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  1. Guys
    I agree completely: any individual choice/freedom resides within himself, as well as the holly light. Nobody/no external force can impose to him/her absolutely anything they do not want to do.
    However, this implies most of the time – in case of dictatorship/fascist/communist regimes – that the individual compelled to resist tyranny and fight for his/her freedoms, has already put their affairs in order and they have already accepted whatever consequences their actions will generate, including the possibility to move on to the next incarnation.

    For those of you who haven’t had the “chance” to live in a totalitarian regime: once in the power, the whole country is their playground and the laws mean nothing to them.

    Rem: I was born in Romania and lived there for 30 years under the Communist terror.
    If by chance you were a dissident against the government, you better shouldn’t have been a smoker, because any time you would go out to buy a pack, you might never coming back.

    Back to a totalitarian regime:
    Their enforcement military/police/secret black-op arms can just show at your door and take you with them, or take you from the streets (to avoid drama). They don’t have to report anything to the families of the taken.
    I know is hard for you to grasp the horror of living in this kind of regime. The Constitution will have no meaning after the establishment has build their brain-washed enforcement forces.

    I know for a fact: when people rise in mass (hopefully getting support from the patriotic portion of the country armed forces) the evil cannot win. This is the nightmare scenario for the Cabal.
    The question is: are there enough people to be able to understand what they need to do, and this in large enough numbers, in order to protect their freedoms?
    Any other compromising action will perpetuate the control of the Evil forces over “Us, the People”.

    And I am sorry but Trump is not going to start the Humanity Golden age just because this is not the purpose of the group he represents.
    People can use him to cut the head of the Cabal and avoid their planned genocide at a scale not witnessed yet by the human history, but in the end, he will fulfill his purpose and will reveal the “others” plan to control the Globe.

    I wish you all to be safe with your loved ones as we go through these challenging times.
    Love Guara

  2. Guara, My point is “Mandatory” does not exist in a ‘Free Will’ individual. You are looking towards a leader, such as Trump for an answer that already exist within yourself, freedom to choose. Did you ever hear the song ‘Nights In White Satin’ by Moody Blues, Justin Hayward was the singer, pay attention to how it ends.

  3. Isn’t there in the American Republic’s Constitution a rule that says that every individual is free? She/He decides to allow DNA-change (Kill Gates vaccine) or not?

  4. (For Linda)
    I am talking about MANDATORY mass vaccinations.
    What will happen if the issue become compulsory, i.e. getting food within FEMA camps vs. starving in the quarantined cities?
    Here is not Good vs. Evil, is Lesser Evil vs. Pure Evil (Dems/Nazis).

    For Greg Dampier: Buddy, you are great! You are a living proof of awakening!
    For All:
    The time we are leaving are showing a distinct possibility for almost a total erosion of human rights.
    The same sick game goes on for thousands of years. It proves – unfortunately – that we are all in a 3D simulation that “allegedly” is meant to “help” our souls to evolve.
    You can find all the info you need on the only site I found that – in my opinion – is trying to provide the true information and history about what is this 3D “reality” – for those who can “digest it” – here it is:
    There are a couple of hundred videos, most of them sending messages hard to swallow, but to me it all makes sense:
    – the Global Reset happened already 6 times
    – this morbid game is set to repeat itself again
    – your only chance for freedom is to expand your consciousness

    Our only hope to avoid genocide and total loss of freedom is to rise in mass and protect ourselves and our children for what is coming. Are you ready?

    Rem: I hope Trump gets 4 more years. It’s the only way to send Justin Turdo to jail and destroy his genocide plans for Canada (as you’ve guessed, I’m Canadian). The Canadian government started already to build Nazi concentration camps in every province (named “isolation camps”)

    BTW I am posting under a pseudonym.

  5. Does anyone know how Trump will overturn the election, or is it going to fizzle? Do the mechanics exist, like recounting the ballots and recognizing the watermarks?

    Trump doesn’t want stupid poisons in the vaccine. But he likely still plans on the nano control. Both sides working for totalitarianism, but with different sensibilities. Trump has better sense regarding the Climate hoax.

    Like I said – two SIDES. Not a FAKE Hegelian Dialectic. Still trying to get the sides straight. She says the Democrats are led by Nazis. Surprising, since everything else pointed to Jews. Apparently there are two Iluminati groups. For example Leo Zagami said “we are a good Illuminati”. Someone did write that the Illuminati have 600 members, 60 senior leaders, and 6 main leaders over 6 regions of the world. They need to be 100% pure Jewish blood. So that is one side. Elders of Zion.

    Now nobody knows whether the “Gnostic Illuminati” are a different group.
    Nobody has ever told me what the Inquisition was against. Stupid silence about the secrets. Socialists-Communists have been the best sources of inside information in my life.

