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    • John

      where can I sign up for the med beds ?????

      I'm searching everywhere to sign up for the med beds

      I'm in pain and need as soon as possible shoulder replacement

      covid hospitals are dangerous
      people check in the people don't check out

      I have never taken a test
      I have never taken a jab
      and I'm not compliant with wearing a mask

      Im 62 years old and need a shoulder replacement

      where can I sign up for the med beds ?????

      San Diego California

      • Dear Michael, I'm sorry you are going through such pain as many people are at this time. I can recommend for the time being and until the med beds are launched that you visit It's quantum technology that can be used in the comfort of your own bed as the program scans your body and releases pain or lessens any illnesses that might be showing up at the time. You may buy the program and also you may use their trial program at 0 cost. Check it out before the CC are launched! Many blessings, Zari

  1. WS: I totally agree with your comments. I am going to share them on FB. No, it will not wake up the sheeple, but it will make me feel better. I need to share them now because even if I bookmark this site, I will not be able to come back and look for your response if I simply ask permission now and wait. I am almost 63 years old. One thing (out of many) I have learned in life: Sometimes it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Thank you. I will give credit by leaving your initials and putting the text in quotes.

  2. I have been asleep for many years to what the government has been doing to us all. I have recently joined a group founded by Simon Parkes called connecting consciousness. I belong to the Arkansas group here in the USA. I have always felt all my life as if I did not totally belong here. Now that Im waking up I have come to realize that my thoughts and feelings may be right. I sent you an email asking if there is someway to help you. I will travel off planet if need be to help out with manufacturing and/or helping the poor victims of the darkness. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and now that I am retired I want to do my part. If you feel that I can be of some use to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me..I would be grateful to be of service to humanity or other worldly beings..My interests have always been out there somewhere.

    Kingest regards,
    Kim King

  3. The creatures that control this realm would rather destroy it than let any positive technology go forward. This is pie in the sky as the mandatory vaccination mass poisoning program gets pushed forward. Controlled opposition would be too kind a phrase for people pushing this false hope as it is promoting inaction. In the history of the world has any tyrant ever been overthrown by the people doing nothing? Has any Government or corrupt party ever given up power by the people doing nothing? Will wait for your response.
    Every high ranking person in the Government including all high ranking military are selected and groomed at a very young age for their future rolls. Left right or center they all attend the best schools TOGETHER! They join the same fraternities and work in the same law firms and spend holidays together. Everything you see on your idiot box is contrived for more control over what they see as the undeserving useless breathers. When they say do nothing trust the plan you should be very frightened. When in the history of the world has the Government ANY Government put their people first. Fairly soon it will be too late to take any type of action as most people will be sick from the poisons being injected, ingested, and broadcast in the air. Your water, foods, and the air you breathe is filled with heavy metals which interact with the microwave frequencies being broadcast everywhere. Cell towers,TV broadcasting, and satellites bathe the world in high frequency radiation. Don’t believe me good. Order an EMF RF meter on line and measure your home broadband router and cell phone, and all of your smart meters.. You will be shocked when it warms you of the dangerous levels of RF.
    They don’t need to take your guns to stop you because all they have to do is hit a switch and you will drop like flies in a bug zapper.
    Back in the 1970s I witnessed a whole military base completely shut down for hours by a technician accidentally turning on a radar system of a EA-6B Prowler. The whole base completely shut down for hours. That was 50 years ago, how far have we progressed since then. You can enjoy your false hope hold hands and sing hymns or chant your favorite Hindu mantra. Meanwhile your house is on fire and you have been lulled to sleep. Wake up and get out while you still can.


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