California calls for pause of 330,000 doses, investigation after allergic reactions to Moderna vaccine batch

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  1. This one’s worth looking at. I got this message when I tried to look up the claims:

    “Apology: System Temporarily Down

    VAERS component is temporarily down for maintenance.
    Please bear with us for the next few hours.

    We apologize for your inconvenience.”

    The bitchute video for what I’m referring to can be found by typing in the bitchute search:

    Anybody Who’s About to Get JABBED MUST SEE THIS!!!

    • Life Force claimed in a previous video (I watched all their updates) that vaccine factories were shut down by “life force enforcement.” Obviously this is not the case. It’s also looking like the ‘glass half empty’ scenario is unfortunately more probable.

  2. According to the article,

    “The rate of anaphylaxis in the Moderna vaccine was expected to be about one in every 100,000, officials said. Of 1.9 million first doses of the Pfizer vaccine studied by the CDC, there were only 21 cases of anaphylaxis observed, in a report published earlier this month.”

    Looking at this glass half full, maybe the light forces have stopped the really harmful version of the vaccines from reaching the public. The vaccines have chemicals that could be harmful but the latest version of the biochips is disabled. Of course I’m not saying to take the vaccine, but if these numbers are true from the article and if the light forces have intervened, this is very good because this means the vaccines will not cause the largest genocide in Earth’s history.

    Glass half empty: Because more than 65.7 million doses in 56 countries (as of today) have been administered and this number is rapidly growing, and the vaccine is mostly deadly, people will start ‘dropping like flies’ in the somewhat near future, resulting in the largest genocide in Earth’s history.

    Glass half full: Only a fraction of a fraction of a percent of those who take the vaccine will be harmed and/or killed because the vaccines have been rendered mostly harmless by the light forces.

    Of course I don’t know what the reality is because there are so many different claims being made.

  3. All of Hollywood and all Professional athletes should get their doses now. Along with all Politicians and Corporate CEOs. They will be fine. Remember it is hard to kill demons. Besides they will be able to afford future Cancer treatments better than the average moe.

    • Well said, Echo. This is just a tiny ploy to make the sheep think the controllers are actually addressing the “problems” with the vaccine. The sheeples still haven’t gotten it through their head that this vaccine is not being pushed because of altruistic concerns on the part of our controllers.

  4. I went to the California website linked and was unable to find anything about many people having severe reactions after vaccine. It cited a few people had reactions and were hospitalized but even after health agencies flagged alarm they were able to continue, my words not a quote.


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