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Symptoms of scalar attacks, described by, aka Cobra, have been physically experienced by myself in the form of stinging, burning, and another form of pain that hurts but can’t be easily described other than just being called ‘pain.’  The physical pain from scalar attacks is unpleasant but isn’t intolerable, probably because the pain isn’t constant, as it comes and goes.  The primary location of the pain is in the lower legs and  feet, but can also be in the arms, hands, top of the head, and back.

There is another scalar attack, or possible scalar attack, experienced in the dreamstate.  An extremely harsh and loud auditory noise has gone through my head many times in the past in the dreamstate.  This noise is like a scream, only the scream is amplified so much that it severely distorts the sound.  That’s the easiest way I can describe the sound.  This sound is physically experienced as energy blasting itself through my head.  There is a syndrome called “exploding head syndrome,” which is a noise experienced when asleep that causes some people to wake up suddenly, but this syndrome does not fit the description of this kind of attack, because the sound/energy lasts longer than being just a simple short blast of sound.

Furthermore, there have been many times when I am dying in the dreamstate, but am also possibly in physical danger of dying.  I have to force myself to wake up, because if I let go and not fight to wake up, I strongly feel that I will die.  When someone has a fever, there can be a ‘pulsating’ sensation in the head.  I will have this same pulsating sensation during this kind of attack.

The scalar attacks most likely have a mental aspect.  I often have unwanted and evil thought-forms, and I then wonder if I am an evil being who was ‘created wrong.’  I don’t advocate the line of thinking of ‘it’s all the devil’s fault’ and so forth.  People need to take personal responsibility for what they think and do. However, a great way to attack someone is to give them evil thoughts and make them think these evil thoughts are their own.

I also almost feel as though something inorganic is being placed inside myself.  I get these ‘inorganic feelings’ in the stomach area that are very unpleasant.  I feel as though I’m being forced to feel what I should not feel – feelings that do not belong in the human spectrum of emotion.  I cannot describe how this feels.  All I can say is that it’s not meant to be at all within ‘this realm,’ or, at the very least,  It’s incompatible with the ‘human template.’  Perhaps this is related to subquantum anomaly.

Another attack, or possible attack, relates to my heartbeat.  I can no longer go on jogs because my heart starts skipping beats.  Any form of exercise causes my heart to skip beats, including weight lifting.  Even getting upset causes my heart to skip beats now.  My heart will also skip beats at random times.  This is accompanied by unrelenting fatigue.  I can barely work at my job because I can barely stay awake when I’m working.  I have a dietary plan in place to help with the fatigue, but all of my previous dietary attempts have ended in failure.  I will continue to try though.

Sidenote: I didn’t remotely have the heart problems and fatigue until I donated blood on the 7th of April, 2021.  They give a free Covid antigen test for Covid when donating blood.  The antigen test is done on the blood itself, and there is no PCR testing requirement, so I figured, why not?  My test results were negative, meaning I’ve never had Covid before April of 2021, at least according to the test.  I wore a face shield to donate blood, but one of the people at the blood donation site walked over to me carrying a face mask (the blue asbestos kind) and told me I had to wear a face mask when donating blood.  I figured that I would only have to wear their face mask for 10 minutes, which was about the time it actually took, so I put on their face mask.  I don’t tell people anything because they will probably think I’m crazy, but it’s entirely possible that either Covid or some kind of nano-fiber or harmful bacteria or a combination of these was in their face mask.  At first I figured that I just need to regrow my blood cells to feel better, but after over 2 months, the palpitations and extreme fatigue remains, so their face mask may have been what caused my heart problems and extreme fatigue.  (Interestingly, before I donated blood, the American Red Cross website stated “a face covering is required.”  After I donated blood, the ARC updated their requirements, stating that a face shield is not allowed unless a face mask is worn under the face shield.)  If their face mask is what caused me harm, I request that immediate and drastic justice be enforced against those involved, as my health has been severely damaged.

Protections from scalar attacks don’t entirely work, but may help reduce the severity and/or frequency of the attacks.  I’ve tried just about everything regarding protections, including the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the violet flame of Saint Germain, but attacks still come through.
All these attacks are to get me to shut down, feel like a victim, and hate the light forces for not protecting me from this seemingly never-ending torment.  Fact is though, it’s not the light force’s fault. My suffering is extreme, but the suffering of those in underground bases is far more extreme, so they take a higher priority.  This is what I keep reminding myself of when I am being attacked.  I also understand that as soon as all the underground bases within Earth are cleared, the attackers will cease to exist, and the light forces will come to the aid of those who have been routinely attacked for assistance with healing.  I felt this very strongly when reading the latest Cobra update at the time of this writing.  I also felt tears welling up.

I will continue to do the meditations to liberate the underground bases, and I have a very positive outlook!  I suppose I’m the kind of person who can get knocked down over and over but get back up time after time.  Here’s an inspiring clip regarding this.  It’s an old favorite of mine:

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  1. If you feel you may have picked something up from the graphene or particles in the mask, it's not to late to take action. You can drink pine needle tea for the Suramin which will inactivate the substance. Other herbal teas like Dandelion are also recommended. To remove anything from you body picked up while being in proximity to anyone vaxed who may be shedding spiked proteins, you can also bath in warm soapy water and sprinkle in some alfalfa pellets. The alfalfa is similar to human blood with the exception that the core is magnesium rather than iron. You may see things leaving your skin. Clean the tub while wearing gloves and wipe it down with disposable paper towels. But I'm not a physician. You may need to check with a cardiologist. The other holistic approach is using essential oils. A class was recently taught by John Mallward in the healing group. Cedar oil, one drop on each wrist then rubbed together at night may help kill off anything you were exposed to. This must be done for several weeks but it's cheap! I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Send an email to [email protected] if you would like more information.

    • I'm getting quite a bit of suramin from pine needles. I boil them a bit to soften them and I chew them, swallowing all the nutrients from them until there is no more flavor. It may be even more powerful than pine needle tea this way, as the taste becomes quite strong when chewing them. My heart palpitations have decreased recently, but I had a very rough time in the dreamstate this morning. Overall though, I do feel a difference for the better when taking pine needles. I could try some of your other suggestions as well, thank you!


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