Ready to come out of the closet??

By Katharina Bless

The current Moon/Sun conjunction in Cancer is bringing a lot of emotional drama. According to the real star constellation, the Lion Gate is next month. So first we have still the water topic… follow the water….. and more opportunities for disclosure. It is speeding up now, massively.

Looking at the AC of the world-chart that I made for London (UK) where the east meets the west, or where the east is divided from the west, Libra is asking for balance. Venus in opposition to retrograde Neptune on the first degree of Pisces, shows very clearly that this classification is also just an illusion connected to our program.

In this chart I see very much our “logical mind” to be confronted with things that are just not acceptable. The connection from Neptune that also connects Mercury with a quincunx, opens a door for on one hand a total revision of the programmed mind or/and on the other hand a strong urge to move on and let go of that old paradigm.

This is the preparation for a bigger break through that will happen on the next Full Moon, when the sun have moved into Leo. Now Mercury, Mars and Venus in Leo are fully pushing every body to expand their boundaries. But not “forward” but “backward”. To understand something you need some kind of matrix to put it in and see it in comparison with something else.

This is the great challenge of humanity, brainwashed into judging every thing as good and bad. This is our program because our controllers for the last millenniums have been feeding of our negative energy. If we are programmed to judge every thing, then we have to feel bad every time something is judged as bad and then punished for it. Punishment hurts, so there is fear involved in something that is judged to be bad.

Have you ever realized that the mainstream media and news are 90%+ negative news that create fear? Fear of climate changes (which are not happening), fear of not being good enough, fear of a very wicked and twisted mind program that we are “served” every day on the “Tell a Vision”. And if we at the same time eat real food, the whole food is contaminated with this energy!

The Sun/Moon opposition to retrograde Saturn is either showing you the structure of the brainwash and helps you to let go, even if it is painful to let go of the crutch at we are oh so used to! The other option for those who are not willing or ready yet, will suddenly see the walls crumbling, their belief system fall and that will throw them into an abyss of despair.

It depends on what you chose to focus. If you focus on the retrograde Jupiter instead in Aquarius, and ask for guidance from the Divine, then you might have fantastic revelations and realize that nothing is as it seems to be out there.

If you don’t judge and just look what is in your life present right now, you can immediately see what you have to work on in the context of balancing.

Mostly it is to be confronted with our judgment.

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A very interesting aspect is the half square from ret Jupiter in Aquarius to ret Chiron in Pisces. Here we see the root of the whole disaster, the fact that people don’t trust themselves and are totally vulnerable to be cheated and used in the most negative ways. It’s all connected to the lack of SELF esteem. The desperate situation makes many to turn to a Divine source again and also realize that the current religions are not to support people, but to enslave them.

Now we have a chance to turn inward and find the Divine Source within, what ever name you use for it, this does not matter. But one thing is clear: as long as someone gives his/her power away, they don’t have it!!! We need to remember the true power and find it within!

It is time for big changes and shifts. We can see them daily in the Schumann Resonance charts! The seed of what is coming was planted already. The energy has shifted in 2012 and a new energy flow has started then. Now the seeds become visible, more and more.

If there are black outs like here, it’s said it is an energy reset – Schumann Resonance

All the old that we want to heal and transform into a higher energy is visible now too and we have to heal not only ourselves, but be part of the healing of the whole world.

As a microcosm in the macrocosm it is important that you take your role and step up into your power. First you have to understand the rising of the feelings! Our feelings today are totally connected to the fear based programming. This is why the Saturn opposition, if you are ready to sacrifice the old program, will be the liberation!

The energies of the certain planets are not just good or bad, they are archetypes and depicted in a certain way to – once again – keep us subdued in the energy of fear. Like: … just wait until Saturn comes around… or until Pluto is in square with your Moon…. !! Every thing that is happening to us is what we have created and need to experience. It is the only way to grow, learn and experience.

When are you ready to come out of your fear closet and take back your power!

Many blessings,



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    I very much enjoyed your article. How can I read more of your articles and follow your astrological readings?
    May you receive many blessings.
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