PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF! The shots being referred to as ‘vaccines’ are absolutely poisonous, and the proof is now here!

Stew Peters Show:
JULY 15, 2021

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  1. RBC do not have nuclei. This link explains why theses are the vaccine consequences
    The vaccine was made to the wrong proteins. Producing lots of stem proteins to bind up is to will prevent the normal anti-inflammatory action of east to when it produces and 1-7.

  2. This coming out of evidence that can't be denied, plus the psychological impact of this evidence, causing many people to jump to a whole new level of fear, fear for their own lives, felt in their blood, will speed up the detoxification of evil on our planet, I believe.

    How this will be expressed remains to be seen, for it's all about the work of each human being, fighting for freedom or submitting to slavery, by their free will. Although I believe that this principle of "free will" has been compromised by our own choices, made under conditions of persuasion and promises of a land of milk and honey, and the arrival of a saviour. Aren't we living the programs of our ancestors?

    Lately, I've found a wise explanation of this Bible text "The Sins of the Fathers Visited Upon the Children" saying that the ways, attitudes, and choices of our ancestors are passed on through the bloodlines, repeated until awareness dawns. A refreshing view on the meaning of the wheel of karma, as I perceive it.

    If there ever was a time that we could speak of "instant karma" the cause and effects of an era in human history that passed by like a flash, it seems to be this present moment. With the Industrial Revolution, and the loss of spiritual values due to the hunger for power, playing the game "mind over matter" leading to this present tinkering with our blood, which is the connection with our being, our life depending on it.

    Last year springtime, after returning to the Netherlands, I had this vision of humanity taking off the blinders, causing the pandemic to come to a sudden end around springtime this year, 2021. Now, with this news coming out, it may be that we're landing in the melting pot of awareness, as if looking into a frozen stream, solid ice, where a sudden gust of desert wind turns the frozen surface into a flowing stream again, clattering over the rocks, with the bottom visible in its clarity.

    Speaking of ice, the snowball is rolling faster and faster down the hill gathering lies and poisonous agendas, until it bumps into the rock solid truth. Be prepared for counter measures from the evil intelligence party.


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