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It seems that we are heading towards a peak of violence and deceit. It will be a peak that is leading to a break through for the voices of reason.

When this whole “scenario” started with the simulation of the whole close to two years ago, nobody really did believe it, unless they followed the alternative Media for a longer time and know what is going on. What movies really are about and much more.

One of our member forwarded a plea from Sydney to our group and the fear and pain and desperation is palpable.

Unfortunately, the fear does not help, now it needs courage. We need prayers, but not in the sense of “begging” for something, but in the sense that we reconnect with the Divine within and ask for guidance what to do.

You see, each of us has chosen to be here in this time because we want to witness the transition into the age of Light. The Golden Age. But all the luggage of fear and old habits can’t be take with us. We have to let it go and here we can see how much it takes to get people to understand what is going on.

The only way to be strong and courageous is to be connected to the Divine Within and then things can happen. Every body is waking up from the convenient slumber and linear way of life in the past. Shaken to the core with the insanity that is going on.

Up to now at least every body with a natural sense of intelligence can see that there is no pandemic but a plandemic. If there would be a real pandemic, every one would know lots of people who have died… half of the population in places would be dead and they would not have to show images on news shows from floods of other years and have actors in the clips that are obvious.

The cruelty is not a virus or any thing that makes people ill. The real cruelty is the quaxine that is killing the people.

How much more does it take to wake up people? How much more until people realize that they showed us all the scenarios in films long ago and the technology they use exists already a long time.

For those who are heading towards a cold season, I recommend that you get seeds so you can make vertical gardens indoor. This can help a lot, especially if you have herbs and salads fresh available. This is easy to grow. Many things you can even regrow from the veggies. You can for example cut the top of a carrot and put it in bit of water and it will sprout, like cellerie and many other veggies.

The end of the tunnel is coming…. Connect with Spirit and your Divine Entourage that is with you and ask them what to do. Visualize the outcome. Visualize the beauty of a life in harmony based on empathy and love. Meditate…. You have probably something that you don’t have otherwise so much: Time! Use it well.

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    • I'm interested to hear what happened, when you're one of those who are here without free will. Have you found your free will so that you can make this statement? Or are you still caught by dark forces? It's my believe that when one is conscious of being caught, one is able to figure out how to restore one's free will and step into freedom again. Saying that it's a lie that we're here with free will, makes no sense unless you're able to prove it in some way. I'm not forcing you to explain, it's just an invitation you can decline. This is a highly personal subject, I do realize that.

  1. My Boat Rocker Re-post from June 6th,2020: The Free often Fight alone! That is called Courage! – ONE…/the-free-often…/
    Do you know what it is called when ONE lacks Courage? A Coward. Freedom is for the Courageous! – ONE

    No Courage! Americans lack the courage to be FREE.

    They bend over for any old tired tyrant in a suit that enriches themselves at the people’s expense and continue to give their consent through their vote against themselves, even as the cat is completely out of the bag and scratching your children’s eyes out.

    Tough talk sure, No courage. FREEDOM requires COURAGE! Americans don’t have it. Sad.

    No courage from the POLICE!

    It’s just easier to beat up individuals trying to get by the best they can for petty crimes while ignoring the rich and powerful who do harm on a planetary scale that create the illusion of artificial lack that leads to criminality on a smaller scale. The police focus on the petty offenders rather than arresting the upper crust which would do more good. Force over compassion is their Achilles heal. which is both myopic and short sighted. No Courage!

    The Police ignore the large scale criminality of the leadership class. such as presidential foundations that is an institution for illegal bribes from big business and leaders of other countries. Crimes! No Courage.

    When the citizens, the Police took an oath to serve, The very people their kids go to school with and play baseball or soccer with needs them most? No courage.

    Then when the people protest The Police pump their well armored chest out and have disdain for those they are paid to serve. Yes, even the criminals the Police arrest are who they serve, ? You work for THEM, not the admins of the government, our dullard corrupt employees who never solve problems, who only create problems then monetize or weaponize for themselves and their friends (Crimes). No courage!

    The Police know of the history of agent provocateurs to quell dissent in this country and the world and is often financed by government puppet masters. The Police? sworn Agents of the constitution? No Courage!

    Law Enforcement has the backing of the law/constitution to arrest these felons, these traitors, who are as we speak using fake science and fake news to destroy our country in an accelerated way, they just don’t have the courage to stop it. Police DO have the authority! Just No Courage!

    We have done the politicians a disservice. They are dullards that don’t really have any talents but loads of ambition.and the unique ability to put on a business suit that declares “I wont do any heavy lifting, but you will for no money.”

    They have mistaken greedy and selfish ambition for talent, and Americans do not have the courage to remind them they are but dull admins, our employees not kings or queens. JUST bureaucrats.

