The coming week is expected to be historic as opposing forces will have a showdown in Washington DC on January 6th.  The outcome will determine the survival of the Constitutional Republic with Donald Trump finding his place in history as one of its great heroes.   It may also signal the start of the endgame that will ultimately make him the last president of the United States Corporation.

The additional powers afforded him in the current state of emergency will allow the playing of multiple “Trump cards” to round up 220,000 or so Satanists who surreptitiously seized control of the U.S.   They will likely be put into FEMA camps and Nuremberg type war crimes tribunals will begin.  Trump will be known as a liberator of humanity.

The Ayatollah Khameini has publicly said Trump will be killed and now this website, linked to British intelligence, has put out the following photograph:

It shows Trump surrounded by famous dead people with the caption 2021.  Do these people have some inside knowledge?

If – as the photograph implies – he is to be killed in an accident like JFK Jr. or Princess Diana, then such an execution would definitely usher in a bloodbath and mayhem.

In any case, Pentagon sources say that if Trump is killed or if the Congress and Senate vote to support the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, then “the people will begin killing politicians and judges as well as corporate executives, vaccine pushers, lockdown promoters, etc.”

The situation inside the military is such that the colonels and non-commissioned officers are ready to take action into their own hands if the generals comply with the obvious election theft.

Some NSA sources think we are dealing with a bifurcation of reality.  This could be a metaphor for different visions of the world or it could be real.

Looking back on 2020 we can see how Trump was backed into a corner by the Deep State as a result of the global fake pandemic.   They planned to shutdown economies in preparation for a financial reset of the central bank fiat money system.

As a countermeasure – after initial proposals for the use of preventatives like hydroxychloroquine were blocked by Deep State actors – he has been pushing hard for the early release of vaccines to remove public fear and allow the economy to fully reopen.  The US farm is home to many sheeple who have been programmed over a lifetime to have faith in vaccines without knowing the harmful contents.   Even without adequate safety testing, they will line up for “mark of the beast” ID vaccine tattoos that will change their DNA in unpredictable ways.

Given limited alternatives during an election year, Trump perhaps realized vaccines are a necessary evil for adequate public support to stay in power for another 4 years while removing the fear that is crippling people psychologically, and in turn the country economically.   He may see it as a tradeoff to allow people to return to work and businesses to reopen versus debt and despair leading to suicide and social unrest, with ultimately a greater loss of life.

The Deep State likely never expected Trump could get a vaccine out so quickly to counter their pandemic lockdown economic collapse strategy absent major war efforts he derailed and conclusion of Middle East peace agreements.

Now he is exposing the incompetent state politicians who can’t get their act together to distribute vaccines even when they have been delivered.  This was also evident with the production of ventilators that were demanded by psychopaths like Cuomo in NY and then never used.

Trump may be playing 5d chess by distributing the vaccines in order to flush out and eliminate the entire network of Satanic vaccine pushers as evident in his own tweets.

“The Federal Government has distributed the vaccines to the states.  Now it is up to the states to administer.  Get moving!..  Some States are very slow to inoculate recipients despite the successful and very large-scale distribution of vaccines by the Federal Government.  They will get it done!”

At the same time, Trump is exposing the fraud where any death, no matter how unrelated, is being used to inflate the Covid numbers and collect huge payments of $13k for admission, plus $39k for use of a ventilator.

“When in doubt, call it Covid.” Fake News!”

On the topic of disinfo the P3 Freemasons sent us a photograph “provided by the Russians,” which they claim is of the microchip inside the Pfizer vaccine.

Russian FSB sources when contacted for confirmation said the microchip was…

“one used for an effects pedal on an electric guitar.” “We laughed a lot when we saw it.”

However, it is true that as far back as the 1950’s it was discovered that small electrical pulses to specific parts of the brain could cause extreme pleasure or pain or feelings of nausea, etc.  Also, there is extensive evidence that experiments in implanting microchips into the brains of U.S. prisoners, etc. have been taking place for decades.  The aim was to be able to manipulate people with a remote control that could cause pain or pleasure or other feelings.  There are now micro RFID chips that could be used to cause such effects on people.

If you think this is far out, take a look at the patents registered by a certain Richard A.  Rothschild.  The patents allow a “network device…configured to communicate biometric data of the individual…to determine at least one state of the individual,” that is then used to “perform a particular action.”  This is possible with an injectable RFID chip.

Nonetheless, since there is so much disinformation out there, what this writer will do is buy a microscope and get a sample of the vaccine and personally check to see if microchips are in it.  We will report back to our readers when we have done this.

