Becoming one of my new favorite interviewers, Stew Peters really has been having some great interviews recently.  Here is one of them:

Stew Peters with Dr. Judy

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    Hi, My name is George J. Birds Jr. a health nut, 82 years old. I have been studying the health problems for years. I feel that micro particles from the new diesel exhaust fluid mandate all over the world is a serious problem for general health. This DEF multi trillion dollar industry is trying to remove stinky smoke and smelly exhaust from all types of transportation.

    I moved to Tucson Arizona about 4 years ago because of health issues which I suspected to come from the high traffic pollution of Southern California. My health became better by moving away about 5 years ago from traffic on Interstate 5 at the top of the "Grapevine" in California. My move to live in the cleaner air of Tucson Arizona helped the health issues.

    Also, I have been very interested in Ozone Therapy. Ozone the talk of the town is all over the news related to “Smog pollution.” Ozone should not be breathed or directed to the eyes. Ozone can be directed to an infection on the skin. If Ozone is bubbled thru Olive Oil a good thick substance can be made. It has a good strong smell and is safe to breath without damaging the lungs or airways. This new ozone compound has many uses such as skin creams and UTI lubricants.

    Putting the thick material on the skin will give Oxygen to the blood under the skin as I have proved by the quick reduction of the dark bruised skin. Friends of the World that are suffering with the illness of the pandemic may benefit from Ozonated Olive Oil on the skin as well as breathing in some of the safe to breath compounds of ozone that react with olive oil.
    Part 1

    I am an inventor with excellent logic. Maybe some of my experiments can be covered on your program. This subject is not new; but it needs to be rediscovered by programs like yours which are not scared by government, medical, and drug companies. Doctors too scared in loosing their licensing need the “New Ozone” protocol because of its “NO SIDE EFFECT” when used properly on the human body.

    Ozone generally is considered bad air to breath. Yes, it will knock your socks off if you take a good breath of it. But once it has been converted to compounds of olive oil, it will not hurt the lung tissue. Small amounts in air with ozone has been used to treat tuberculosis year ago. Ozone has a bad name now, but must be accepted as an excellent agent in purification.

    First came the “SMOG” from vehicular traffic. Second came the better engine controls. Third came catalytic converters in gasoline driven vehicles. Fourth came the removal of “LEAD” from gasoline. Fifth came “Diesel Exhaust Fluid” equipped big trucks. Sixth came the health problems of the recent decade. Seventh came the “Pandemic.” Eighth came the “Political” election problems. Ninth comes with finger pointing. Tenth comes the huge financial gives and takes.
    Part 3

    Could the issue of the introduction of “Diesel Exhaust Fluid” in transportation have a hidden relationship to the present World health crisis? The big network of traffic all over the World has produced a new micro particle which enters the body through the air we breath? This new DEF technology was instigated only a decade before the Pandemic. Are these small particles packed with chemical junk bad for the body? Taken in only through the lungs, this byproduct of diesel combustion goes into the blood to first damage the lungs and then transported to other organs of the body to do further damage.

    This subject is well published in the Internet. It seems to me that the research is not considering the degradation of the body’s defenses by the intake of these chemical bombs floating around in the air that all of the peoples of the World breath. The common flu now called the COVID 19 Pandemic may be exacerbated by the Diesel Exhaust Micro Particles which has lessened the body’s defenses.

    This topic would be greatly appreciated to be researched and discussed on your programs.


    George J. Birds Jr.
    714 E 35th Street
    Tucson AZ 85713

    PO BOX 26268
    Tucson AZ 85726

    (602) 531-3590

    [email protected]
    Part 4

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