From our friend Lorie Ladd, a new perspective on The Event.  Good news!

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  1. This kind of message is positive, the lady who conveys it seems to be a credible person, but it is a lie that we are receiving messages from guides or soul assistants at this time!
    What we are doing, some of us, is expanding our awareness and developing reasoning in an attempt to capture wisdom.

    We often find conclusions that seem logical to us, but they are our own conclusions, they do not represent the reality we seek to understand.

    All messages of this kind have a similar pattern despite being transmitted by different people, I apologize, but in my opinion at the moment no one is endorsed with any clue or knowledge that can be really useful for humanity.

    Because human beings are different in their perception, different in their mission, and therefore there is no message for the collective.

    At one time many of us humans requested and allowed the intervention of non-human beings on the planet, and these beings responded to our call and came to our reality and transformed it and used the human race for their purposes, because in the eyes of other beings, humans are weak, composed of an limited emotional system .

    There is an attempt to take from humans what is their only wealth, their soul their emotions and transform humans into hybrids, separated from their emotions.
    Many humans choose to keep their emotions, others prefer to separate themselves from their genesis, from what they really are, and become a replica of other beings who exploit this planet at all levels.
    This planet is not inhabited only by human consciousness and therefore it is not only a change of human consciousness that will drive us in human evolution.
    It will be a choice, humans and non-humans are at the time of personal CHOICE!
    But the CHOICE is very complex and the one that most frightens humans.

  2. There is the human collective consciousness! But there is also a collective non-human consciousness of beings who are on earth with opposite purposes to human evolution!
    The experience that is being made on earth, of perceiving how far the human being can endure suffering is being carried out by non-humans

    Our guides can do little for us, makes me hare a cycling race, where spectators are on the side of the road screaming for athletes to pedal.

    What is on earth is the same in heaven and all this dark cycle of this planet reflects a dark cycle of the universe itself.

    99,% of the information that humans ho claim to receive instructions from their guides is nothing more than zero information.

    In fact, humans should believe in nothing and nobody in this crossroads of rotten information .

    We are manipulated beings searching to understand who we are, but we don’t have access to wisdom, humans are treated like slaves from whom all knowledge and wisdom is hidden.

    Human beings who fight on this beautiful but also horrible planet deserve to find wisdom!

    Greetings from Portugal!

  3. Hello! I do share the knowing of DS and thanks for the new information.

    I like to share 3 experiences i had, One is how it feels to exist in a higher frequency.
    (Some time ago)I do not know which dimension i was at the moment. But i knew my frequency was so high that any negative thought that entered my mind was immediately dissolved and forgotten, The only thoughts possible to experience was thoughts that fully radiate light, love and harmony! it was incredible. The second experienced was that all Dimensions are supper-imposed on each other. The difference in between them is the amount of Frequency/Light we can hold in the particular dimension. Since your perceptions, interactions, thought, views, etc, are experienced according to the frequencies you are holding at the moment, one will not be able to see/feel those other dimensions until one’s frequency is increased to match that, of that other higher dimension. At that moment, you do not longer live in the previous one.
    An the third, happened some days ago, It showed me that “PURE LOVE” is in its purest forms, exists only at the portal of the UNIVERSAL, Highest Dimension ( Father-Mother). From there, going down on the Dimensional realities, LOVE gets distorted due to the amount of Frequency that the dimension can hold and the influence that our igo has on us. It was showed to me that the feeling of hate (for example), in our 3D reality is actually LOVE, in highest realities/Dimensions. It has been distorted down due to the influence of our selfish ego thoughts!

    For those of you beautiful beings that like to follow on the path of light and do not know how, Please study “Letters of Christ” This is the web site you could find them at ( Is not a religion, Is not another book to read, is the truth about what “Christ Consciousness is and means. An is what Jesus, Mohamed, Buda, an other teachers came to teach us when they walked this Earth.
    God Bless you All!

  4. It is our job to use discernment and transmute the dark energies of fear, hate, etc. to love and understanding without becoming involved in or believing in it. Jealous, above all else, our powers of transmutation and clear thinking is the dark forces’ greatest fear and doom!!!

  5. I liked this message- pragmatic and realistic. The collective will continue to clear and what may not be realized is that we are receiving mercy from Source because we are taking this long to clear- we are holding back the All as we continue to lag. Also, we will know that greater Light is coming as the Dark tries to maintain the shadow. Don’t give energy to the Dark if you wish to ascend. There is no darkness where there is light; make space for the light.

  6. Thank you, Derek, for posting this valuable message with Lorie Ladd. What a great teacher she is! I meant to suggest posting this video, but I felt that you would decide for this all on your own. If I’m correct, and I go back in my memory of 4 years ago, there are quite a number of souls drawn to PFC who seem to be lost in the desert of their lives.

    Some of them, perhaps, create their interpretation of reality in unusual and eccentric ways. Of course, I’m at risk now, of being accused of the same thing 😄🙃🤹‍♀️🎃📣🏹
    I believe that this message will be received as good news by those who have gained a sense of perspective and sobriety, including their human nature fully, knowing that we won’t end up on our knees collectively, in prayer to the Sun or Son. Both are spoken in the same manner, is it a coincidence?

    This message will be received as bad news, possibly, by those who are waiting for “The Event” as if it’s an everlasting release of all troubles, replaced by an equally everlasting bliss. The equivalent of being saved by… whatever shows up as a Savior, while more or less sitting on their hands. Discouraged, tired or depressed, unfamiliar with an inner knowingness, not in touch with confidence gained by initiative: a choice to try out if this works… or that works…. or that.

    No idea of what exercising discernment means or how it’s obtained, even while trying, finding out what works. I sure hope that those who are trying their best will find “Nordic walking sticks” in the form of support, offered by those who’ve been where they are now.
    We’re all equal in the steps we take, from birth to old age, in order to finally restore our autonomy, with the affinity in our hearts for ourselves, which is true grounding as Earth human, and, sooner or later, step in the role of co-creator. To each his/her own, together.

  7. For those who want to learn more pertaining to ‘The Winter Solstice’ occurring every December 21st & the shifting of ‘The Constellations’ (this time from Pieces to Aquarius), that happens (approximately) every 2,200-2,400 years, ‘The Event’. Bing, Website: WaykiWayki Title: ‘The Luminaries Mysterium’ (you will learn what our antient ancestors knew, they were much more advanced then us. & what they did not yet understand)


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