    “Where oh where to put useless entitled self deluded criminal politicians?” who have cultivated ambition within themselves over cultivating an actual skill or talent? Government was the answer.! Put them all in Washington DC where they would do the least amount of harm. Isolate the a$$ clowns from the rest of the hard working country.

    Americans lacked the courage for tough love and the corporate welfare disease spreads. A generation of Wall Street parasitic welfare recipients on the dole. Like Heroin addicts, they can never have enough and will happily take all for themselves. All because Americans lack the courage to say a resounding “NO!” No Courage!.

    No Courage! I mean the police charge a criminal, then put them in jail and a sentence is served if found guilty by due process. simple. Congress takes months, years with piles of cash and armies of lawyers in hearings after hearing and cannot even determine if a crime has even been committed.??? Then they all re investigate over and over the same charges only for the investigation to fizzle and nothing happens. Dullards. Somehow when the go in office they have no money, when they come out they are rich! No Courage!

    No courage or honor from the military, who all took the same oaths the police took to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. Hello! Domestic! No Honor! no Courage!

    No courage! No it is just so much easier to invade the weak with your sophisticated weapons our tax dollars are spent on then prance around beating your chest calling yourselves heroes rather than really doing what is needed, doing right by the American people when you are needed most. No Courage from the Military.

    To have FREEDOM ONE must have Courage! No Courage in America! Americans talk the tough guy talk, but don’t walk the walk. No Courage!

    No courage from the healthcare doctors and scientists that know and have known for years that the healthcare industry treats symptoms for profits and is NOT the healing arts it takes the hippocratic oath for. Not even close. No courage!

    No Courage from those who know specialization in healthcare, while profitable, does not take the holistic (Whole Body) approach the body needs as the body is a part of the whole and what ONE does to ONE part of the body, effects the others. No Courage.

    No courage by the scientists that know pharma and toxins, and 5G electromagnetic waves diminish the immune system that is the most powerful system for healthcare and they stand by and do and say nothing. No courage.

    “Freedom requires Courage!” – ONE

    If you did not know that, you just heard it here.

    No courage from citizens who let others do their thinking for them.and will follows rules that violate critical thinking, common sense. Those Who identify with Dempublicans or Republocrats when the results are always the same.

    Those who do not realize that there is but ONE party, and they ain’t in it. No Courage. These are the worst sort of cowards. Cowards who consent in fear.

    No courage from the silent whistle blowers that never come forward and remain in the comfort of their anonymity while so many others put it all on the line. No courage.

    No Courage from the Artists who no longer speak truth to power as they did in the past, that created an energy to lead the charge that inspired others. No courage from the artists who have allowed Corporate Welfare entitleds to run their arts organizations into the ground again and again. Stifling their revolutionary/innovative voices. Shame. No Courage!

    Americans have no courage as they allow ANY old fear monger take their constitutionally protected civil and human rights away without a fight or so much as a whimper. No courage!

    The Free often Fight alone! That is called Courage! – ONE

    • Greg, I sat this one out because I saw what you are saying when it began one & half year ago.
      I have lived in peace the last year & half, while having to watch these fools while I've been out unmasked.
      It doesn't matter what you or I try to say, they only hear "what the tickling ear wants to hear."
      Reminds me of the "Harvesting of the Wheat from the Chaff."

  2. Wonderful post, thank you, Derek and Katharina! Personally, sensing the pressure, the mood that is in the air, as if it's more dense, causing my inhale of air to be shallow at times, I do know a little about the planetary constellations in the coming weeks, in agreement with what's mentioned about this subject in Cobra's recent update, I believe that we are POSSIBLY heading towards a peak of violence and deceit. Both may show up or be clipped in the bud, so to speak, depending on the courage that is recommended in this post, illustrated by the image of a dark underground space.

    This video is presented by Esoteric Sky, astrologer + To me he's someone who weaves his words, that flow out of him as if with a life of their own, spun into threads for those who can" get his drift".

    "Insights on the month of August 2021 including general intuitive messages and comprehensive astrology mapping"

    Notice, at the 12th minute of Sky's presentation, where he says:
    "In a place where the mind does not have to be where the chaos is".

    Be compassionate with yourself, when in a hurry… sit down and breathe… go slow like a turtle whose destination is firmly etched on it's mind's eye, moving over the land as if swimming in it 😉
    At times, be with yourself like a fish in the water, as we're used to say in our Hol(low)land.

    Today, August 9th, we're having terrible hurricane-like winds, the trees bending wildly, with hail, thunderstorms, like right now, the clouds are bursting! A strange summer it is, that doesn't really feel like a summer, with flooding in county Limburg, the south of our country, happening in July instead of autumn. The season when normally the rivers Rhine, Meuse and IJssel are at risk of rising beyond their boundaries.

    I've seen incredible dark grey skies on one side, and the sun on the other side, these last days. As if it's meant to be emphasized that we're living with contrasts. Both in the same sky! It's all great beauty for making pictures!!


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