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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Hmmmmm
    Was B.F. replaced with a clone and handlers ??
    Or, is so isolated and insulated that other information has not made past his secret society gatekeepers??
    I don’t know.
    Maybe his Spiritual Connection has been severed? (or, never was?)
    Trying to figure this guy out, and why he is so ‘ off ‘ …

  2. Benjamin just lost credibility with me when he mentioned the use of the military. In my mind and true to history, the military is the surest way of establishing a military dictatorship that won’t go away. Exploitation of males who look for the excitement of war and an excuse for rape, a trap and price too high. The very military itself is designed for absolute control of those in the military and those frightened by their presence to even consider taking that route. The intent is to free humanity of control and manipulation, not increase it.


    • update: There seems to be a piece of information you have missed out on:
      There is the military section, related to Trump that is working for the forces of good and is integrally conscious of the illuminati, those are objectively the good guys, very intentionally organized to literally defend the human race against the new world order traitors, and their denizens. (some of them Navy-related) He does make a distinction between some airforce related military- at least some time ago) mentioning how they were more linked into the criminal links of the illuminati)

  3. It is pretty clear to me from Benjamin’s positions and from comments that he has made that he has not followed the ((10+7))th letter) movement at all. That means he is missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Anyone who knows how the cabal operates will quickly recognize that ((10+7))th letter) is not just another cabal faction.

    The cabal coerces their opinions on you. ((10+7))th letter) is doing something completely different: they only ask questions, and leave it to the anons to find the answers through (mostly) online research. Then when the anons find and post the answers, the info is verifiable for anyone who wishes to follow the links. The information revealed in this way is undeniable, and then you don’t have to take anyone’s word for what to believe–you believe it because you have seen the evidence and gone through the thought process necessary to understand it, and you have done that yourself.

    This means empowerment. Q is empowering the participants in the Q movement to know the truth for themselves. No negative cabal masterminds would ever dream of doing that as a strategy! Because the truth is sunlight to vampires! Because empowering others is the opposite of hoarding power and control!

  4. Hello Ben and girls – thank you for your video it was very interesting and informative. However I do not agree with you about Donald Trump. I think he is the right man for the job aligned with the military. Now I agree with you about Robert David Steele he is a very good man and I feel h is an honest man of integrity. You are accusing Trump of doing a deal with the Rothschilds or Rockefeller’s. Here is a link to a Robert David Steele Video dated 15th October 2020 where he obviously thought the same as you did but has came out publicly and apologised for it because he found that to be untrue about Donald Trump so have a look at that it negates what you are saying. (the apology is 7.35 on the video) but it is full of very interesting and informative things so people you may want to watch it through. I do not know about the accusation of rape of children and if so why Trump is not suing them. If its true or is it more ops against him. I will have to do further research about that and get back to you. But I think it is a bit unfair to say Donald Trump has not dealt with certain things on the planet and that he blew it. He has been a very busy man dealing with very serious problems which he has been successful at achieving against all odds and as well as that he has been attacked 24/7 by the full force of the media and the elite. I am aware of a lot of the things that he has achieved and I think it is very impressive and amazing and I am sure all the rest will come once he is back in for a second term and the corrupt people opposing him are arrested so that he can get on with the job of building up the country and the planet. So far I am still with Trump and so is Robert David Steele which he has made clear in that video. I am also very open minded about the things you are saying Ben. My mission is to get at the truth and I listen to everything and consider it and the more I research the more complex it gets but closer to the truth as another piece fits. I think Trump is doing a good job especially under the weight of all that is going on. Thank you

  5. So many negative YouTube comments. They don’t take the words of a(n honest?) journalist with a grain of salt. Some would say “Communism!” without evidence.

    Don’t understand Polish though for the rest. Enlighten me if you can.

  6. The Real Deal American Election “Sting” 11/8/2020

    No Votes where counted In California and Much Much More !


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