Chinese media have reported that researchers working on a nuclear fusion project have succeeded in holding plasma of 120 million degrees Celsius for close to two minutes.

Chinese daily Global Times reports that the so-called artificial sun as the Chinese nuclear fusion project is known also succeeded in maintaining plasma at 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds.

These times, while not very long in absolute terms, are records in the quest for nuclear fusion. The next step would be to maintain these temperatures for as long as a week, according to a physics professor from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen.

China’s nuclear fusion reactor first made headlines in 2019 when Beijing said it would soon begin operations. The reactor—the HL-2M Tokamak—was first powered at the end of last year, and its first achievement was maintaining a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius for 100 minutes.

Nuclear fusion has become something of a modern-day philosopher’s stone. The process holds great promise for the generation of energy but making it work has proven a challenge because while the process of fusion itself is possible, it consumes more energy than it releases, which is the opposite of the goal.

Russia also recently reported nuclear fusion news. Earlier this month, state media said the T-15MD tokamak had been powered for the first time.

China and Russia are also both members of the international team building the ITER nuclear fusion project in Europe. Construction of the ITER tokamak began last year in southern France.

The reward, if nuclear fusion is achieved, would be massive. Among the benefits of the technology is ultrapowerful energy that is cheap to produce, emission-free, and virtually limitless. Nuclear fusion leaves no radioactive waste, either, which makes it as close to the perfect source of energy as possible.

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  1. There we go again… trying to be better than God, nature, the Sun itself. That remark about "loyalty at gunpoint" sums it all up, by the former commenter Xi Suxx. We'll never know better than the laws of life, and pay dearly for trying, I believe. I can't help to keep a good sense of humour, rain or shine, pun intended.
    Here's an episode of a British sitcom "Yes, Prime Minister" (1986) – Episode 1
    New PM at the nuclear command center:

    While watching this episode, I can't help thinking that this episode is a futuristic view on what may happen in the near future, when we've found solutions for most troubles in paradise, sitting around a campfire, not reduced to Neanderthalers, but wiser, equals at their level, watching this episode and more of what has been one of Britain's greatest television years.

    This sitcom "Yes Prime Minister" is created with great efforts to show Britain's own quirky ways and weird display of power, pretending no one is responsible for the striking of the match. All causes of discomfort and awkwardness, horror and shame, are meant to be hush-hushed up. Passive agression has developed to a very high level, with the skill to grasp every chance to be opportunistic, when one's status and purse may end up as winners in the game.

    The enormous restriction on spontaneous expression, in the years of Britain's Empire, the explosion of an Industrial Revolution on that rocky island, a population living in a fast rise of wealth, under Queen Victoria, not much in sync with an equal fast rise in moral standards.

    The possibilty, and thus, the choice to live in excess of MUCH, including drinking, for which the English are famous. I imagine that this excess, of almost overwhelming freedom to live like a libertine also, for the sons and daugthers of wealthy fathers, but not born of noble blood, like the gentry of old, could've lead to panic and a great need to control excessive behaviour that caused scandal and crime.

    To my flapping Dutch ears, I've been told by elderly well educated women, that any spontaneous expression of emotion was considered "vulgar" and therefore, it was ordained as "not done". My former landlord in Britain is such an offspring, going to the most expensive boarding school in Britain, programmed to withhold spontaneous expression in discussions or activities. Skilled in holding what's called in Britain " a dead pan face". While I've spent time with him in the house where I lived as a tenant, and when we had short conversations in the kitchen, I always felt icicles growing on the hem of my skirt. There it is, that I've come to the conclusion that the class system in Britain keeps everything in the freezer. NO SIGN OF LIFE – NO CHANGE.

    I'm fond of the English coast, the Atlantic Ocean and the very few eccentric mavericks that are able to see through all the pomp and circumstance of an island nation divided, due to many wars, and a devastating breakdown of what once was an Empire. I've met those who voted Brexit, in the hope to see that Empire returned. There's much these islanders need to wake up for, I believe.

  2. Gee what could possible go wrong? New Manhattan Project will be weaponized at the very first chance. Who are we kidding the front for this weapons program is weak at best.
    Good luck China. All you are doing now is unifying the world for your ultimate destruction. The problem with totalitarian regimes is that loyalty at the end of a gun doesn’t work. Will fall from within just like the Soviet Union and the US. All of the dictatorships one was just disgusted just a little better in order to rob it’s citizens of tax monies at the rate of 40%. But I digress.


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