From perhaps my new favorite vlogger.  This is more interesting knowing that this was taped two months ago!

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  1. Gigi – Thank you so much for your truly beautiful message! Today is 15 January as I listened to your message. And exactly as you said, we must feel it in our hearts! Back on 2 Oct 2019, I had an amazing heart-opening experience after the woman that I loved died. I could feel the spiritual message within everything you said. In fact, I’ve become so spiritually opened that I find it very difficult to deal with the dense material of our older world anymore. Trauma and drama are other people’s concerns. Mine involves the Creator’s Light, Love, and compassion for all others. Thank you, and have a blessed day!

  2. Well for a start off 80% of the people want Trump to be president that is why they voted for him and the deep state stole it from we the people. Trump already knows it is not about him or Biden it is about good verses evil and Trump and the alliance took that position to let the people see how corrupt that whole pyramid system run by Lucifarians is and to give the government back to the people. It is not about left or right it is about Good verses evil. That is the battle that is really occurring. We know who the evil ones are. Yes and that agenda is what Trump is helping us to fight against we know what it is about – we address it by dealing with the truth. The people are not capable of getting themselves together they need leadership to take the corruption down and that is what they have in Trump. Well you know zero Trump and the alliance has got a lot done you just do not know about any of it but you soon will.

  3. Dear GiGi,
    I don’t think you have any idea where you are talking about.
    If you let a group steal an election, that is treason. That is nr. 1
    If you people are choosing Biden as president, China will scoop you up and the whole USA will be totally divided in two, and consequence will be devastated for the USA
    and the USA will be no more, and will not come up ever.
    ELECTION FRAUDE. The rest is for later. Corona was and is the beginning od DIVIDE AND CONQUER.THE BEGINNING OD THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
    THE COSMOS HAS PLAYED ITS ROLE IN IT ALREADY. but first you have to get out the whole Deep State and expose them, otherwise it will stay ettering from within, and THEN you can probably start to heal, but you first have to expose te truth and the truth
    does not consists out of only the elections. And God knows every deed, thought of the human beings, so all is known completely, but that is why people have to wake up and badly enough, they don’t. The consequences are for the USA, whatever they may be, but I don’t thinks they will be pretty. And everybody has to wake up individual and inform themselves and think for themselves, and that needs to be done for the freedom of the people. It is a big happening for the whole world the biggest fight between Good and Evil.But the TRUTH will set us free, but first the Truth, otherwise there will be big stagnation and we can/t move forward any more.It has happened to more civilisations
    and In the end they lost their planetAnd don’t leave it to others all the time to save you,
    get conscious what happened and why, and big fights and looting does not slve anything. it only will make it worse with groups that have nothing to do with anything and then put the name on the other party. God and the Galactic Federation Know !!!!
    God Bless !

  4. January 3, 2021

    Intent : Every Hungry Child in the World to be Fed Food in January 2021

    Life Force Meeting Jan 3, 2021

  5. WOW! Gab CEO Defies Tech Tyrants – Restores ALL of President Trump’s Tweets from Twitter — Trump’s Account on Gab

  6. Gigi Dear,

    If you speak the truth, why are you keeping statues and framed pictures of Satan tactfully placed on shelves behind you ? Care to answer this self-contradiction ?

    Aren’t you an agent of the cabal you purport to speak against ?


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