By Darcy Schoening,

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, pilots suffer an increased risk of clotting issues due to frequent and prolonged air travel. Pilots are encouraged to be aware of the signs of deep venous thrombosis and clotting issues and take preventative measures such as compression stockings and stretching of their legs during long flights.

Medical News Today published a study on June 15th, 2021 that showed an increased risk of blood clotting and low platelets in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine recipients. Some scientists hypothesize that since the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in the shot causes a full body reaction, once the vaccine comes into contact with platelets inside the human body, the vaccine activates those platelets, causing them to change shape and transmit chemical signals to the immune system. Those platelets send out platelet factor 4 (PF4), which regulates blood clotting.

However, in some people, after some undetermined amount of time, at random, PF4 latches onto the vaccine, and large “complexes” form. Since those complexes are “unknown,” the human body interprets those clusters as threats. Thus, immune cells in the body mistakenly attack PF4’s, prohibiting them from preventing the problematic clots seen in some COVID-19 vaccine recipients.

Pilots have an increased risk of blood clots. COVID-19 vaccine recipients have an increased risk of blood clots. Reuter’s and Fact Checkers cannot hide the fact that an increased risk on top of an increased risk is potentially a disaster, but neither has any regard for human life or the truth, as evidenced by the propaganda they’re currently creating by the minute.

Delta Airlines now requires the COVID-19 vaccine for all new employees, potentially putting Delta employees at risk of blood clots and death. American Airlines doesn’t require the vaccine but gives its employees one day off of work and $50 for getting the vaccine. No mention of the inherent risk for non air employees, let alone those who spend ample time in the clouds, is ever made by Delta or American.

At British Airways, at least four pilots have died this week, but the airline wants you to know that their deaths are totally unrelated; Reuter’s and Fact Checkers are working hard to dispel any rumors that the pilots could have died from the COVID-19 vaccine. British Airways boasts that 85% of its employees are vaccinated. Airlines are so quick to obey the COVID-19 vaccine narrative that they forget the welfare of their own employees is at stake.

According to, 120,000 cancellations per year is the average for global flights. An average day would see 329 cancellations. A 2 day average would see 658 cancellations. But between Friday and Saturday, 3,533 cancellations occurred. That’s a 580% increase in cancellations globally in the past 2 days.

Southwest delayed or cancelled hundreds of flights last week and blamed a host of issues such as technical difficulties and weather on the cancellations and delays. American Airlines announced Sunday that it would cancel hundreds of flights through mid-July. American blames weather issues and labor shortages on its preemptively cancelled flights. British Airways, which has seen at least 4 pilots die recently, cancelled hundreds of flights but then furloughed thousands of its employees with 85% pay this week.

Not to worry; the same agencies (mainstream media, Reuters, and Fact Checkers) tasked with exploring the safety and efficacy of a vaccine for the general public and for pilots who transport 6 million people per day also ruled out a Wuhan lab leak and any conceivable voter fraud in the 2020 elections. Those agencies have reversed their stance on one of those issues, the Wuhan lab leak, only after it became impossible not to do so. One day, it’s conceivable that the media may reverse its stance on the COVID-19 vaccine…when it becomes impossible not to do so…

Pilots are already at increased risk of blood clots; categorizing them as high risk for a vaccine with a known side effect of blood clots isn’t misinformation. It’s science.

For now, pilots should exercise their right to medical freedom and refuse to become vaccinated. Clearly, the truth isn’t coming anytime soon.



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  1. Millions know you are right and this was BS from the beginning. The sheep or COVID CULT look at you as if you are threatening them if you..ready? Don't mask. There was never a need for masks or any of the mandates which are unconstitutional and according to Ex Parte Milligan whoever (even the president although he played no part in this) can forfeit their office.

  2. Could it be that this was the real reason for the "vaccine" and for the desperation with which the jab was pushed? The Chicom virus, which may not even have existed and was instead a psychological Ponzi scheme through lurid exaggeration of the flu, did not completely collapse the American and European economies, so the implosion of transportation and then communication and the supply chain will be tried next. If that does not bring the west down and deliver it into the hands of the mongols, the mongrels and the mohammedans, we need to be prepared for an EMP detonation that would shut us down.

  3. It is not my intention to be cruel or make light of a bad situation.
    However, this is what going alone to get alone will get you. God gave us over to our own devices when he gave us independent thought. Time to exercise your brains and do 5 minutes of research and ask yourself. Why was the spike protein in the poison shot patented in 2016 by the NIH / Fauci moderna. Why did Fauci back in 2016 publicly state that their would be an outbreak / pandemic during the Trump administration? Why were the testing kits in place by the millions before the beginning of the outbreak.
    The truth is people died for lack of knowledge in the age instance information. So, my question is have we as a species become so beaten down so compliant and yes so stupid to believe everything we are told by an actor in a white lab coat. This whole thing smelled rotten from the onset yet no one questioned the obvious and glaring inconsistencies with the (they called it science). Educated indoctrinated idiots are running this world and no one dare raise their hands in protest when that voice that god gave each and everyone of us starts to scream. This is a bad idea! So, now millions have permanently had their immune systems compromised and will start to fall very ill during the next cold and flu season which in reality is just low vitamin D season.
    So, good luck to the sheep that were going along to get along. What part of experimental didn’t you understand? What part of no one will be held criminally liable for the deaths of you or your children didn’t you get?
    Sic Semper Tyrannus


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