A gift to humanity

By Katharina Bless

Something that just “hit” me when I looked at that chart is the position of the sun, beside being on the MC, the degrees: 11°15’55” …. 111 555 and looking into numerology for a moment here, is giving an interesting information that resonates with the chart. The “angel number” 111 represents the divine within, the ability to manifest and spiritual awakening. This number is telling that we manifest now even faster and stronger what we think. We need to be aware and careful now with our thoughts and statements that say “I am…..” because it is the way how we are materializing. If you say for example “I am sick and tired of…” you manifest to be sick and tired. Let that sink in. Every “I am” statement is a order to manifest and make it that you are this. You are what you say that you are! Every statement that you reinforce that “it is so” receives this energy to manifest.

The 555 is a number that announces changes, be on the lookout for a miracle, a answer of prayers! A symbol of grace and kindness and angelic guidance. This is an indication that the changes are happening and signs out there are visible. More and more people start to wake up and change. Change their mind and behavior and at the same time start to connect more and more with their Divine Self. The number 5 is a representing Venus. Reinforced 3 times is very powerful and you can see that Venus is involved in the blue triangle: a great gift.

It includes Saturn and gifts involving Saturn are often not seen as a gift. But think about how many times in life something seeming bade ended it a very good thing? For example loosing a job finally brings the positive changes that one had not the courage to implement because of “it’s complicated….” and other reasons. Mostly that it is very difficult to break out of habit and all around you hold you back. They don’t want “different”! Different is dangerous!!ull Moon Reading 22 Aug 21

The Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with ret Jupiter in Capricorn at IC and the Sun in Leo, huge confrontation the very human being can’t avoid is very clearly visible. The soul was on a journey through the unclothed facts that help us to come closer to the truth. Retrograde Jupiter is not done yet with ripping the camouflage off things so we can see what really is going on.

The Sun in it’s own sign calls for you to understand that you are not a slave and not a plaything for a certain elite. With also Mercury and Mars in Leo, it is a loud call to open your eyes and see. The trine connecting ret Uranus is again a gift that most can’t see as a gift. But will will confront you and if you listen, you will have great insights and if you try to avoid it, the same insights might hit you in form of events.

With the six retrograde planets we have in the moment, it looks like there is even deeper digging and only that will bring results. After Jupiter is turning direct we’ll see more palpable results. But now a lot more people have started to dig and massive movements are building.

Like in Russia the “green passport” was only 3 weeks working. All restaurants had to ask for it, so all the restaurants were empty and the most astonishing thing: the ones with and without Quaxine were standing together! Here an image of a little “story” I received this morning and just translated it:

With the half square from Moon/Jupiter to ret Chiron in opposition to Venus in Virgo, one cusp of the blue triangle in 11th house indicates that the healing has has to do with the energy of Venus, the energy of love, compassion and also change, number 5. The North Node is telling us there is no way to stay where we are.

If I include the aspect to the South Node in this chart, the place of habit, it is quite interesting that humanity seems to be so used to sacrifices and being controlled, that those with not so strong willpower will not be able to out of this position. This is very clear if you look what is happening in the world.

The Triangle with the two sextile we call a “dragon” figure and it’s kind of a “reward” constellation that bring an opportunity of overcoming obstacles more easy. Now it is up to every one which road to go.

The Mars/Mercury opposition to ret Neptune indicates that often the split goes right through families and issues of miscommunications are more frequently. Accept that every one has already chosen the path and don’t need rescue… even if you might think so. But you have not “walked in their shoes”, therefore it not for any other person to decide!

The split is becoming more and more obvious and this forces us to become more tolerant and accept if someone choose another path. But it does not say that we have to go to rescue anybody! Each soul has already decided which way to go and we have to wait out the storm and be prepared.

Become the strong individual and proudly walk as a human being here, aware of the divine connection! Listen to your inspiration and intuition, use kinesiology and every thing you have at your disposal that helps you so see. It does look different for different people. But it all leads to the same goal!

Many blessings,

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