that are shaking the west coast, because ‘the Big One’ probably won’t happen for thousands of years.”

#19 “The fact that tens of millions of Americans will be mailing in their ballots won’t cause any issues at all.  All of the ballots will be counted quickly, efficiently and accurately, and the American people will remain perfectly calm while we wait for days or even weeks to find out the winner of the presidential election.”

#20 “Even though more than 60 million children have already been aborted, and even though every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us, there will never be any serious consequences for our actions and the greatest days for America are still ahead of us even though we completely refuse to change our ways.”



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  1. In the end the question is whether you believe things can turn out well or not. Is fear going to help us manifest solutions? That is not a spiritual teaching I am familiar with.

  2. Steve: My 2 cents: I collect Books on Heaven and Hell for those who don’t believe in EITHER, you will find out when you get there. Get KJV and look up every verse for Heaven and Hell in a Matthew Henry’s Commentary or the Strong’s Concordance.
    Rebecca Springer wrote a great Book on Heaven “Within Heaven’s Gates” also known as “Intro Muros” i believe. Howard Pittman wrote a great Book: “Placebo” (what’s the Churches Dope). Also, Mary Catherine Baxter “Divine Revelation of Hell” Book and Audio she also has one on Heaven. One Book read not to long along where a guy died in Auto Accident and came back, couldn’t fault what it showed was the power of one man’s prayers and NOT giving up. Ask God, to see Heaven and Hell and don’t quit asking until he let’s you see it. You don’t have to be religious or Christian as God hears prayers. Believe me, when you get the revelation or vision or experience it will be the last time you will want to see Hell, Hades. Arthur Katz wrote a great piece “is death the end the reality of Hell”. His written works, Apostolic Foundations and Prophetic Call; Reality, the Hope of Glory (wrote under Aaron Katz) and Leonard Ravenhill’s written works set me on the straight and narrow best ever read. I’m not into arguing on doctrinal whatever as always searching and seeking truth from one who was a stupid sheeple and that debate probably ongoing. It’s relationship with God the Father, NOT STUPID inane, inept, useless religion. I believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit; NOT the stupid building of what they call a church. People are the Church, NOT buildings.

  3. Trump’s been busy in the back ground sorting out the system to the new Quantum system and asset stripping all these corrupt demons and retrieving money they stole from us and made out of us so funds will be in place and Trump has created a good base to bring back manufacturing to USA and so much more – I just wish Boris Johnson would take his lead in UK . As for the Federal bank it has been taken over and is backed with gold now . A lot of work is being done – the news is refusing to report on because the media belongs to the Satanists and that will hopefully change soon to which will mean that the real news with be reported instead the lies and deceit of the NWO for their own agenda which is propaganda brainwashing brain rotting crap the people are being fed to socially engineer them for control. Visualise a bleak future and that is what you will get – countries need to break away from the central banks who create austerity and stifle our progress that is the answer. They have too much power and that needs to stop. We can do this – God bless!

  4. Yes mate butthe god dont forgive you if you dont chang your mind
    i can see you as a good guy
    i suggest you get out from USA satanic country
    karma is comming to you
    Do you know how many peoples died around the world of tax money which you have paid for USA military machin???
    i dont judg you
    it is time to univers judg you
    look at your country situation
    do you know how many peoples are killed by your sanctions around the world ??? the univers bring these sanctions back to america and make starvation for american peoples

    • lets not bring starvation on any of the people of the world we are all Gods children. God wants us to live in abundance and what we want to see is a clean up of the planet and everyone to have a better life. the people have been lied to and deceived. This is the big awakening yes lots of very bad cruel unfair things have occurred but we must have a more positive attitude – all the leaders of the world have been satanic puppets the people did not know of this so we must not judge instead we must show love and understanding those criminals are being and will be punished who are beyond redemption and we will show forgiveness to those who were being forced to do the wrong thing against their will who are willing to turn their gifts to help humanity instead of destroying it – that is the way we want to go – let go of all this resentment anger jealousy and all the rest of it – so that we can bring all the truth out into the open and learn from it and go forward in peace and love one another – this will come to pass. God Bless!

