There will be an important timeline node from January 20th to 22nd that will to a significant degree influence the future course of events on the surface of this planet. During that time, it is very important to anchor as much Light as possible.

The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the Buddhic Column meditation for the continental United States every 4 hours starting from January 20th at noon EST and ending at noon EST on January 22nd.

Instructions for the meditation are here:

In addition to that, you can visualize all energies across the continental United States being purified by the Violet Flame at any moment you feel so guided, from January 20th to 22nd, and also in days before and after.

Victory of the Light!




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  2. Cobra, Seth, Catherine Austin Fitts, David Icke, David Wilcock & MANY others ALL Saying similar information –

    MSM is pushing So Much a False narrative but the Worlds people are Waking Up

    They have “US” temporally divided physically BUT we can UNITE psychically by adding one person at a time – 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16


  3. it truly does not matter,,,,what matters is that humanity WAKE UP,,,that we do what we came for,,,,the ascension,,,,,our spiritual evolution,,,most people have not the slightest idea what is really going on,,,,,we have a whole UNIVERSE to take care of,,,
    we have to wake up to we really are,,,,,this war is almost trillions of years old and is now coming to an end,,,,so choose wisely,,,

  4. The last time we did this Buddhic meditation, at the time of Winter’s Solstice/Saturn-Jupiter into Aquarius, it was suggested to visualize a white Light as the columns. However, in my mind, I kept seeing them as purple in color, as you suggest in this message! So rather than fight it I just allowed myself to see and use the purple light! Hmm!

    • This is interesting! I haven’t done any Buddhic meditation, yet. But, during the 12/21 meditation, and some meditations from other sources, the same keeps happening to me.

      Somehow, the white Light feels less “right” at the moment, and it has been harder to visualize. It’s like the white is lacking empathy, depth, and strength, while the purple comes very comfortable, deep and penetrating.

  5. I know Cobra has said that it doesn’t matter who becomes the next president of the U.S.A but it has to be recognised that so much fraudulent activity has taken place to stop Trump from becoming the next leader. It does appear that Biden represents the Deep State. If Trump also represents the Cabal then why have the mainstream media been lying about him for the last 4 years? Why is everybody against him? Why have they gone to such great lengths to oust him? Why so desperate to impeach him? Why has all of his appeals been dismissed when we know fraudulent voting activity on a massive scale took place?
    If Trump represents the Cabal why so desperate to get rid of him? It doesn’t make any sense. If Trump was truly also a representative of these evil people why are they not happy to have him as the next president?
    Is it really all a game, and Trump has been acting as an opposition to the Cabal to incite huge division amongst the people? That would be the only reason that would suffice.
    I would like Cobra to explain all of this and answer these questions as he has not yet done so but rather just dance around the issue. Cobra just makes general comments, i would like him to explain all of this as he surely would know what is actually happening.

    • Well, many people have these questions. You were the one who put them, here.

      I’m from Portugal, and feel exactly the same.

      I believe Trump is working for the Light. He is someone who grows on you the more you get to see him and what he is doing, despite many not so attractive personality traits.

      But even so, he is not free from later on letting his ego overcome his “good” side, and start doing some “bad” things. No one is totally free from falling to the other side. But let’s hope not, here.

      It is very sad that such a majority of people, especially in Europe, are only able to see him for those less attractive traits, and also his hair. Most people just accept what the MSM give them, with absolutely no critical thought.

      Just think of all the weight Trump has to carry, just from all that hatred. He must really love Humanity!

    • Sorry but COBRA is absolutely WRONG in my humble opinion. It VERY MUCH matters who becomes the next president of the United States. Apparantly, COBRA knows nothing about what Trump accomplished around the world AS SOON as he was elected by bringing every single one of the world’s presidents, prime ministers, the Vatican, the Queen of England, the Saudi Royal family, the CIA and others into line after presenting them ALL with a pile of documents and videos showing them overwhelming, criminal evidence that they were all caught in illegal and reprehensible behavior and actions, including child-sacrafice, pedophelia, torture and satanic activity. Not one of all those mentioned refused him. They ALL caved as they were all caught red-handed.

      President Trump’s sole objective was to drain the swamp, purge the world of those leaders and their minions including the Illuminati, the Club of Rome, the satanic Ninth Circle, and Committee of 300, etc., and now that this is 99% accomplished, the deep state steals the election with world-gov’t support and direct action and interference, and suddenly it’s over now? No.

      Mentally-deficient, sleepy, Joe Biden did NOT win the election in the US, and it most certainly DOES matter if Trump retains his role as president. Biden would try to reverse everything Trump did and deliver us over to his controllers: The Chinese Communist Party, so no thanks, COBRA, but you are dead wrong about this. Trump matters a great deal. Biden does not.

    • Hi Richard… You ask good questions. I’ve had to re-think everything I’ve thought to be true in the last couple of months.. with what I’ve learned. Perhaps this might answer your questions too. It’s my understanding that 92% of the media is run by 6 companies… all of which are controlled by the ‘deep state”. Thus, we are getting ‘their” version of truth. And thus, what President Trump has “really” done is MUCH different than what the media is telling us he has done. I think your questions are the ones SO many people are asking. And I think having such conversations are so important at this time. Thank you for your questioning! I have found it SO important for me to question everything I “thought” I knew in the last couple of months! Sharon

    • Two heads feeding the same beast!!! Each camp. Dem or GOP spew divisive rhetoric which enhances lower vibrational energies! Now is the time for humanity to love the “other” side and develop the Super Ego! Live in your heart space and not the mental trap that is the EGO. The EGO is a defect meant to isolate and divide us because we all have the illusion that we are unique and “special” when we are not. We are all one! Lets accept this and heal and understand with acceptance that we are all connected, we are all made up of the same energetic stuff, and that the only truth is in the present moment. It’s not about yesterday, or some Event tomorrow!, they don’t exist in truth, but are distortions or projections. What we do now creates tomorrow!!! The event is now!!! Right at this very moment! What are you experiencing? Right now? If it is lovely energy, light, and wonderments then you are living in the one true time! You are living in the now. Love your enemy because your enemy is you!

    • “The interesting number [of a sociological study by David J. Rust, in which 75% of furries are homosexual or bisexual] is that of bisexuals, which 48% of furries identify as. It wouldn’t even be accurate to simply classify furries as “gay,” they are broadly paraphiles, or perverts, sexually interested in anything with two (or four) legs. A 2008 survey by Alex Osaki that sampled 7000 furries found that 18.4% self-identified as “zoophiles,” a horrifying figure when one takes into account that this is a low estimate due to lingering legal and social taboos on bestiality.” – Eric Striker, “Op-Ed: Furry Fandom is Exactly What It Looks Like” ( )

      • I didn’t expect an answer :3 (or the other one, I guess even after being subject to witchhunts themselves people still need targets! never change)

    • The UK is not the current focus of the war against humanity. I am sure, however, that you are correct to be concerned and that our turn will come.


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