In any case, there is also a very real power struggle centered around Covid-19 vaccines not just in the U.S. but in Russia, Japan, and elsewhere.

In Russia last week special forces attacked a monastery to arrest a prominent monk known as father Sergei in a Covid related struggle.

Russian FSB sources say the problems with father Sergei “started in the summer when he denied the existence of the coronavirus.” Sergei denounced government orders to close churches and monasteries as part of a “Satanic plot” and said, “anyone closing churches and monasteries would be cursed.”

However, the FSB sources say Sergei also encouraged nuns to self-immolate and beatings of children took place in his monasteries.  “Basically he created a sect, His followers, of course, consider him as a saint,” the FSB sources conclude.  Other Russian sources say it was the Khazarian Satanic Chabad cult that ordered his arrest and that it would spark a revolution against the current Russian regime.

In Japan last week, meanwhile, the struggle over the vaccine and Covid resulted in the grizzly murder of Yuichiro Hata, secretary-general for the House of Councilors members of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.  Initial news reports said he was stabbed multiple times but now, the story has been scrubbed from the internet and all the only stories available are saying is “he died of Covid-19.”

Japanese military intelligence sources say that Hata was murdered because he was investigating a vaccine production facility in the town of Ueda in Nagano Prefecture.  Hata was also investigating a child trafficking network there, they say.  Special forces are now hunting down Miura Haruna of the talent agency Amuse in relation to this incident.  It is also now likely that Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will be executed in relation to this crime, the sources say.

One WDS source in Asia reports that:

“Jack Ma has been removed by the Chinese military authorities.  He has not been seen since November.  He was seen as a threat, as he was criticizing the Communist government’s financial agenda for 2021 and beyond.”

This may be a result of the countermeasures being put into place by Trump and the patriots against a Chinese takeover of America.

There is also intrigue in the Vatican related to Covid and the vaccine.  Remember Pope Francis vanished for several weeks and only a hologram of him was visible.  Then suddenly a new Pope Francis has appeared and is pushing hard for Covid vaccines.

However, Pope Francis was a no-show for the year-end Vespers and the solemn chanting of the Te Deum on December 31, 2020, in St.  Peter’s Basilica and for the Holy Mass for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God on January 1, 2021.

This means the Catholic hierarchy has figured out he has been replaced with computer graphics and will soon be selecting a new pope, P3 Freemason sources say.

The Catholic Church is also figuring out that vast sums were being sent in their name by people not related to Christianity or the church.  For example, this news story talks about $1.8 billion sent to Australia by the Vatican bank the Vatican was unaware of.

It says this is about four times more money than the Holy See’s entire yearly budget of about 330 million euros.” a church official said noting that “It seems like science fiction.”

Speaking about science fiction, we have further confirmed the source of the problem connected to the Octagon trust in Switzerland.  These are what the P3 describe as the “aliens,” who control humanity.

German sources say the original “Octagon Trust,” was set up by the Nazis in Switzerland after World War II to finance the rebuilding of the Nazi military machine in the post-war era.  The money was channeled to Admiral Wilhelm Canaris chief of the Abwehr, the German military intelligence service.  Canaris took over as Fuhrer in 1957 after Adolph Hitler died in a car crash in Argentina in 1957, according to multiple sources.  Canaris was succeeded by George Bush Sr.  Bush was succeeded by Angela Hitler (Merkel), the sources say.

These are the people ultimately behind the ongoing Covid and vaccine plot to enslave humanity.  Their goal is to divide humanity into a super race (them) and their slaves (us).  If the vaccines contain RFID chips that allow remote control of the pleasure, pain, etc. pathways of the human brain and nervous system, they would make this division of humanity into a master and a slave race a reality.

Remember, any real doctor will tell you Covid-19 does not exist.  Even the CDC and the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) admit they do not have any samples of Covid.  So why then are they trying to vaccinate us all?

Fearless doctors from around the world have been speaking out.  Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner recently blasted the German government over the “killer vaccination.”

Earlier in December Dr. Roberto Petrella bravely warned his countrymen that Covid-19 is about control and population reduction.

At the same time, the MSM heroes of the pandemic fraud are exposing themselves one by one.  Fauci revealed that he never really took the vaccine by discussing pain in the wrong arm.

This is why we need to systematically hunt down and kill anybody pushing Covid lockdowns and legislation for mandatory vaccines.  The new Covid-21 agenda timeline was leaked by patriotic politicians in Canada and France indicating a major global lockdown is planned by the summer to impose new restrictions.  The new “corona-variants” are popping up coincidentally in places in the U.S. where there are no shutdowns and business is getting back to normal – a sign that the next round has begun and we must keep up the fight and never surrender.

