By Charles Hugh Smith,

We’re Number One in wealth, income and power inequality, yea for the Fed and the Empire!

If we avert our eyes from the electoral battle on the blood-soaked sand of the Coliseum and look behind the screen, we find the powers that matter are not elected: our owned by a few big banks Federal Reserve, run by a handful of technocrats, and the immense National Security State, a.k.a. the Permanent Government. These entities operate the Empire which hosts the electoral games for the entertainment and distraction of the public.

The governance machinery controlled by elected representatives is tightly constrained in what it can and cannot do. It can’t do anything to stop the debasement of the nation’s currency, which is totally controlled by the Politburo of the Fed, nor can it do much to limit the Imperial Project, other than feel-good PR bits here and there.

The president wields vast powers but even the president is powerless to stop the debasement of the nation’s currency and the enrichment of bankers, financiers, corporations, etc., who fund the campaigns of the gladiators, oops I mean politicians.

If we set aside the term Deep State and simply call it the unelected machinery of governance (Permanent Government), we get a clear picture of its scope and power. Presidents, senators and representatives come and go, but the machinery of Empire grinds on, decade after decade.

A great many people and places in America don’t matter to the Fed or the Permanent Government, and so they’ve been abandoned to their fates. The darlings of the Fed and Empire are clustered in Silicon Valley and other urban hubs where the technological and financial machinery of global hegemony are fabricated and maintained.

Those far from these centers of banking, finance and Big Tech have little to no stake as owners of meaningful capital. All they have to sell is their labor, and that’s been losing purchasing power for decades as financialization and globalization have stripmined rural America and enriched the bankers, financiers and speculators who serve the Fed and unelected Permanent Government.

The Fed and the Permanent Government have been very, very good to the few at the expense of the many. Look at the chart below at America’s complete dominance when measured by the soaring wealth of its top 1% power elite: We’re Number One in wealth, income and power inequality, yea for the Fed and the Empire! And we don’t have to elect them–they elect themselves.


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  1. You are correct. There is no such thing as a free election anymore. Trump was elected but Biden was the victor through illegal behind the scenes activities.

    The level to which our nation has fallen became evident with the purchase of the White House for W. Bush. A gift of his father who no doubt maintained control of the nation’s health/wealth/future through his son.

    The name Biden has the word ‘die’ in it. Harris? Perhaps this is the only way a woman can become president, with the death of the president. But if she is committed to the agendas of the dark forces, nothing will change; for how sad when women are deceived and manipulated to serve male agendas of absolute control and destruction.

    I just hope the price we will be forced to pay to wake-up sleeping Americans will not destroy our destiny intended to free the world of the dark forces. AMer-I-ca – I AM Race – because we have within our borders all cultures, religions, etc., not because we are superior in any way. If we do not keep our promise to free the world with love, not war, that destiny just might go to South America.

    • Dhara, Please read my comment. ‘The Vatican’ is & always was ‘The Vatican Bank’ Please spread the word so to shut down the whole entire media of Lies. Trump truly is the last president as they have been saying he would be, the last president of ‘United States Incorporated’ That’s why it is so important to understand the chain of events for the last 107 years. (& even 155 years) It’s done, it’s over!

  2. The United States Inc. bankruptcy was completed on November 5th, 2020. The ‘Municipal Corporation’ doing business under U.S. Inc. was entered into Chapter 17 by its owner Pope Francis September 24, 2015. So Biden & Harris are entering a defunct corporation. It is a fraudulent exercise. Who ever was elected has nothing to preside over as of November 5, 2020. The new municipal corp. they are trying to foist off on us have no contract. As a result the ‘Principals responsible have been notified within 3 days that we do not accept their offer of succession. The following message was sent to all ‘Principals’ & ‘Lord Mayor’ & was released November 6, 2020 publication worldwide, “Your timelines are off. November 3, 2020 election, November 5, 2020 settlement. End of story. No contract. ‘3 Day Right of Refusal.’ It is done.” They put in all this energy for a nonexistent election, for a president of a bankrupt corporation. Welcome Home to The Republic to ‘The United States Of America.’

    • The most informative comment around. Is this found elsewhere?
      Now we will see what a takeover of a nation by creditors looks like.
      Note that the Vatican is controlled by Jews. They were always around but took full control of the machinery when they selected Pope Francis the Jesuit.
      What happened to the Italian element? Leo Zagami on the run. Was that the P2 Lodge?
      Although I hope otherwise.
      Is this one head of the beast killing the other?
      P3 would have to be Jews.

      • Max, That was posted on Anna Von Reitz website, post # 2800. It sounded very probable to me because Ron Paul ‘Liberty Report’ has been talking for the last four years about the bankruptcy of the government & had published a book about it. Always remember the ‘Federal Reserves’ does not belong to The United States of America, never has!

    • I want more clarity on what “municipal” refers to. That is not the entire nation. It sounds like DC, with Lord Mayor. She differentiates the nation with its presidency.


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