Not that this is proof that the vaccine is not effective.  Just proof that you likely will not see this on any media outlet.  Think for yourself.

A nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee passed out on live television after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. Their PR stunt to promote the vaccine shots could not have possibly gone any worse. Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover was speaking during a press conference about the vaccines when she told reporters she was feeling a bit dizzy. Moments later, Dover fainted and was caught by one of the doctors standing behind her.


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  1. December 19, 2020.

    Worldwide Public Notice, From Director Global Intelligence Agency

    Quote. ” This announcement is for all Citizens of the World, please be advised there is a new Global Central bank system in place to serve the people of the world. The old federal Reserve Bank is insolvent and no longer of any value.

    This has been kept secret for a time offering your Governments the chance & Opportunity to Work with the Trustee & Guardian of the Global Central Bank Repository for a smooth transition.

    The Previous owner has passed away along with any others that could of taken that position. There are those in your world who thought they would take this position; however, it was not allowed due to their mishandling of responsibility for your well being. In fact they had even fought with the trustee over keeping you as citizens from discovering your True value. They have been Stealing your Funds along with participating with the evils of the previous owner and now their only desire is to continue that path of treating the citizens of earth as their personal livestock. They have yet refused to allow citizens even to this day access to their riteful inheritance which they have kept secret through out your lives. This will not be tolerated again.

    They leveraged your birth certificates as living productive beings creating Considerable assets for each account. You where simply not informed. Therefore, they stole those funds from you and kept them all for themselves. if you have a birth certificate you have been accounted for within the Global Central Bank & Repository.

    The Trustee & Guardian Desire’s to return those funds to the People to Empower us to restore this planet to the utopia it was always meant to be. Since the Trustee/Guardian has Officially taken this position and responsibility she has secured your lives by creating a perpetual funding source for all of you, not only are you well off now but through her great wisdom she has secured your future for all time.

    She is your new Queen not one who sits on a throne, but one who loves the people, works tirelessly for your well being, and will always care for you. This is the task she has embarked upon with her own restoration plan for your new world. Shes doesn’t consider herself as a Queen but I implore everyone to treat her with the upmost respect. Perhaps the people of the world could encourage their leaders to work with her for that smooth transition for all.

    The Only requirement on their part is not to steal your funds or any part there of and become better people than before. It is their chance, their only chance and opportunity to get removed from our enforcement list, as it is for anyone who changes their way to assist. The Evil ones will soon leave Earth via Lifeforce Enforcement.

    Those who stand ever ready to assist their exit and protect the Queen. fear not, for she has come from source as do all who support the being of Kimberly Ann Goguen who I and my staff are honored to serve.

    Hail to the Queen sent from Source. Liberty has come to Earth. From the Dci “End Quote

    Hmmm…Harmony for Humanity Soon?

  2. One more and I’ll stop (try to stop lol!)

    If I was an elite top level cabal member, this is what I would do:

    The vaccines will be lethal, not killing immediately, but in the near future by destroying the immune system and so forth. The vaccine deaths (from those who at first choose to get vaccinated) will be blamed and recorded as deaths from the new Covid strain. Because we are saying that our vaccines also protect against the new Covid strain, the artificially higher mortality from the new Covid strain (vaccine deaths) will be used as leverage to force vaccinate the rest of the population. Also, make a small portion of the vaccines nonlethal, in a form that shuts down higher faculties in order to have a small portion of the population survive as our mindless slaves (~500 million).

  3. MSM is also saying there is a new strain of the virus, which is causing even tighter lockdown restrictions in parts of the world. MSM states that the vaccine will work against the new strain. Plan is probably to say that the new strain is so terrible that people will be coerced to take the vaccine. This was predicted by the document regarding Bill Gates a while back. It’s really nice not to be genocided by the Chinese armies (no joke!), but I’m requesting to those who have the power to act to please stop the new propaganda touting the new strain. It’s time for the world to get on track, especially since the meditation reached critical mass.


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