    • Knock it off Reza, you are seriously clueless.
      You need to go look at whats occurring and stop blaming.
      If you had any knowledge you would stop blaming American citizens for what our leaders have done.
      This Satanic corruption is world wide but your focus is on bashing the USA, jealous much?
      Go do some research so you stop looking like a brainless dolt here and if you want to be taken seriously practice your grammar.

  5. After reading these words by Michael Snyder, which is a point of view of 1 man, I must think of the different levels of perception, we, you and I, can interpret our reality. And also, how much information one can study and digest on one day.

    I read the 20 points, in this post, and all of these 20 conditions aren’t present right where I am. How much can we know and hold in our awareness, without becoming energy-drained, or even, addicted, in a state of compulsive surfing on virtual waves?

    The question pops up in my mind again: What benefit does it bring us when we try to know and follow all events of disasters, victories, battles and many forms of (mis)behaviour, all over the world? Are our minds and nerves meant for such gymnastics? Compulsive surfing on the virtual waves can be a distraction of what one knows should receive one’s undivided attention, with a need for action in tow.

    I believe there are a few groups within the human collective, each creating, or following, a paradigm which they feel most in resonance with. Without the need for a diagnose, divided into good or bad, right or wrong.

    Isn’t it true, that human perceptions are a result of looking through a lens of our own making? The readiness to see that lens and observe it as such opens the door to a change of view. Through a new lens. The cosmic optician seems busy now 😊

    I’ll try to describe 3 groups that each have their own characteristics, in perceiving their own world and the world at large. And how they interpret what they perceive. I’m sure there are more than 3 groups. When you read this comment, please add a 4th or more?

    1. Those who think for themselves, with sufficient confidence and openness to learning new things and step into unknown territory. They’re not aware of the concepts of dimensions, vibration or frequency shifts, consciously, and see the 3D world as the only reality for mankind, to live in and make the best of it. Changing systems where possible, manoeuvering around obstacles with diplomacy in tow. This group tends to investigate, study, and collect as many facts as possible, to compare notes. Their conclusions are based on that work. Usually, they’re perceived as reliable people who share what they know genuinely and who act with purpose, rowing with the paddles of their boat, as we say in our water-rich Netherlands.

    2. Those who don’t think for themselves much, showing little confidence and openness to learning new things, shying away from exploring unknown territory. This group isn’t much inclined to hear or read about dimensional levels and frequencies. The term “vibration” may be known and used, but it’s often used in times of partying, drink/drugs.
    This group loves to follow the views and opinions of others, based on the emotion that is evoked by these views and opinions of others. Social media are platforms where we find this group, although in daily life we find examples everywhere.

    I believe that it’s in this group where sensationalism shows up. A group floating on a collective cloud of feel-good, in romance or lusting, or charged with hatred and fear, or pretending to be someone else: virtual loverboy, predator, troll, all in favour of causing drama or feeding on emotions. As long as the hunting season for sensation is on. Some hunters resemble dementors, half-substantial creatures who are present in the Harry Potter stories. Some hunters are disguised as an iron fist, covered by a velvet glove.

    3. Those who think for themselves in a calm and rather observing manner, without much need to share their thoughts with others. Exploring unknown territory isn’t welcome much. Their awareness of other dimensions or vibrations can be so deeply known, that they don’t realize that they’re moving between dimensional levels. It’s such a normal part of their existence, that they’re not consciously aware of it. Their perception can be huge and detailed.

    Depending on the ability to “digest” what they receive as impressions, they’re balanced or in turmoil, overwhelmed. This group’s preference is a neutral stance when in touch with others, with a tendency to remain silent, in a discussion about topics, the events in one’s own world and in the world at large. They are described as “still waters, deep grounds”, often. The introvert-ness might be a measure of protecting oneself from overwhelm. Empathy is usually the quality innate in those belonging to this group.

