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Full Moon Reading 30 Nov 2020

Moon Eclipse – The Awakening is happening!

by Katharina Bless


The full moon is reaching form Taurus into Scorpio and the Moon is in addition connected with a quincunx and a one-and-a-half square. This is a very powerful constellation and shows that now the transformation is coming to a peak soon.

The ideas of the world as we knew it are transformed in a dramatic way. There will be nothing left of the “good old ways” because they were not so good at all. Humanity wascontrolled and manipulated since centuries. If we look back now with the real information,the truth of the Kali Yuga is revealing itself –even tough many thought that it wasn’t so bad. It was! The forces who want to control the world did every thing to steal our souls! And now with the trans-human agenda they would literally make us to half robots who can’t feel empathy anymore.

Now we can observe a great awakening and people are bewildered and stunned! What happened? Many have lived a “normal” life and didn’t realize what was prepared in the background for many years to take over humanity and activate the “trans-human” process with a mandatory “Vac” they have ready. It’s only a very small elite that plans and the big masses are the sheep they want to sacrifice for their experiment.

But… fortunately, the big awakening is happening. People start to realize that we have in fact been prepared for many decades with films and propaganda to see what they planned, but those who realized it were ridiculed as conspiracy theorists. So the elite did what was required: inform people what they plan, but at the same time made a fool of every one who “got it”. Did you know that it was the FBI that came up with the expression of “conspiracy theorist”? Well, my research shows that this was planned since very long time.

Now it’s time to come to the surface. Our whole world is a living organism and sensitive to energies. If you compare this act to a disease that creates puss in a system, then at one point the pus is coming to the surface, because the organism can’t hold it back anymore. This is what is happening and the constellation of Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn are the ones that are pushing it out from the underground cover.

It is very interesting that most people don’t realize that every thing is a circle, or better, a round of a spiral, that is moving. Like ever year the seasons are changing, when fall is ruling and the leaves are falling for the “sleep” of renewal to enable a new spring, this is happening also in bigger cycles.

Saturn is the first planet to move into Capricorn where the structures are revealed, like the shape of the tree when the leaves have fallen. The structures are clearly visible and there is nothing that can be hidden in that kind of landscape.

The moon is facing the sun in Scorpio, the consciousness that is undergoing a transformation and is deeply disturbed by the impact of the one-and-a-half square from the Pluto/Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. The lining up of these planets symbolizes the plowing in the field to uproot every thing that has grown there to prepare it for a new crop.

The triangle connects also a half square and these “orange” aspects are karmic aspects that usually have a big impact in one’s life. The half sextile and quincunx connecting Venus, will give us the strength to see the end of the tunnel and withing the chaos of revelations, show us the way out to the light. Venus helps to balance the forces at work and Mercury is helping us to open our mind to the truth and possibilities that arise in every chaos.

One end is just another beginning. After the winter the spring will come back and the days will get warmer again. You might know that our sun system has moved into the photon belt and since this is a light energy as the word indicates, things are coming to the light and transparency is our future. The ways of darkness have no chance to prevail, we are in the process the “harvest” where the rotten fruit is put on the compost to transform into new soil.

Nothing is ever wasted, many negative forces have been at work because they were allowed to and we even gave our consent. Not very conscious, but still we did. Now it’s time to look at what was created and also take responsibility because we all are part of it. The negative and positive have many ways to play out, both are part of our life experience. If we are not separated, we can’t experience. What has taken over is Duality, and now we are moving into Unity consciousness.

We still live in polarity, we need to breath in and out, have day and night, times awake and asleep which are the positive and negative poles of our life. But we can move our consciousness into a higher dimension and understand one-ness of all that is.

The moon in Taurus represent the womb of Mother earth ready to receive the seeds of a new life that will spring from the chaos, like phoenix from the ashes. In the time of the declining of the moon, the seed will take hold and die on the next dark moon to make room for the little plant to grow. The seed has to die so new life can sprout.

The orange karmic aspects show that there is no choice, this is a process that has started long ago and now it plays out in the right time quality. It could not have happened earlier or later, the beginning of something also determines the end. In the next couple month we will see the old structures fall and I have the image of an old house torn down to make place for a beautiful new one. Or we also can use the picture of the stage that we play our game: we need to go off stage and allow a complete new scene to be set up for the next act.

Uranus is retrograde again until mid January, therefore the light might not be so visible for many, but as I mentioned before, it always comes back! The revelations of what is happening now might not be totally clear until then, we need to be patient, send light and love to our precious planet, no matter where you live, and hold that light! Many have started to light a candle every evening to symbolically send this gentle and soft light out into the darkness. This is a very good way to remind oneself also not to fall into fear and meditate on the new world that will rise soon.

Many blessings,

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  1. Emmy & Katharina, I would be more concerned about not being able to observe our Constellations & the Moon & Our Life Source the Sun, due to chem-trailing.

  2. We are not controlled by the alignment of the planets or the phase of the moon or which constellation is moving out of Orion and on to Uranus. I’m sorry but this is terribly misleading, the stars were given as guides for seasons and travel, not to control our minds and experiences on this earth.

    • You are right, we are not controlled by the alignment of the planets, but they show us the quality of time – VS quantity of time.
      They are guides to make us understand our time quality and give us a free choice to act accordingly.

  3. This is old material as the sun is in 10 degrees Sagittarius and the moon is in 24” Gemini not as presented as being in Scorpio and Taurus.

    • Hi Janet, this is not old material but the REAL star constellations. The Western/Tropical Astrology, as a fact, has nothing to do with the present star constellations and are about 28 degrees apart from them. Its another way to deceive people so they don’t have the right info. In older times astrologers and astronomers where the same, the system was “frozen” on the spring equionx ~ 2000 years ago… so time to wake up to the truth!

  4. Have you ever experiences Synchronicity if so how can this be how does it happen? It’s been happening since 2014 and my Synchronicity is so strong its on steroids and you could not make it up if you tried.
    So what does that show me and show you, it shows us someone else is in charge and what is happening is meant to happen this is the experiences we have come here to experiences and living with Negative energy has been allowed to be here with us to learn from, So don’t take things to serious, yes I know its hard not to get angry this is part and parcel of experiencing emotions but we are the strongest of the strong and that’s why we are here to ride this storm and remember you are not alone your guides are with you who do you think sends the Synchronicity.

    • Its a function of interacting personal timelines running on time.we have a contract for each life to do certain things with certain people at certain places.all is a part of the tapestry of life.we are soul fractals of our higher selves.

  5. Minor issue, but it might become important as we consider what to do with US agencies. It was found in a memo from a CIA dump of information that the CIA created the term “conspiracy theory.”

  6. It’s November 30th 2020, 8:46 p.m. here in the Chicago area. Doom & gloom in the sky as usual. Not one Star shows its Light. No Full Moon to be seen, Katharina.

    • Sorry to hear that. Please close your eyes and “see” the stars, the cosmos and how every thing is moving forward towards a better future! Love and blessings!

      • Katharina, I was out at 5:30 a.m. just this morning December 2nd, the heavens cleared up from the Chem-Trailing & I witnessed the full moon to the West. (as well as finally had seen some Stars last night) But as usual They are out there right now Chem-Trailing. The Sun is Our ‘Giver Of Life’ so how much more of this Chem-Trailing will the Heavens tolerate?


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