The Western world is facing its greatest crisis, possibly ever, as its ruling elite has surrendered to China.  Either the West removes this elite from power and creates a united front or Westerners will become Chinese slaves working under Khazarian Mafia sub-contractors.  It is this battle involving the Chinese and the West that is the real reason why the U.S. Presidential election result remains in limbo.

Before we dig further into this it’s important to point out that given the current circumstances it’s looking like a mathematical certainty Donald Trump will be the last President of the United States Corporation in its present form, multiple sources agree.  They also indicate he may have a plan up his sleeve to resolve the situation favorably, only time will tell.

To better understand the current situation let’s take a look at the numbers published by the U.S. Treasury Department on December 10th

They show the U.S. spent $6.5 trillion in the fiscal year ending on September 30th, but could only do this by borrowing $3.1 trillion.  The deficit for October, the first month of fiscal 2021, was up 111% year on year to $284 billion.

Overall, counting decades of fiscal and trade deficits as well as un-financed pension obligations, the U.S. has debt well over $200 trillion or well over 20 times GDP if you do not count debt-financed GDP.  So if you earn $10,000 a year, but spend $20,000 a year thanks to your credit card, and have over $200,000 in debt, you would have to spend your entire real income for over 20 years (and starve to death in the meantime) in order to pay your debt.

Neither Donald Trump nor anyone else can fix that using conventional means, which supports the concept of a reset to resolve the financial problems of numerous nations whose debt burden was created under the central bank fiat currency system.

That is why the current owners of the U.S. Corporation (mostly European aristocrats based in Switzerland) offered a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris slave presidency to the Chinese in exchange for a roll-over of their debt.  Even that was not enough, so they offered Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and ASEAN to the Chinese as well.

If you don’t think the mostly Swiss-based owners of the U.S. Corporation have surrendered to the Chinese, take a look at this news item (and please support the Guardian while you are at it) that reads in part:

“a secret deal between Switzerland and China that allowed Chinese security officials access to the country at Swiss taxpayers’ expense has been revealed.”

Basically, it says the Swiss have given Chinese agents a carte blanche to do whatever they want in Switzerland.  This means they can kill any of the Davos elite there who do not do their bidding.  Remember, these are the elite who control 90% of the transnational corporations.

Now you can understand why the current owners of the bankrupt United States Corporation have sold the American people down the river.  They have offered Chinese troops the right to…


to occupy Canada and Mexico to help break the U.S. into a small rump with Canadian and Mexican vassal states each getting a huge chunk of the former United States.

The Chinese are now furious because the American people and the U.S. and Canadian militaries are rejecting this deal.  That is why, for example, the Canadian military told Justin Castro to go take a hike (and maybe never come back like his brother) when he ordered them to let the Chinese military in and train them in winter warfare tactics.

In response, I would like to invoke the spirit of Chief Pontiac.

My grandfather was the Member of Parliament representing Pontiac County, Canada, so by doing so I am also invoking the spirit of my ancestors.  The Canadians split from the USA because we favored friendship and integration with the First Nations, not subjugation and extermination.  That is why there are now more First Nations’ people in Canada than when the first Europeans arrived, whereas in the U.S. there is less than a quarter.

We are calling for the creation of a New United States of America ranging from Argentina to Alaska.  By declaring such an independent state, we can declare the debts of the bankrupt U.S. Corporation null and void and tell the Chinese where to shove it.  Such a country would also have access to the resources of Canada and Brazil and so could use them to finance the rebuilding of the hollowed-out North American industrial base.

A Biden presidency involves the break-up of the current United States into three or more rump, Chinese slave states.  China Joe is a proven Deep State criminal.  As far as we can tell, including testimony from friends who tried to go to actual Biden campaign events, the “President-elect Biden,” is a CG composite reading speeches created by corporate PR departments.

We will not delve too deeply into this because neither the American people nor the U.S. military will accept a Biden presidency.  The fact that Hunter Biden faces a subpoena over multiple crimes should alert you to the reality there can be no Biden presidency.