    Now, what’s the point of presenting these 3 groups? What’s my point? With those groups who sincerely try to understand their world and the world at large, and who intend to co-create harmony and peace, it depends on their awareness of dimensional levels, a different reality that isn’t visible to our physical eyes, how they create and perceive their world.

    When there’s talk of a “Golden Age”, a “New Dawn”, “going to Heaven”, a “Shift of the Ages”, the “Age of Aquarius”, “Ascension process” or “the Flowering of Human Consciousness”, to some of us it may be a farfetched dream that never comes true, food for idealists, a fairy tale, compensation of, or escape from reality, you name it.

    Numerous prophecies and codices are left by indigenous tribes. For us to take notice of, as a weather-forecast. When rain is predicted, you take your umbrella with you. Just in case. When you don’t, you get wet.

    To those who are aware of, and have stepped out of the 3D paradigm, what’s presented to their eyes on the blue screen, the radio, and the papers, is observed as the process of old systems falling apart. The chaos of a storm bringing change as an inevitability. It depends on identifying with physical form as well, on the opinion that that’s all there is.
    Survival mode, our instinctual fight-or-flight response, is present with that view.

    It depends also on awareness and knowledge of the larger picture, the awareness of planet Earth, part of the solar system, a part of our galaxy, possibly teeming with life.
    Existences of realms where our human mind can’t go due to a difference of vibration. Experiences in our existence will determine what we choose as factual and true. Plus the choice to remain open-minded, willing to step into uncharted territory, that’s great gymnastics for our soul and serves our human evolution as well.

    And while this chaos is apparent, showing up in waves of intensity and taking all sorts of form, to those who are observing from a different dimensional level, from the 5th dimension, for example, it’s experienced in a different way. Through a different lens.

    Outwardly, they’re present physically, working with what their hands find doing, in the 3D world with its chaos, visible in so many aspects of life. This is Kali Yuga, just like marda writes in her/his other comment here on this page. To the classic Maya priests, we’re in the thick of “The Transformation of Matter”, since 1987th Harmonic Convergence.

    Those who are present in a 5th-dimensional frequency, choose the qualities, the state of being that is resonating with it. It’s a different state of being and perceiving. They’re not thrown off balance due to 3D drama, or identify with the intensity of fear ruling many peoples’ minds. In essence, as I see it, there’s an awareness of choice, with the observer observed.

    And so, my conclusion about Michael Snyder’s point of view, is that it seems to be written with an idea in mind, that the world out there should either show up while in peace 100% or in war and chaos 100%. Other flavours aren’t on offer for him, it seems.
    The writer can’t see the possibility of a new dawning while present in the darkest hour.

    There’s an existence of dimensional levels all present around us, as I see it. Just like the variety of bandwidths, that we can choose by turning the dial on an old fashioned radio.
    Look at nature, in The Netherlands, the change of seasons gradually announces itself.

    Now, the autumn storms are clearing the fallen leaves, the decay of what has sprouted, grown, flowered and seeded in springtime and summer. The winter will truly hold an icy hand on all that has withdrawn its life force, the trees save it into their trunk and roots, releasing their leaves. What happens after is known to us all. A new cycle starts all over, year in, year out. And so it is with the evolution of life in many forms of existences.

    Isn’t it true that our perception and conclusion about what life is about, depends on if we feel that life “happens” to us, or that life is chosen by us?

    I guess I can’t help but represent my own stance in this. I don’t want to risk filling in the facts about how others perceive their world. The present world is like a caterpillar, unaware of its change yet. Unaware of its freedom of expression, spreading its wings one day. Each of us seems to be in that phase of the chrysalis.

    And last but not least, a question I should ask Michael Snyder personally: “What’s the damage of believing in a world filled with joy and beauty, harmony and peace, and hold it in one’s vision and prayers?” It’s shown by our heroes, the trailblazers who know how to make manifest what’s in their vision and prayers.