To end on a positive note, Trump signed a bill giving intelligence agencies 180 days to reveal the truth about UFOs.  This may be the first step toward a wider public awareness that will usher in a new age of space exploration and the colonization of other planets.



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  1. The only truth is in how those with “intel” (earthly or otherwise) continue to spin their phantasmagorial tales of “events.” Events taking place now and events that have been taken place since about 2000. Remember the dinar? The Great Reset? Poof. Into thin air. Along with just about every cosmic “prediction” from the Arcturians and there ilk.

    Without myth we are empty vessels, bored with earthly matters, stuck on a third dimensional plane of real human suffering, terror, inequality, memory and knowledge.

    Truth is action. Laid before out feet, daily. The actions of one affect another, and so on. Service to Self or Service to others? Spend some time in the latter and reveal your findings. Love is the answer no matter the question.

  2. On par with LAVERNE… This is Judeo Anglo Carthagene propaganda and Benjamin sorry to say but you are a Anglo Jewish employee. Thisis misleading and rather childish. TRUE Nazis in the USA are fully behind Donald Trump and they understand that just like Cathars the war is again “JEHOVAH-SATANAS” actors and not a war of “Supreme Race” versus POS. This is absolutuly ill informed and shows that the NEPHILIM BACKED (Royal Jewish Bloodlines) WRITER has gone mad. Bush was the CIA, the CIA created “Fake Nazis” in Panama (70000 trained there), and they were sent to south America to control “true leftist” uprising.

    The “SATANISTS” are Jews like you Ben. They are your Jesuits, Your Jews, Your Plate Bearing Freemasons (12 tribes), they are the people that are chosen to destroy GOYIM and the GOYIM NATIONS.

    Nancy Pelosi’s family is all married to Jews. Joe Biden’s Family are married to Jews, Hilary Clinton’s daughter is married to a Jew.

    Please stop pretending “NAZIS” are behind this.
    They are in South Thule, in Argentina, in USA and are fully behind the liberation of the world. The unit of people that are causing the problem are the usual suspects…. those who works for the Elders of Zion and the WHITE BROTHERHOOD who detains the keys of the Kalachakra (Secret of fusioning man to animal creatures).

    If Truth needs to be said (((Ben Fullford))) will not be your go to person.

  3. Forced Prickley Pins with Silly Sauce make criminals of Politicians, and Snake Oil Salesmen of Healers. Don’t go the there. “We have a Constitution!

  4. Benjamin, Blaming the “Nazi’s” is Not ever going to work, Period. Saying Hillary is related to Adolf has already been disproven. If Hitler escaped it sure wasn’t Argentina. Furthermore Adolf Hitler was no longer the ‘Fuhrer’ since April 30,1945 when he handed over the title to Admiral Karl Donitz whom surrendered Germany May 8,1945. It was Never of Hitler’s Germany or ‘The Third Reich’ desire to be at War! This would be the desire of the drunken Winston Churchill & Franklin Roosevelt, both who had Communist connections. I know “They” have worked so diligent on this Lie & cover up of the most heinous crimes ever committed against a single Ethnic group, The Germans, but the World needs to Know the Truth & The Truth will set All of us Free!

    • Please reread what the paragraph states. It contains no mention whatsoever of Hillary.
      Nor has this casual reader ever heard Andrea Merkel referred to as “Hitlery”, which causes one to wonder if therein lies the confusion in falsely claiming Mr. Fulford wrote something he obviously didn’t. I have heard that there are close ties to the Rockefeller family in certain descendants who rose to high political office in our country and of false narratives in textbook history regarding the country of origin for the communist agenda which is certainly not Germany. We all make mistakes. Next time please take a deep breath and make certain you can accurately quote someone before attributing words and conclusions never written nor intended.

      • Excuse me Beverly. For I am So used to the false narrative Fulford puts out against ‘The Third Reich’ (as he quotes as Nazi’s), that yes, this time I miss typed the names of connecting, which was Angela Merkle to being (falsely presented) as Hitler’s daughter. That is correct about “his claims” in the past, that Hillary Clinton is related to Rockefeller. So Beverly, the rest of my comment is Correct, which is utmost Important!

        • Was? Your ad-hominem pride is showing. At least give evidence of Ben in chronological order this so-called “false narrative” else it’s just projection of your bad ego.

