One of the most iconic musicians of the century speaks about his experience during the past 18 months.

Source: Oracle Films Youtube

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  1. As the Rock Band 'Doors' sang "People Are Strange" so Eric here didn't learn the 1st time & went to get a 2nd Jab, really?? People remind me of the 'Duracell Bunny' Always running into the Same Wall & never discerning a damn thing (till its to Late!) Love your Music anyways, still keep your Musical CD's in my car.

  2. Thank you for this outstanding piece. I admire Eric's courage and appreciate his many contributions to society. I support his music and his contributions to the recovery community. Seeing this was both inspiring and encouraging.

  3. Thank you for this outstanding piece. I admire Eric's courage and appreciate his many contributions to society. I support his music and his efforts to the recovery community. Seeing this was both inspirting and encouraging.

  4. BTW, as you say, if you have a Bullshit-radar, WHY did you take the jab, I also have a Bullshit-radar, and I didn't take the jab and convince my all family not to do. My Bullshit-radar told me , never trust the government, and I will never do.

  5. Bullshit-radar… first time I hear this term. Great definition from a typical British man, although awake and aware with strong intuition, who knows how to use undercooled humour. As I perceive it, he's one of the people who learn about LIFE, earning wisdom through experience in life, real life.

    Eric Clapton's wisdom and insights stem from being a father, and musician on stage, as a celebrity, watching audiences, backstage manoeuvers (of which I know a tiny bit by life experience myself, living with a bandleader in the early 70's) watching other celebrities and their lives. The loud roll of rock, drink and drugs, living on the edge, with the adage "Life's too short to not taste all of it, let the money roll" causing short lives at times.

    Eric was caught in the trap of a nasty vaccination experience, for a week, and it's clear how this has affected him. I'm happy that Oracle films found him. Also, great to hear that Van Morrison is active with protesting. He's a warrior, just like Eric Clapton, and Britain needs them much.

    Although I love the rocky soil and ancient history of that island, and I think I've made that clear many times, living conditions for many islanders are in dire straights, when I lived on that island for almost 5 years. It'll be very interesting to follow this island's steps in the coming years, after Brexit, amidst the enormous impact of mind-programming in sync with the impact of a ruling class system.
    While I'm holding my footing on both shores of the North Sea Channel.


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