    By consciously choosing our vision, creating our reality on a personal level, we’re choosing our vision and create our reality as a collective, the human collective, peeling off layers of deception, revealing its true face, its true nature and purpose.

    I wonder what comments would appear below this long comment of mine when it’s published in PFC’s pages as a post 😉

    • Hey Devon, I have read through a lot of your comments on this site and your wisdom intrigues me. Totally off topic, and I’ll understand if you decide not to reply. I’m interested in what your view on the afterlife is? Is there one? Do we reincarnate? It often causes me great anxiety to think about what happens when we die.

      • Hello Steve, thank you for your inquiry. I don’t know you, in this virtual cloud, and therefore I’m not sharing my thoughts on that subject. Have you thought about studying old texts, like the book of the dead originating in Buddhism, or stories of people who’ve experienced a near-death experience? Those who were given a glimpse of the afterlife? Not that that’s proof of an afterlife, really, to a logical mind.

        One quick way to find out if there’s an afterlife is dying and see what happens. I haven’t reached that moment yet if ever I will. And so, I can’t really give you an answer, see? One suggestion I can make is to find out why it often causes you great anxiety when you think about what happens when we die. Ask yourself that question and wait for what comes up that might be an answer. Write it down

      • See research and books of Jim Tucker, solid investigative research into people having past life memories and then finding physical evidence of those past lives being true as remembered. As far as I am concerned, the evidence is clear that reincarnation is the reality.

        In addition, see Anita Moorjani’s near death experience which miraculously cured her extreme late-stage cancer and was documented by two prestigious hospitals. There is a doctor who collects NDEs, especially those with solid evidence to support them, I don’t recall his name, but he had good commentary on her case.

        Besides that there are other phenomena, such as Shared Death Experiences, in which one person dies and others near them have out-of-body experiences together with that person, accompanying them to “heaven” and then returning. Those people’s internal experiences agree with each other.

  6. I believe that it all will eventually come out well in the end for just one reason that is not even included in the twenty listed above. That reason is this: God is in control, and the Christ is coming again.

  7. what about karma??believe it
    you americans have fed to killing machin of millitary around the world
    blood of people around the world wana retailation
    it s not about russia china iran north korea or …
    it is about univers
    but dont stress and calm down
    just real god not american god (gold.oil.drug)can forgive you when you change your minds

    • yes, reza, there is karma. my dna shows i have native american, asian and western european ancestors. i have lived many times, in afganistan, turkey, the early 1800s in the us to name a few. we all have individual, family, community/society, cultural and global karma…we are all loved by Creator.

    • Reza, IF you think we Americans wanted that criminal behavior you are wrong.
      It wasn’t us, it was a group of criminals bombing the world because the US had the military might, London had a part and the Vatican had a part too.
      Stop judging us because the same criminal cabal that controlled our country and our military was controlling the world.
      Its time to wake up and stop blaming american citizens, we have been just as victimized as the rest of the world.
      We have had our wealth stolen, our child stolen raped murdered, tortured and sacrificed.
      We have had our leaders lie and murder globally but yet you think we wanted that for some stupid reason.
      Thanks for assuming we are heartless animals.

  8. There are timelines we can direct our attention to
    You can choose the Negative timeline OR the positive.
    You can choose to see everything as Doom and Gloom OR you can choose to see the beauty in life and humanity.
    it is a choice and what you choose you will experience.
    If you vibrate lack, you will have lack
    If you vibrate Gratitude, you will bring more to be grateful for.
    I chose not to read this entire article because this author is choosing a negative timeline and I am not going to entertain his ideas as fact for me because they are not.

  9. You don’t have to “believe” in any of this. This is Kali Yuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy transitioning onto the Golden Age. It’s gonna be messy, very messy.

    Don’t stress out yourself and everyone else, it’s going to be fine. Come spring, things will be much improved. You are loved.


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