Something different for this post.  Poetry provided by Kenneth David Peaker.  If you like this let us know and we can post more.  It is important to keep your creativity and attention on things other than the Sh*t show that continues to take the center of our lives.


this the land of wolves

pristine white cracks jagged sharp

a haloed hazen sun cuts a bitter cold brazen

bares a windswept sketch of sparkling crystals dancing nature’s vistas

endless blinding brilliance and stinging raw tamed within her engineered frame

deceiving perceptions not soft and easy to distant emerald forest domain


pristine white cracks jagged sharp

startling freshness vivid breathless rugged out of reach mountain peaks

these majestic scale an azure sky so severe blue dry soft cirrus dying to survive

a valley’s naked beauty so powerful formidable granting transcendent wordless awe

whereabouts does one place one a lonely moment panic peril she felt foresaw

pristine white cracks jagged sharp

a humility bowing straining attests to down-to-earth resolute nourished and maintained

i’ve done well to come so far gasping gasps so hard misleading such difficult terrain

emerald forest nearer shimmering there hope glimmers maybe not so far from home

still meters though in the thousands though belie such quick regard


pristine white cracks jagged sharp

pushing pushing patience her frosted breath rhythm one single step a time

note the stride perchance it be grass golden shooting free or perchance snow pristine white

cracking jagged sharp she foothill summits pausing perceiving paths backwards and remain

silence… broken heavy crust presents more smooth in thoughtful retrospect despite



faint bough breakings on occasion drift the gusty crystal laden wind

reminding her forward emerald forest exertions one last expanse and time

thereupon chancing on a chilling blood-soaked killing trail

false her comfort her reminisce forest ghosts stalk stealthily all and all of this


she falters, yes, between now and yes and somehow something else

fierce shrewd packs forest track traverse the crust ending ram and buck and many she doe dear

the apex predator able encircling the learned nimble once thought so carefully fraught with care

this the land of wolves a never again forgotten fear






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  1. To Kenneth David Peaker and anyone else it may concern:

    If you want to improve your skill in poetry, or if you want simply to read poetry that the Technocratic and Communist Camps don't want you or anyone else to see, then the website and publications made by The Society of Classical Poets may be for you.


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