  6. I am once and for all done with this site here!…..Somebody got some new cash in their pockets and are now a Traitor to the Spiritual community and everyday citizens!….Sickening how that happens!
    President Trump, as we have been told by MANY spiritual SOURCES is full of good, light and love for the people of this country! He is NOT a part of any negative, sick, disgusting group of humans in any way, shape or form!
    He has had some shady business dealings in his past, especially overseas, but that has nothing to do with RUNNING this country to the benefit of all it’s citizens.
    Anyone reading this and if it is actually posted, can run straight over to and get the TRUTH straight up from a Lady who has no agendas or bias! She is Matthew’s mother….and there are many good sources like Suzy!
    No need to mention them all here…..Seek and Ye shall find…..

    • Hi,
      Alot of people in Denver, Colorado don’t like what Trump has been doing since he took office:
      1) Trump had a govt.shutdown for 3 months: the regular govt.workers finally had to get paid for their work so they can pay their own bills ( rent, groceries & gas).
      2) Trump took half of the low income people’s food stamps away. No wonder why the low income people don’t like Trump.
      3) When the Trump administration were building the Border wall: the govt. went & bulldozed through Sacred Native American land: just to get the Border wall built.
      4) Trump’s negative & disrespectful commentaries about women in general. ( not a good role model for young boys to copy).
      5) Trump’s disregard for wearing a face mask. ( not a good role model for children to see).
      6) people in general don’t understand how somebody like Trump who is a billionaire can be President & not pay alot of taxes ????

  7. Although I, as a broad-spectrum independent scholar and activist-artist for truth and disclosure, have long been a supporter and *attempted though routinely rejected* contributor to PFC, I am beginning to notice an unbalanced, polarized bias against President Donald Trump, and possibly against sincere American patriots/matriots in PFC publications. If this continues, PFC is likely going to lose its American support base, that could result in further erosion of support for PFC thruout the world. As I had accurately warned several years ago, and am here doing so again, PFC has been infiltrated once before, so it is not inconceivable that this is presently being repeated. Hopefully, a word to the wise be sufficient — both to those producing and to those reading this online publication.


  9. It does not look like a TRUE message from the light: we have just been told of avoiding polarisation!
    Is confusing and it seems ( and here I know very well that I will be criticised) straight out from Mr. Rockefeller .

  10. Here it goes again, another video accusing President Trump of being part of the Cabal!! This site is getting really BIAS! PFC, have you been infiltrated!??

    Very confusing the whole message in this video!

    • I have got the link to the source of up to 229 videos (from the info at the beginning of this video). After 20 years of searching for truth – or what the heck is wrong with this world – the explanations about the history of Earth and our Solar system seems to make the most sense to me.
      Does anybody believe that a knight with a silver shinny armor, a perfect “innocent” and free of sin, by his own power and without any selfish purposes, will come to save humanity from the Evil Reptilians/Cabal/Black_Sun/Dragon Families or others, that enslaved humanity for thousands of years?
      Doesn’t it make sense that there are at least 2 Evils groups that fight each other for the dominations over Humanity?
      At lease Trump seems he’s represented by the group that doesn’t promote the humanity genocide like their opponents. The Karmic explanation makes a lot of sense to me.
      So don’t be super emotional and totally invested in one side or another, neither seems to have the best of humanity at heart. At least the one group that Trump represents doesn’t want over of 90% of us exterminated.
      Keep an open mind about what is going on.
      So far Trump didn’t do too much for us either (just few notable and positive presidential orders). If he goes with mass vaccination he will show his true colors, because THERE IS NO COVID-19 VIRUS!!!.
      An European doctors association said that there is no lab in the world yet that was able to isolate the virus from any taken samples/test kits. The are not the only ones
      The vaccinations are meant to make us more docile/obedient, traceable through DNA modifications and RF-ID’s.
      People, do your research. There is no pandemic!
      Love to all and quick awakening!!!
      Guara Riua

      • Guara, Why is the statement “If Trump goes with mass vaccinations” ?? Are we not our own individual?? Why does anyone look to a leader for health direction?? (or any direction) The statement gives your Power away. The thought gives your power away.

        • I am hoping that the Donald’s plans for the vaccines is to encourage their creation and then to obtain from sources he controls a mass spectrometer analysis and an independent report on their safety or lack thereof and their probable intent. Basically what he wants is either a good vaccine or solid evidence of a bad one. Again, this is a hope. I have no evidence.

        • Linda, you are NOT your own individual if they show up at your door and give you the choice: either take the vaxx and fit in with the obedient crowd, or face restrictions, limits to your credit, travel, associations, food supply, and whatever bogus logic (fear) they invent to control all those around you.

          • “Choice” is the key word. Just like the crowd that likes abortions, its my body. You are letting the fear control you, Lynne.


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