We support much of what Donald Trump has done and fully endorse the idea of “Making America Great Again.”  The problem is with the current U.S. Corporate structure, its debt will be called in and U.S. troops around the world will run out of money while Americans suffer a catastrophic fall in income.

The situation is already so bad that over 50-million Americans do not have adequate access to food.  Also, based on last week’s Q4 Revenue Poll of 9,201 small business owners, 48% could shut down permanently before the year’s end.

So even with Trump’s remarkable achievements in his first 3 years in office, the WHO-Fauci-led Covid shutdown in 2020, most detrimental in Democrat ruled states, has created the situation where 50-million Americans are on the brink of starvation and close to 50% of U.S. small businesses are about to go bankrupt.

Trump recently tweeted:

“Vaccines are shipped and on their way, FIVE YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.  Get well USA.  Get well WORLD.  We love you all!”

This comes after the White House ordered the head of the FDA to authorize the Pfizer vaccine by Friday or resign.

Is this is the same vaccine that Pfizer’s own chief scientist and others say turns women infertile by causing their immune systems to attack their own placentas?

Now we don’t want to go deep space nine with our readers, but we need to consider the possibility that we are dealing with several different, converging timelines.

In my reality, the “Covid-19 pandemic” is a giant fraud designed to scare the public into taking DNA altering vaccines containing RFID nano-chips designed to subjugate people into permanent slavery.

Here for example is a member of the Austrian Parliament demonstrating to his colleagues how a can of Coca Cola is “testing positive” for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the corporate media world is screaming about a deadly pandemic with vaccines as the only hope for salvation.  Clearly this is a massive propaganda lie and the reality is Covid numbers are being fabricated by various means to create the impression of a real pandemic.

On this point, in a lesson on how far and wide the Khazarian Mafia’s network of bribes and blackmail extends, Pentagon sources tell us that Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today was spewing Covid fear porn and anti-Trump venom because he was being blackmailed over war crimes he committed in El Salvador.

We asked Duff twice point-blank if this was true and he refused to answer.  Instead, he said:

“I have two daughters working in ICUs; everything you get is deep state propaganda; all anti-vaccine material comes from Russian intelligence; that is confirmed; we are experiencing a massive die-off here; hospitals overflowing.”

So here is something any reader of this newsletter can do: go to a hospital and see for yourself if it is “overflowing” with Covid patients.  If you see them please post your findings with photos in the reader’s blog.  I have visited multiple hospitals and talked to many doctors who say it is all fake.

Other examples of possible disinformation or timeline shifts are reports that all members of the British Royal family have been executed.  Since this is an age of hyper-realistic CG we are using hand-written letters and asking for analog photographs to confirm the royals are still with us.  Again, either we are dealing with big lies, or with an alternative timeline in which they have been executed.  Confirmation will take time but we will let our readers know when we get it.

In any case, the important thing these days, when Western leadership has clearly lost the plot, is to concentrate on tangible things closest to you, your family, your house, your pets, your food supply, your safety, etc.  If they are OK, don’t worry about the hysteria you are seeing on your digital screens.  This could just be the death throes of a rogue AI digital community, which has a customized YouTwitFace bot assigned to your individual profile data.

If we can confirm that Covid-19 is only real in the minds of the MSM brainwashed, then we have a clear path to victory in this battle for the Planet Earth.  If they are really trying to vaccinate us with an ID tattoo containing “Luciferase” and an RFID chip for connection to a digital money system, then there really is a representative anti-Christ among us, whether AI in nature or not.

We must accept that this anti-Christ has manifested as an imminent threat to humanity and can be identified by arresting the people pushing vaccines based on a fabricated pandemic.

The trail may well lead to Jared Kushner.  Remember, he was the owner of 666 Fifth Avenue, where “Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies,” was developing microchips that could be implanted into humans.  From there the trail will almost certainly lead to Switzerland.  For that reason, the Swiss must be given a choice to hand its leadership group over or suffer the consequences.

