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This post is to debunk those who state that the Covid vaccine is the cause of the decrease in Covid cases and deaths earlier this year in the United States.  I will use official, corporate media statistics.  Note that even when using officially accepted corporate media statistics, I can still debunk the Covid vaccine.

Here is the graph of the progression of vaccines for the United States.  I will be using February 15, 2021 as a good time stamp in relation to the graphs that follow for Covid cases and deaths.  People started getting vaccinated in the United States mid-December, 2020.  On February 15, 2021, there was only 8.2% coverage.  (These images can be clicked and downloaded for a larger view.)


The maximum number of daily cases was on January 8, 2021:




After January 8, 2021, as a net whole, cases began to dramatically decline.  Here is the number of daily cases for February 15, down from 304,532 daily cases on January 8 to 53,111:



How can Covid cases go down that quickly when by the date of February 15, 2021, there was only 8.2% vaccine coverage?  That’s a statistical impossibility.  Plus, in January, when the cases started to dramatically go down in the U.S, there was far less than 8.2% coverage for the entire country.

Let’s take a look at daily Covid deaths now for the U.S.  Here’s the peak of Covid deaths on January 12, at 4,464:


On February 15, Covid deaths went down to 1,004:

This steep decline in Covid deaths cannot be accounted for by the vaccine, because the entire country had less than 10% coverage in mid-February.  It would take far more vaccine coverage than 8.2% to be able to make this dramatic of a decline in Covid deaths.  Before the delta variant, the official vaccine tracking website stated that it takes a very high vaccine coverage to cause a significant decline in Covid cases (and thus deaths).  Yet, Covid was significantly declining long before vaccine coverage gained any significant percentage.

The question then would be, what actually made the numbers go down?  On January 20, 2021, the WHO changed the PCR cycles per second to have less false positives.  This is not far off from January 8, when Covid cases began to dramatically decline.  The numbers therefore show that it was not the vaccine that caused a dramatic decline in the officially documented numbers for Covid cases and deaths, but it was instead the changes that were made to the PCR testing.

The current casedemic with the delta variant will analyzed in the future when more information becomes available.  Regarding the current increase in daily cases though, this can obviously be stated: As daily cases rise once again, but daily deaths still remain under 500, the mortality of Covid keeps getting lower and lower with time, even lower than it was previously.

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  1. Thank you, Starlight! That's a great job done, even including typos. Yes, a wider audience is becoming awake to the factual truth. I'm sharing your post with a Dutch political party, advocates, and an underground "vrijbuiter" group (vrijbuiter = Dutch for freedom fighter) who chooses to invest in health instead of in dis-ease and fear. With a health coach/dentist and a lawyer as founders.

    So far, this group is presenting the test results of antibody tests, organized between March and August this year, to the Royal Institute of Health and Environment in the Netherlands. Giving us citizens the right to take care of our own health, by self-tests and antibody testing, is an investment in health. There's no need for a vaccine when antibodies are present in one's blood.

    Lately, I've been told that many youngsters who crave for attending dance parties, and other forms of socializing, have figured out that drinking a glass of Coca Cola right before a PCR-test, is a guarantee for a negative test result. I do know that there's a video gone viral, where someone has tested Coca Cola with a PCR-test and that the result was positive. This joke is used to prove that antivaxxers are crazy, using false reports. The same tests are done on apple-mash, and some vegetables, showing a positive PCR-test result. It's hilarious, but it feeds the opinion of vaxxers, instead of sobering.

    When I'm talking with people who tell me that they've recovered from C-19, and are tested with confirmation of antibodies in their blood, and I make my remark that vaccination isn't necessary when antibodies are found in one's blood, their standard answer is "Yeah, but now I can….
    you'll understand what can be filled in on the dots, isn't it? The argument of "Restored freedom of participation in social events, work, travelling" is an example of how the masses are fooled.

    Wouldn't it be great when we can prove good health as convincing as proving bad health aka infection and all the following nonsense in the present pandemonium?

    I'm sitting on eggs, haha, brooding on this. It's knowing the facts, being familiar with authorities manners in communication, finding a way to use words in such a way that realization dawns in the reader without a shadow of a doubt.

    I'm envisioning this moment in time, even without an impact on my doing, imagining myself as the one saving the world on my own. Uhmmm. I'm no fool, observing the dawning of this collective realisation in humanity, assisted by those who present the nudges and factual evidence.

    At times, dropping a casual note in someone's presence works wonders. Many of us seem to need a slow cooking of that what's obvious in the end, but too complex to grasp in earlier stages of this dawning. The manual for our awakening isn't present in the realm of words, I believe. But words can be a means to help moving us forwards, when something is touched within us that has no name.
    What am I saying!!?? 🧙‍♀️👍💜

    • Devon, thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad that my article maybe helped create positive change!

      I was baffled a few months ago when a fellow employee who had already gotten covid also got the vaccine. The propaganda out there is so manipulative, but people are indeed waking up to this!

      The something that is touched within that has no name is perhaps I Am presence. I consider myself one of the noisiest people online because I do so much writing and commenting, but perhaps it's constructive noise because I access the I Am that is within, which unlocks hidden insights and potential. Ideas basically just come to me out of nowhere in a flash, and then I write them down. Everyone has this hidden potential within, which is why Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now has become my favorite book. I can read it over and over and I see new insights each time!

      There's also a feeling that goes go beyond words from this nameless something. There's so much to this! All the best!

  2. I made a couple typos in the article but people get the idea. It's great to see this get a wider audience; thank you!

    I divided the total deaths by total cases for the US last year to find a number of 2.5% for mortality. Now because of all the cases, the number is down to around 1.8% lol! And that's just their 'confirmed' cases. Actual cases are said to be up to 10 times higher or even more. At 10x higher actual cases, this brings the current mortality down to under 1/5 of 1%.

    • Also, many people who were labeled as dying from covid died of other causes, but 'tested positive' for covid, so were labeled as covid deaths. There's so much work that went into tricking the surface population! An lengthy book could be written about all the different methods that were employed!


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