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Op Ed on COVID-19 at a Glance

By Angela, US

January 1, 2021


With all the information out there masses of people are still willingly rushing to get their dangerous COVID-19 “test” and “vaccination.”  Quick lesson here from HighImpactTV:  HIGH ALERT! EVERYBODY NEEDS to SEE THIS!:

Avoid the Covid Vaccine

26 doctors and 7 medical professionals and researchers each give their brief international messages here:

Dr. Northrup, Christiane; US

“…The end of privacy, the end of freedom…reducing all humans to commodities…when 99 percent of the people recover then why do we need this vaccine?…Once those nano particles go in there’s no detoxing from them…they combine with your DNA and you’re suddenly programmable…you become an antenna…with 5G…could be controlled by sources outside yourself…”  She notes that a nanoparticle is a tiny robot.


Dr. Kevin P Corbett; UK         

“…The real epidemic is Fear and Hysteria.  It started in China and quickly spread by the World Health Organization.  The hysteria was accelerated by corporations who gained financially through selling fast tracked flawed medical tests, toxic antiviral drugs, and now unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines…” 


Dr. Kaufman, Andrew; US

“…we see all of the governments around the world, with very few exceptions, all adopting the same policy at the same time frame.  This tells us that this is a highly coordinated effort, internationally.  And it tells us that there’s a group of people or individuals who are directing the governments…tighter control over the population with a reduced population…there has been no (COVID-19) virus that has been isolated…fraud…”

  • There are many flaws identified in testing and more.

Almost no randomized placebo control trials for vaccines and that is the gold standard for a therapeutic to be approved by the FDA.  Vaccines are  exempted from any evidence to prove what they say it does.

If “vaccinated,” on testing immunity:  “How can you have immunity to a disease that doesn’t exist…”

  • There is no liability for makers of any vaccine.


  • Purpose of this COVID-19 program is for population control by turning humans into genetically modified organisms, resulting in infertility.


  • Contact tracing is a population control method as House of Representatives Bill 6666 includes forcibly removing sick people from their home and putting them in government quarters.


  • This plan has been laid out in United Nations document Agenda 21



See also:

Rencontrez Bill Gates – #ExposeBillGates:

They are coming through your front door to take you or your loved ones away:

Dr. Shepherd, Igor; US

“…COVID-19 vaccine is a biological weapon of mass destruction…”

“H1N1-Swine flu in 2009, 67 million people died in the USA of swine flu…any masks, any lockdowns, any distancing back then?  So what’s the problem in 2020?  The problem is with the global communist agenda…” 

  • Every level of the U.S. government is infiltrated with communists today…this is why you have lockdowns, mask wearing, and distancing…the message is urgent…treason has been committed…Pfizer working with China’s People’s Liberation Party as China develops the vaccines…this is a treason…

Do you think China loves you?… DARPA is working for the UN and the World Health Organization

  • The nanoparticles will not degrade in your body, like plastics don’t. It will affect your offspring…COVID-19 vaccine is a biological weapon of mass destruction…

The CDC decided not to count cases of death by flu for 2021.   Instead they will be counted as COVID-19 cases.

  • This pandemic has been in the works for 19 years by global communists.


  • The HIV (AIDS) virus was created by the U.S. Military Department who tried it first on African populations.


  • All vaccine companies are controlled by Bill Gates.



See also:

Bill Gates describes how genes can be removed by administering a vaccine:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“The below is a listing where the government/entity/organization Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed as a partner.”

The Survive and Thrive Global Development Alliance

Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health)


Project Last Mile


Second Largest Funder of the World Health Organization

“The second-largest funder is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides 9.8% of the WHO’s funds.”


Agenda 21



At, the following is an excerpt:

“…We believe the biggest technological project of our times will become the

creation of such artificial human body and a subsequent

transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body….

We believe that before 2045 an artificial body will be created…”

My Take-away

Transhumanism is for soulless “humans.”  Or, another way of putting it, for those who gave up their light to the dark side.  They rejected “God” also known as Divine Creator, Sacred Source, and/or Magenta.  And now they want to live in a controllable avatar world.  And free thinking humans are just getting in their way.  And those who still have souls are just too ethical for them to do what they want.  So, it’s easier for them to just wipe out these humans with souls and keep only the ones that become a programmable avatar.

Thank you for listening!

And thank you Science Researcher Harald Kautz who says use your heart as a filter; making you trinary since A.I. systems are binary (Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo) Beating the Control System (Beliefs)



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  1. Breaking News , February 15 ,2021

    India’s expert panel rejects Pfizer’s application for Covid-19 vaccine
    Cites serious adverse events

  2. In this article,Dr. Shepherd, Igor: US: “H1N1-Swine flu in 2009, 67 million people died in the USA of swine flu”?????
    What BS is this?
    So much disinfo,everywhere,insidiously included with so called truth!
    Do you read these articles before publishing?


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