Remember, under their dysfunctional leadership, 2020 “Is Ending With 93% of Global Economies Contracting…  And With Markets At All-Time Highs.”

This means the parasitical ruling class is getting richer and richer while everybody else is getting poorer.

As far as the Chinese are concerned, their real Dragon family leadership (as opposed to the communist front with the fake CGping) say they are willing to write off all debt and have a fresh start if the genocidal Khazarian leadership is removed.



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  1. December 19, 2020.

    Worldwide Public Notice, From Director Global Intelligence Agency

    Quote. ” This announcement is for all Citizens of the World, please be advised there is a new Global Central bank system in place to serve the people of the world. The old federal Reserve Bank is insolvent and no longer of any value.

    This has been kept secret for a time offering your Governments the chance & Opportunity to Work with the Trustee & Guardian of the Global Central Bank Repository for a smooth transition.

    The Previous owner has passed away along with any others that could of taken that position. There are those in your world who thought they would take this position; however, it was not allowed due to their mishandling of responsibility for your well being. In fact they had even fought with the trustee over keeping you as citizens from discovering your True value. They have been Stealing your Funds along with participating with the evils of the previous owner and now their only desire is to continue that path of treating the citizens of earth as their personal livestock. They have yet refused to allow citizens even to this day access to their riteful inheritance which they have kept secret through out your lives. This will not be tolerated again.

    They leveraged your birth certificates as living productive beings creating Considerable assets for each account. You where simply not informed. Therefore, they stole those funds from you and kept them all for themselves. if you have a birth certificate you have been accounted for within the Global Central Bank & Repository.

    The Trustee & Guardian Desire’s to return those funds to the People to Empower us to restore this planet to the utopia it was always meant to be. Since the Trustee/Guardian has Officially taken this position and responsibility she has secured your lives by creating a perpetual funding source for all of you, not only are you well off now but through her great wisdom she has secured your future for all time.

    She is your new Queen not one who sits on a throne, but one who loves the people, works tirelessly for your well being, and will always care for you. This is the task she has embarked upon with her own restoration plan for your new world. Shes doesn’t consider herself as a Queen but I implore everyone to treat her with the upmost respect. Perhaps the people of the world could encourage their leaders to work with her for that smooth transition for all.

    The Only requirement on their part is not to steal your funds or any part there of and become better people than before. It is their chance, their only chance and opportunity to get removed from our enforcement list, as it is for anyone who changes their way to assist. The Evil ones will soon leave Earth via Lifeforce Enforcement.

    Those who stand ever ready to assist their exit and protect the Queen. fear not, for she has come from source as do all who support the being of Kimberly Ann Goguen who I and my staff are honored to serve.

    Hail to the Queen sent from Source. Liberty has come to Earth. From the Dci “End Quote

    Hmmm…Harmony for Humanity Soon?

  2. Some things I haven’t seen mentionned here so far:

    Robert Steele taken off Youtube.

    The China plan to invade North America is literally in ashes. Another new US military weapon – frequency energy beam, aimed at China’s ships and weaponry in the Caribbean, disintegrated all of it. Source Kim Goguen. What is her position?
    How can anyone plan on attacking with ground forces these days anyway?
    Fulford has said that if China can’t get in here it will use he cabal to do its bidding governing. They have to in order to get continued funding from China. But never forget – Deficits Don’t Matter. Even so the funding will be to “turn over” the debt, no elimination.
    The Cabal still in control? Fun times.

    Sidney Powell submitted Supreme Court appeals for four states a few days ago, and two of the states were Rejected by a court CLERK. This means can’t overturn the electoral majority. Cabal control at the Clerk’s level, so they have everything sewn up so far.
    Does anyone think the military will stage a coup?

