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Vaccine Syndrome is a film produced by Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller, and provides exclusive interviews with military personnel who have had experience with the controversial anthrax vaccine.

The film claims that over 35,000 soldiers have died from the anthrax vaccine, according to a “RAC-GWVI Government Report” published in 2008.

Compare that to how many soldiers have died in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which is 6753 at the time of the filming.

The film starts out with a dramatized recreating of Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz, who refused to receive the anthrax vaccine.

He had to face a military tribunal without legal counsel, and read a prepared statement.

That statement can be found online, such as at the website.

The film also mentions how pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity from any injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines, and that the civilian population only has recourse to sue the federal government in a special Vaccine Court.

However, military personnel are prohibited from suing in this court, which is part of the National Vaccine Compensation Program.

Watch the film here, or on our Bitchute Channel.


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  1. I am so proud of Jared Schwartz for taking a stand by saying no. It has saved his life, and hopefully the lives of other soldiers. Hopefully he will write a book.

    According the the investigative reporter – Kikomoto – who wrote the book about Anthrax vaccine, it was the military that manufactured that killer vaccine And his book is full of proof of the damage the vaccine is and has caused because of how and of what it is made. Knowledge denied the public.

    Because soldiers learn skills, discipline and acquire knowledge the dark forces do not have, they are afraid of the soldiers and what they could reveal – secrets denied to the public, in spite of the fact that it is our tax dollars that are paying for this misdeeds. So the dark forces inject each and every soldier with many toxic vaccines to make certain that when the soldier retires, he/she is too sick to inform the public

    Anthrax is found in sheep and cattle. Just as viruses that are n animals and humans eat them. And OSHA is making it clear that masks do not keep the virus from transferring from person to person. Current research has stated that the viruses does not transfer from person to person and the mask can only weaken and harm the individual. If people are concerned about getting the flu and/or virus, stop eating meat. Unfortunately, people continue to believe in modern medicine as it destroys their health, instead of making the needed in their lives and diets.

    If that were not enough, the information in the Eric Schlesson’s book: ‘FAST FOOD NATION, The dark side of the all American diet’ is enough to make people think twice about what they are putting in their bodies because of the contamination and cruelty of the way the animal is raised and butchered. Energies those who eat the meat take into their bodies to wonder why they are feeling afraid, depressed and getting sick.

    THE VIRUS SCAM may be a lie, but it is making the much needed WAKE-UP CALL in those who care about themselves by accepting the responsibility for what they are attracting.

    • In Kikomoto’s book, an investigative reporter, (may not be correcting spelling of his name, sorry) regarding the manufacture and injection of the Anthrax vaccines into the bodies of first soldiers and now public, stated in his book that the resulting Squalene is added to the flu and all other vaccines because it breaks down the immune system to create bioweapon.

      Not only is the soldier harmed – a terrible crime – but anyone he has sex with (including his wife) is harmed by the toxic chemicals in his blood from the vaccines. Sex has and continues to be a weapon of war to destroy nations, those of other countries and our own. The world will not be able to heal itself until war and sexual contamination and the dark energies of rape ends!!!!


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