          • Carl, Your coming in late in the game, LaVerne has left paragraphs of evidence of what she is referring to for at least the past 6 months. This has nothing to do with pride it has to do with truth.

          • Unfortunately the “Benjamin Fulford” tag in this website doesn’t show the full weekly reports archive. Might as well put the claims of falsehood here right now or in the next one probably tomorrow.

          • Carl shouldn’t you be addressing Benjamin about evidence? He has never shown sufficient evidence on his claims of Hitler having a daughter & now Hitler in a car accident in 1957 when Bens earlier reports he died as an old old man. & PFC does archives all their reports.

  5. Fulford keeps mentioning P3 Freemason sources. From everything I’ve learned about Freemasons, they are just as corrupt as other secret societies.

  6. “The additional powers afforded him in the current state of emergency will allow the playing of multiple “Trump cards” to round up 220,000 or so Satanists who surreptitiously seized control of the U.S. They will likely be put into FEMA camps and Nuremberg type war crimes tribunals will begin. Trump will be known as a liberator of humanity.”


    • I am African American, I also believe in God, the ten commandment, thou shall not kill. Within this mess of a society we African American has endure the most heinous crime imposed on humanity. We stand firm, and believe in God. We will not participate in any crime against the American government. we continue to fight against racial injustice, until we are all free, black, brown, white and others.

      • “Lo tirtzach” simply means “do not murder”. Translators of old were probably exaggerating to include war, self-defense, and even against plants.

  7. Hi,
    In Denver, Colorado: about if the covid19 exists ????
    I have to share about this: one of my coworkers who was working at another shift came down with the covid19 disease. Her supervisor asked her to go clean one of the College student’s covid19 isolation resident rooms on the College campus here. She came down with the (disease covid19) she got tested positive with it. She started having the covid19 symptoms of the covid19 at her home. She called her doctor to let him know & what to do ???? The doctor told her to do the 14 days isolation stay at home.. Previously, she always took her vitamins ( she is 55 years old) a single Mother.. Her doctor says that the vitamins help her body. This was in the month of November,2020. So, my question is: if the covid 19 does not exists: then what was that disease that the lady caught while cleaning the covid 19 student room ?????

      • COVID is real. It is not fake. The news media hype behind it is extremely exaggerated and intentionally fear inducing and misleading, but the virus itself is absolutely real.

        • It is a real as “Box Cutters” on Nine-Eleven. It is a real as ‘The Vatican’ being “Holy” It is as real as “Six Million” holocaust. It is as real as….I can go on! I would be impressed If people were wearing mask because of Chem-Trailing. But Mr. Gordon their not concerned of the Daily Diminishing Sun Light. They must have failed Science Class.

      • People who deny that COVID is real are dangerous. Consider moderating your perspective. COVID is real, but the mortality rate and the solutions being pushed upon us are misleading and dangerous. Use common sense and discernment.

    • I going to assume you are not aware the Covid tests are being cycled in a way to cause false positives to inflate covid numbers.
      Im not trying to say she isnt sick, but its probably just a Cold or Flu.
      P4C have posted the testing information here on this site, the article included Dr Fauci and he admitted the results from samples cycled 35 – 45 times are nothing more than dead Rna that can not replicate.
      That’s why they can get a piece of fruit to test positive for Covid.
      Its a big scam to get mail in ballots and cause more psychological warfare on us.
      Arent they Awesome?!

  8. As always there is plenty of positives in Ben Fulford’s postings, for those of us with far less access to insider goings on within the Intelligence Agencies world-wide. Just how much of this is posted just keep us further dumbed down to what is really going on. We can only hope that the real truth will come out one day so that we may all live in peace and harmony and that all the evil ones in this world we will finally be exposed and removed.
    Let us hope that 2021 will at least be a fae better year than 2020!

  9. It looks like the Octogon is the descendents of the ancient Pharaonic Egyptians. They were apparently of the same race as the mystical people in Yucatan and Tibet. Not to be too shocking, but they are said to be Martians who fled here when Mars was ravaged by nuclear war (now they live underground there). Then I’ve read suggestions that the Japanese are the same, and possibly Chinese. That’s how they could be controlling China.
    But they are not the only power. Never underestimate the Jews, who brought Communism to China. Fulford always tries to shift blame to gentile groups. I can’t tell what is disinformation.

    I wonder if Fulford and others know what a hologram means. Was it transparent? Was there a place for two projectors in front? There is no such thing as a motion picture hologram.

    Does your heart sing that the perpetrators of the Covid hoax will suddenly be caught and executed?


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