  3. That AI that was blocking that link maybe won’t be able to stop the message. If it’s ok I will post the message here:

    MOST URGENT!!! From the G.HREES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) military division to the President of the United States, US Pentagon staff, Greek High Command staff and general military staff across the world , via their military attaches of their embassies in Athens , Greece. ,Dear Mr. President of the United States of America, sirs of the US armed forces, officers of the Greek armed forces, and officers of the armed forces of all world nations:

    Following the sailing of the CHINESE and British Navy fleets (British Navy takes orders from Queen Elisabeth herself as chief leader of the CABAL, who in turn takes orders directly from CHINA), it is obvious that the CHINESE ARMY and its allies, that is England and Turkey, is preparing for a mega PEARL HARBOUR incident against the USA and European NATO member states, SEATO member states, Arab nations, and against the Buddhist nations of Asia with JAPAN the first up for attack by CHINA.

    The fact that WWIII is now being accelerated , rather than its proper timing between 2027-2029 planned by CHINA, is due to the US election fraud disclosures of 3/11/20 by the ”DEMOCRATS” , which fraud was organized by CHINESE agents in the USA. The aim was for China’s slave ”Democrat” leader Jo Biden to take over the Presidency , so that the USA/NATO/SEATO will be defeated in WWIII in 2027-2029, and to finally establish the planetary dictatorship of ”JEHOVA’S Kingdom” of both CHINA 888 and unified KOREA 777 after the genocide of 5 billion people of all nations , including Russians and Shiite Islamic countries during phase two of WWIII, both of which are China’s temporary allies within the ”SHANGHAI PACT”.

    Therefore, due to reasons of national security against an imminent invasion of CHINESE ARMED FORCES in your countries , we appeal to you to declare a ”state of WWIII emergency ”in your countries , and to immediately give orders to your Navy fleets to sail out of their Navy yards within your territorial waters so as to sink any Chinese and Korean vessel entering your territorial waters.

    All Chinese and Korean merchant vessels must be banned from entering your territorial waters, as well as other international merchant vessels before inspection by your Navies as it is likely these vessels may have been chartered by China and Korea to carry Chinese/Korean troops intending to land on your shores.

    All CHINESE and KOREAN shipping along with their shipping firms must be banned from entering your ports.

    You must defend and support the US Navy, US armed forces, and the U.S patriot President D.Trump, since they alone have undertaken the role of defending all countries worldwide, that is, defending their own country too against the CHINESE-KOREAN planetary dictatorship following the genocide of ALL countries on the planet in WWIII.

    You must overthrow the government and political parties of your country should they refuse to declare a ”war emergency”, because this would prove your country’s politicians are traitors taking bribes from China, pretending to invest in your countries.

    End of the ”COSMIC ETNA” message.

    On behalf of the G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) military leg, Karageorgiu Yannis, G.H.REES national and planet security General , Volos, Iolcos, Greece (Hellas) , 05:15, 15/12/20.


    Discontinue all diplomatic , commercial or other relations with CANADA, as the Canadian government betrayed Canadian national security by allowing more than 10 CHINESE army units to set foot on Canadian soil against the United States. The Chinese-Canadian government threatened that : ”Canada will launch a military assault against the USA if President Trump is again elected President of the USA”!!!, because D.Trump’s politics is ruining China’s planning for a planetary dictatorship. You must throw the yellow Chinese and Korean serpents , their Turkish agents and companies out of your countries as soon as possible, if you don’t want to ”commit suicide” on a national level , by establishing a ” rightful Chinese military occupation” of your countries due to your incompetence and weakness to be rid of Chinese stocks in your state and private companies , much like it happened with Chinese- enslaved Panama. On behalf of G.H.REES military division, Karageorgiu Yannis.


