Russians are not putting up with Putin’s government anymore, they have had enough with him. Standard hotel closing and not it because they can’t afford their rent. I’m exposing the fake inauguration and why the Alliance executed this plan. Pelosi was seen escorted by the US Marshals during the inauguration. A message to the Q disbelievers. How to find truth from within.

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  2. On Bitchute one can type this in the search:

    “Q Is A Psy-Op To Make You Passive, Look At Operation Trust!” — Wrong.

    Jordan Sather has a different perspective on Q as well, countering the claims that Q is another “Operation Trust.”

  3. THANK YOU Nyla Nguyen for this report! I’m so grateful to you– for your talent, fortitude, insightfulness, and hard work! Wow! This, this, report gave me some relief; and now time to watch the shit show while God’s people are redeemed.

    Victory of the LIght!

  4. I saw a msm article saying that Biden signed 17 (number for Q) executive orders. Very interesting perspective on the light and Q. Will take into consideration, thank you!

  5. As far as the box on the desk, of course it could have just not been put in place yet, but you are absolutely correct. We ALL KNOW IT.

  6. Oh poor Nyla we cannot get to view her post. it is obviously a fake inauguration and good these people need to be arrested not because they are Democrats but because they are treasonous criminals who have been allowed to get away with it for a very long time. I would love to see Nyla’s post

  7. 24 January 2021, Lifeforce &

    Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head Of State of America Meeting

  8. January 24 , 2021

    Official Media & Communication Channels for Ground Command ,

    Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head Of State of America .


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