From Veritas TV on Youtube:
Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths intent on destroying our minds, our spirits, and our lives. The goal of this war is to cull the herd and transform the survivors into obedient, soulless slaves. This is always the goal of psychopaths – total domination over fawning, fearful, fools. We need to mount a vigorous defense, but there is a fundamental obstacle to doing so. For years, behavioral programming by our schools and media have sought to disempower us, make us apathetic, dependent on the state, and afraid. Before any significant positive change can be made, we need to first rally the troops and empower the people so that they can stand up and make a change. The only way to do this is to reawaken the warrior spirit within. Do you have the strength of character to step out your door and change your world? Could one meeting with a stranger change the course of your life forever? We must push ourselves to train each day. Never show weakness. Never show fear. Be larger than life and live to gain as much experience as everyday can bring. 


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  1. The psychopath is the individual who uses his psyche in one way (path) to where (s)he becomes so confident and sure of her/himself, (s)he overrides the energies of others with his/her clear intentions. And in many and most cases, it is a habit that passes from lifetime to lifetime – yes affecting his genes, but not set in stone. He is what is known as a ‘spiritual laggard’ who choses not to grow, learn and master himself, but lives his life to create a larger and larger ego, based on the desire to have absolute control of others to suppress his/her own fears, etc. What a trap they set for themselves. How grateful I have learned not to go that route; a tree with no branches.

    Because he does not love, respect himself, (s)he projects his/her ego on the screen of life and becomes so strong in negative intending energies, most cannot handle what they are dealing with, but submit to a non-verbal agreement of submission.

    And unfortunately, most psychopaths are males because they are encouraged to function from this single-energy, male energies only and characteristics of the spiritual laggards that entered our Earth centuries ago. An unbalanced individual for sure. Because they are good at what they do, manipulation and power over others (practice, practice, practice) they allow themselves to be manipulated, used and corrupted themselves without even being aware of it..

    It not something he/she inherited – genes – habits created, but genes do influence them. Genes are intended to be raised in vibrations to allow future generations to function better, more confidence and loving. Genes are affected by our mental, emotional, physical habits and not set in stone as a rule.

    • ‘Spiritual laggards? During Lemuria/Atlantis, we learned from those who guided, protected and informed (spirit guides, angels, and our own I AM selves) that there were spiritual laggards on planets (to plan-it) in our Universe who would not graduate with their own planets about to ascend to the next higher dimension.. The spiritual laggards had refused to prepare themselves to handle the powerful energies of the next dimension to earn that opportunity.
      So sure we could help them because we were doing so well ourselves, our hearts went out to them and invited them to enter the Earth through highly evolved women’s bodies who lacked the experience and understanding of how to deal with the single-energy male whose only desire is absolute control of everyone else to feed his ego – a trap for many.

      If we had known what that would have brought us, we would have closed our birth portals forcing the spiritual laggards to face the challenges of self-mastery elsewhere.

      The spiritual laggards accepted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until later that we learned that with them arrived the very dark forces we are dealing with today – beyond psychopath, just plain evil and unable to be trusted in any sense of the word – who for millions of years have created a living in hell for Humanity with their lies and arrogance of treating us like herds of animals created to serve them. The dark forces’ ‘powers of contamination’ caused us to forget who we are, to reject Mother-God and caused us to shut down our higher awareness; reducing our DNA to the two strands of 3rd dimension. .

      Fortunately, this is changing and we have already been fitted to accept and work with the full 12-strand 5th dimension DNA along with the updating our ability to handle the higher energies the 12 strands require.

      The evil on our planet will not be able to handle the higher energies. Left behind to live in their own ‘law of attraction’ timeline creations, most will be removed from the planet and not permitted to return. So use to having absolute control, their crumbling loss of power and financial structures is causing them to panic, as viewed by the extravagated lies created to place the blame on President Trump and others. Today they are fighting among themselves and telling those who choose to remain sleep-walkers that it is not their fault and create the civil war they hoping will result. ONLY IF WE LET THEM!!!!!


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