    Fatal US defence and national security mistakes made by the US Pentagon:

    Panama is under occupation by the CHINESE ARMY. This is a special forces Chinese army , arrived in Panama under the false identity of ” security personnel” of the Chinese product assembly firms operating in Panama. This means the USA is strategically surrounded from the North (CANADA) and from the South (PANAMA) by an army of thousands of special forces troops ready to invade the USA. Thus, President Trump must call off the ”state of emrgency” in the USA, and , following threats of the Chinese army stationed in Canada to invade the USA, must immediately declare a ”state of siege against the USA”, a state of ”Martial Law”, and a general mobilisation of the US army breaking it up into two army units as follows: a North army unit against the Chinese army in Canada, and a South unit against the Chinese units in Panama. If President Trump does not take immediate action to take these measures , America will be taken over by the Chinese army and be broken apart , and all world nations along with it.

    On behalf of the G.H.REES military division, Karageorgiu Yannis.


    Most urgent to the US President D.Trump and Pentagon staff from the G.H.REES military division staff : US army security of units stationed outside the US:

    Dear Mr.President , and Pentagon staff ,the armies of the countries ruled by China’s CABAL will attack against the above US army units stationed in countries outside the USA. Notify the staff leaders of the army units of those countries that if they attack US army units in their own countries with their own armies following orders of China’s CABAL, there will be a massive US counterattack against their local armies until complete extermination of all officers of all ranks.

    My residence, destroyed by the CABAL Greece, lies only a short distance away from the 32nd Marines unit with another US Marines unit also stationed there in the city of Volos. We believe this US unit is inefficiently fortified in case the traitorous Greek government of the CABAL gives the order for the 32nd Greek Marines unit to turn against the US unit. We notify the Greek staff of the Greek armed forces High Command that if they give such an order of CABAL bastard Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, they will be exterminated by G.HREES , along with their families.

    Karageorgiu Yannis, G.H.REES Greece.

    • I don’t completely agree with this source of intel, as this source of intel may be against all Chinese, which I am not. This intel may be important though, as it may provide needed strategical information.

      It’s the cabal part of China that is the problem (CCP), along with this rogue AI that can possibly take over parts of people’s consciousness. China, just like the US, has its own ‘Khazarian mafia.’ The Khazarian mafia in the US is apparently trying to join China’s Khazarian mafia, in order to avoid being exterminated themselves, as it appears that China’s Khazarian mafia has more power than the US Khazarian mafia. That’s what I’m seeing at least. I’m not sure how accurate I am.

  4. Something odd is going on with trying to post a particular link. There is no comment awaiting moderation showing when I post the link. I am posting this to test to see if it shows as awaiting moderation.

    • This confirms it. There is an AI stopping this link from even being allowed to go through to be moderated!

      The link can be found by searching up GHREES in a search engine. Then look for a hellenandchaos in the link. It is an Andromedan portal. Their latest post is regarding the CCP from December 15. This is actually very creepy that posting the link instantly even blocks my comment from getting to the point of awaiting moderation.

    • It means “fake” Computer-generated imagery (CGI) ….XiJinping = General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2012, and President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013.

  5. How on earth did the world get into this mess. The Khazarians have to go. China cannot be allowed to own the west. Frankly the Chinese people need to be set free from their enslavement. Western countries need to turf out their corrupt so called leadership which I call the enemy within – we need a complete reset to clean out this evil corruption (not the cabal reset which must be avoided at all costs ) we would be better off having no government and using common sense. The darkest moment is before the dawn – I have a positive feeling that all will work out for the better providing the right action is taken. Thanks for the report. My Christmas will not be cancelled by anyone!

      • Edward Morgan, Thankyou for the Archive post. As detailed as the article is it did not give me any new insight. I am in fact looking for Who these people are now in todays time, if they even really do exist. & David Icke is not someone that I take seriously with all his reptilian beliefs, he seems to mix up truth with fiction.




    Hmmm…Time For Worldwide Peace ?


    FROM THE GLobal Intelligence Agency /DCI



    WILL BE ON ?

    Please share everywhere !!!




    Hmmm….WHOS NEXT ?

    Please share Everywhere !!!


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