Probably the most important video of these times. A must see for every wannabe sovereign Human. Join Kim Goguen and Tank from Life Force and Project Speak as they discuss the USA election, its aftermath and the steps and solutions available to the surface population to reclaim their sovereignty on Earth.

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Kim “Possible” Timeline

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    This presentation about Global Marshal Law: How Earth came under control of the Draco 16,500 years ago. This video will show you the real chart of Earth`s control structure, and who were dominating every part of world`s economy. Presenter is Kim G.

    This is my summation of what she presents. After 16,500 years of Draco rule or Marshal Law on Earth. The contract ends. The structure collapses. A peace agreement is signed? Is this posted some where? A member was chosen with the closest DNA to the source. What source? The AI system? The CIA ran a DNA program… her friends (what friends?) said: you’re it! …and like that the AI reverted to her ‘control’ by DNA sequence. Is this the reason she has SO MUCH knowledge? If M didn’t appoint her who did, AI? Based on what ‘it’ deemed humanity’s representative… SHE (?) is responsible for the distribution of Earth’s resources/wealth? SHE (?) decides what projects are for the betterment of humanity and societies? Go listen to this presentation again… it tells you straight out who sent her (it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing). Be very careful following her …she will lead you to places you don’t want to go… BTW in one of her recent broadcast she says that the Constitution was never meant to work; and should be done away with.

  2. 29 min. in Response to Julius Caesar : He became the undisputed leader of the ‘Rome Republic.’ On his return to Italy in September 45BC, Caesar found the streets & cities crowded with homeless people who had been forced off the land by usurers & land monopolists. 300,000 people had to be fed. The principal usurers were charging rates as high as 48% per annum. At the time there were two political parties, the ‘Optimates’ centered around the nobility, the senate & the privileged. Second party the ‘Populares’ who represented the citizens. Caesar represented the ‘Populares. He fully understood the evils of usury & how to counter them. He understood that money was a national agent, created by law for national purpose & that no classes of men should with hold it from circulation, so as to cause panics, in order to advance the rates of interest or buy up property at ruinous prices after a panic. Caesar monetary reforms : 1. State debts levels were immediately reduced 25%. 2. Control of the mint was transferred from the usurers to government. 3. Interest could not be levied at more than 1% per month. 4. It was decreed that interest could not be charged on interest. 5. Slavery was abolished as a means of settling debt. 6. Aristocrats were forced to employ their capital & not hoard it. These measures enraged the ‘Usurers’ whose livelihood was severely restricted. On March 15, after four years of assuming power, Julius Caesar was surrounded by 60 conspirators & was stabbed to death. So what’s your problem with Caesar Kim??

  3. ‘Speak Project’ website publishes all Tank’s ‘Life Force’ video’s. Watch ‘Live with Tank & Lisa Recap the Crazy’ (posted 11-9-20) & one will realize how crazy these clowns are on their claims. (Still no real evidence)

      • The way forward, if you’re aligned with creator Source, is magnificent. This ‘Speak Project’ ‘Life Force’ ‘Kim Possible’ show is divisive and dark. It’s part of an evil PSYOP. Evil always portrays itself as good and attractive, that’s the hook. Her message of ‘it’s all a mess and we have to fix it’ is manipulation. She plays on people emotions. Why ‘trust’ her? Who is she? She told you: she is an AI shill. M arranged to have her take his place. She doesn’t hide this. She thinks you are stupid and couldn’t possibly connect the dots. She may be right. P.S.: Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.


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