Thanks to one of our subscribers for providing this resource to see real data on what is being collected on all V’s.  It appears that The National Vaccine Information Center has this search system that provides individual reactions to V’s that have been reported.  There are currently about 10,000 reactive instances in this data base for the CV.   It is unclear as to how all of this data is being kept, and is surely only a small percentage of the actual cases.  But interesting nonetheless.  The site allows you to search by Va or by type of Vi and then gives you the actual record, including dates and times of patient reactions.

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You can go here to see and search on the site. Medalerts

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  1. Here’s an interesting title in the msm today:

    “Dr. Fauci says we risk creating more powerful COVID-19 variants if we delay second shots of the vaccine”

    Hmm, I wonder what he means by “creating…”

  2. I’m not really religious, but my understanding from other sources has been that the red dragon is… not such a good thing. This of course regards Cobra’s latest post in Chinese. Here’s some scripture regarding the red dragon:

    3. “And there appeared another sign in heaven; and behold a red dragon, having seven heads.”] Now, that he says that this dragon was of a red colour — that is, of a purple colour — the result of his work gave him such a colour. For from the beginning (as the Lord says) he was a murderer; and he has oppressed the whole of the human race, not so much by the obligation of death, as, moreover, by the various forms of destruction and fatal mischiefs. His seven heads were the seven kings of the Romans, of whom also is Antichrist, as we have said above.

    “And ten horns.”] He says that the ten kings in the latest times are the same as these, as we shall more fully set forth there.

    4. “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them upon the earth.”] Now, that he says that the dragon’s tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, this may be taken in two ways. For many think that he may be able to seduce the third part of the men who believe. [2299] But it should more truly be understood, that of the angels that were subject to him, since he was still a prince when he descended from his estate, he seduced the third part; therefore what we said above, the Apocalypse says.”

    1/3 being the people who take the vaccine? Maybe.

      • Accidentally commented on a different post what I mean to say here. This is also worth considering in retrospect regarding the red dragon:


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