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    Announcing the ratification of Kimberly Ann Goguen as Interim Head of State until such time as peace is restored on this planet. During the time of Interim Government Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) serves as the Intelligence agency to the head of state until each government can form its own structures for protection and security of the land.
    An eviction notice has been duly served upon all those occupying offices of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT past, present and future; real, presumed, self-appointed, or elected, to vacate government and government related offices both physical and occupational on or before Jan. 31, 2021. This eviction is enforced by the Global Enforcement Unit under the GIA directorate.

    All funds are officially curtailed to all offices of the former government including but not limited to the office of the President, Congress, all NGO agencies including but not limited to the Federal Reserve, IRS, FBI, CIA, FDA, CPS, NASA, NSA, DHS, DOJ, EPA, AMA and all related staff. The people herewith relieve you, the occupying government and its related offices and staff of all duties. YOU NO LONGER SERVE THE PEOPLE IN ANY CAPACITY.

    Interim offices have been activated to fulfill all critical needs.

    The ratification of Kimberly Anne Goguen as Interim Head of State follows the progression of power as outlined by the GIA. This follows the ratification of Martial Law (also spelled Marshall Law), declared by global military generals 21st of March 2020.
    This progression of office is an essential step in the restoration of the planet and returning governance to the people. Funding will now be provided to the newly appointed state assemblies as the new “representatives.” All agencies will need to apply for clearances and /or positions with the Global Intelligence Agency Office of the Director.

    Funds are available to ensure a smooth transition and restoration of those areas which have been severely damaged by the false representatives of the people. Funds have also been designated for emergency shelter, food, safe harbor and to assist all those in need of services.

    Many will be surprised by these actions. We assure you that through great and exhaustive action power has been restored to the people and that you must now do your part and step up. We call upon all people everywhere to form your representative assemblies no matter your nation, state, or continent.

    The people hereby assume full governance of themselves with all the rights contained therein, facilitated and empowered by Kimberly Ann Goguen, Interim Head of State.


    January 24 , 2021

    Official Media & Communication Channels :

    Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head Of State of America , Ground Command ,


    • 29th January 2021 – Breaking News

      SPACEFORCE Attemps Hostile World takeover . Whitehouse closed

      Official Communication Channel Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head of State America.

  2. The YouTube Channel gave it all away.
    “The Babylon Bee”, how realistic. By the way, the people’s voices are louder, so there is with 95% certainty Newsom will be recalled and someone taking his place.

  3. 🙂

    There is a planned ‘silver trigger’ for Monday. According to JS:

    “People are organizing to hit silver hard Monday to get even with those who stole the election. I kid you not. They are going to bust the $30 silver barrier by all buying in at $35. Once that happens, the price may go to infinity and beyond. The goal will be to put the banks under. Yes, that will lead to economic disaster but it absolutely will fry the living hell out of the fraudsters who stole the election. Americans are PISSED and are basically saying that if they are going to steal the country, it might as well be wrecked. It will make no difference to us anyway, other than it will all start sooner than THEY wanted.

    For this to work, you must take possession of your silver, (all you can) and then buy silver futures HIGH, to drive the price up as much as possible. It has been discovered that banks floated themselves by manipulating the markets to keep silver down. If people force the price of silver to go up significantly over $30, the banks then have to cover their shorts. The more it goes up, the harder the banks get hit and if it can be pushed to $100 ADIOS. They’ll be destroyed. And that will be partial payback for kikedom stealing the election.

    There WILL be repercussions as a result, but what does mainstreet America have to lose? Main street Americans are already facing losing EVERYTHING. Might as well make the other side that has already formulated doom for the rest of us pay.”

    • The Jews were caught manipulating commodities recently and penalized, and they can’t well do it now. That’s why gold has been rising.
      The communist element has long blabbered about forcing metals sky-high and crashing the US dollar. Wall Street has many ways to control things and this never worked, showing how commies don’t know what they’re doing.
      Let’s see what happens now. It sounds to me like the kind of thing that the opposition will be beaten at. I don’t see it wrecking the economy.

      • Max, I’m not well-versed in economics. I don’t really know how the system works. I guess there’s only one way to find out what will happen right?

    • (The ones who have hurt and enslaved humanity for their own benefit are the ones I’m referring to when using the term ‘negative elites.’)

      This isn’t just about election fraud. This is about the entire agenda going back to early last year, and also for all time’s sake. The negative elites need to have what they’ve done fall back upon them 100%. There are many ways to do this beyond the use of violent uprisings. When properly motivated, people can rebel in clever ways against tyrants, and the tyrants will be powerless to stop them. In 2020 humanity was helpless. In 2021 the negative elites will now be the ones to be helpless.

    • Looks like silver hit $30 today but then it was artificially priced back down. This is probably what happened when we did Cobra’s silver trigger meditation. Somehow it was manipulated to counter all the buying. There are a few hours left though at the time of this comment.


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