No matter what you want to believe, more than half the USA believes this.  Therefore it is good theater to watch from the good seats!

From PatrioticallyCorrectRadio:

Go here to watch/listen:  Lin Wood

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  1. Starlight, An excellent example of “Christians killing Christians ” Bolshevik Russia. Why would America help Josef Stalin in USSR slaughter ‘Christian Russia’ when they should have Saved them from Communism. Instead The United States armed Stalin with ‘Land Lease Program’ November 1941 so as to fight against Germany, whom also was America’s own Brothers.

  2. Sorry, alot of restaurants are closing down in Denver, Colorado because of not enough business.
    And I found out that the Godiva Chocolate store is closing down at Cherry Creek mall because of not enough business.
    I don’t know how is that going to make America great ??? Why ???

  3. It is obvious that the military is in charge the American corporation is bankrupted and there for the Fake Joe Biden was sworn in to a defunct American corporation as well as winning by fraudulent means which is a felony. It is a no brainer that he is the president of nothing that exists legally.

    • absolutely… biden is a farce of an wickedly evil kind. last report i heard was out of england that said Pres Trump won 3/4 of the votes; knowing this, as the majority of us do, wouldn’t it be psychologically abusive to keep us from the truth of knowing we are being held hostage by communist china? biden and the deep state work closely with this shadow govt… look at the famous pic of pence jan 6th 2021 in the reflection of glass is a man appearing to be holding a briefcase bomb…. other news reports were that congress was told china had bombs planted all over the usa incase there was an interruption at the biden fake inauguration. Now look what the economic hit men did to texas… shouldn’t they be told the truth??? cuz of the law suit challenging the biden farce maybe?

  4. I believe we will prevail. I believe there is a plan. I don’t believe we have to know the details. Faith over fear, Freedom over tyranny! As America goes, so goes the World.
    Biden, body double, hologram, fake, representative of the globalist new world order madness plan is showing some of the evil plan. May all of the corruption, human trafficking, pedophilia and all other Crimes against Humanity be revealed. People will not be told, they must be shown. No New World Order Madness! God Bless President Trump, God Bless America, God Bless the World. God Bless Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and ALL others who are working for the good of Humanity.

    • Well I agree but still after we leave and gone to heaven the one world order will rise. GOD told us throughout the Bible. Daniel 16. Revelation is all about it, Zechariah and Ezekiel speaks of it. And more. This is why it’s so important to get people to become born again with Jesus! So they aren’t left behind to go through all of the misery and pain beyond pain.

  5. Positive Interview. In the beginning when Mr. Wood was talking about Communism & then he brought up Joe McCarthy, it is not observed enough here in The U.S. that Franklin Roosevelt had a lot to do with Communism having a free range here before, during & after WW2. It cannot be denied his roll in helping Bolshevik in the USSR through Land Lease program. It also can no longer be denied Roosevelts roll in ignoring the warnings of Pearl Harbor. He is responsible for 3,000 of our men who were burned in oil that day. I liked Lin Wood interview but I feel he is a little blinded to think The U.S. has been fighting for freedom, there is only One war we truly fought for freedom & that would be The Revolution War.

  6. I agree with Lin Wood. It is too obvious to deny that the Biden’s presidency is nothing but SHOW AND TELL to continue the lies the dark forces continue to feed those who fail to question authority figures. That is not the Whitehouse. Look at the small square desk he working on. The mask is to hide the actor behind it.

    Without a doubt most of the military is protecting Trump’s plan to destroy Corporate American (including the military-industrial complex) and restore our Constitutional Republic. It may take the entire year to accomplish, including those off-world who are doing their part, but The Plan is working, with changes along the way to counter the dark forces’ tactics.

  7. I don’t fit the definition of being Christian, but it’s probably better to believe in God than to believe in Et’s. It really simplifies matters to do so.

    Anyway, yeah I’ll try to shut up now.

    • With the exception of those who are committed to the successes of the dark side agendas – single-energy males who resent and reject female energies and Mother Goddess – positive ETs are those whose mastery of themselves is greater than our own, at present (with few exceptions). They are no different than us in Spirit, but possess different bodies. It is, therefore, important to accept all races and colors who make up the Earth for we are no different. I have had many lifetimes in different bodies and cultures and I can tell you there is much to learn from everyone. And each understands something we do not yet understand.

    • Starlight, Christianity existed before Jesus. For example the ‘Sun’ was replaced by the ‘Son’ the 12 ‘Constellations’ were replaced by the 12 ‘Disciples’ the ‘Winter Solstice’ was replaced with the ‘Birth of Jesus’ I believe in a Higher Creator/Creators. I no longer follow any religion, as all 3 of the major ones (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) have much Blood on their hands for thousands of years. The Bible on the other hand is a beautiful piece of Literature that preserves historical events & Greek & Roman Mythology, which of course are “Stories” put into Allegory/Parables, which is how the writings they have Jesus speaking in.

    • Christianity has carried out atrocities historically, but in the current time and context Chrisitanity is probably a threat to the cabal’s plans. Suppose most of the military are Christian and orders are given to carry out a genocide in the US. Suppose the military invaded someone’s home who is on the list, and the person being invaded asks the military officers who their authority really is. “Has your general taken the place of God?” The military would probably disobey orders to carry out a genocide because why would Christians kill off their own people? The majority of people in the US are Christian, and Christianity has a strong moral code. I don’t fit the category of being Christian myself, but I can definitely recognize how going to a higher power, which is happening on a global scale, will foil the cabal’s plans, and 5G will be unable to stop this.

      • Starlight, They have Christians killing off their own forever. I would not think the majority in The U.S. are Christian, they have been working hard to replace Christians. If Christians truly had a strong “Moral Code” that they follow, we would not be in this mess!

        • LaVerne, Covid has probably caused Christianity to be on the rise again, or at least more people are going to a ‘higher power.’ I researched online, and states that 70.6% of the US is Christian:

          Part of the problem with Christianity is that many Christians believe that being abused is ‘God testing them’ or ‘Tribulations’ so they go along with the abuse. ‘Turning the other cheek’ is not always something people should do. It of course depends on the situation.


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