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Dear Light forces,
Greeting from Chinese Light worker group.
We have launched a voting activity for imploring the Galaxy Alliance to intervene in the surface situation as soon as possible. The current number of voters is over 1000. We hope to get your support and encouragement, and so boost the number of voters.
We need to actively and strongly express our willingness: call on the Galaxy Alliance to intervene in the surface situation as soon as possible, and end the anomaly and all suffering on the earth as soon as possible! Start the Event as soon as possible and liberate the earth!
The voting URL is as below:
We need to actively and strongly express our willingness: Calling for the Galaxy Alliance to intervene in the surface situation of Earth as soon as possible, ending the anomaly and all suffering on the Earth as soon as possible! Start the Event as soon as possible and liberate the earth!
In the past, many committees inside the Galactic Alliance didn’t have a unified opinion on how to liberate the Earth. There are various objections to the liberation of the Earth within the Galactic Alliance:
Cobra 2021.7.13:
(The following is an excerpt from the above link)
There is an analysis behind the part of interfering with humans. There exists several views. Some races believe that humans need to improve themselves, awaken, improve the surrounding environment, and show a strong willingness to raise their collective consciousness before they should intervene and give direct help.
In addition, some other races believe that if they directly interfere with human beings and affairs on the surface at this moment, it will have a huge impact on human social cognition. It requires human beings to prepare first. At present, they feel that humans are not ready to accept information such as the disclosure of alien civilizations.
Moreover, some races believe that humans have not taken the initiative to ask for help and so they should not directly interfere. These are like parents and children. Children themselves have free will to choose continuing their own way to grow, or ask their parents to directly assist and give guidance.
Simis and other high-level commanders took some actions last week. Now the Galactic Alliance has unanimously agreed to significantly intervene in the surface situation when the time is right. There is currently no relevant information that can be disclosed, but if the Cabal crosses a certain red line, the Galactic Alliance will intervene in the surface world earlier, and their strikes will become heavier.
Cobra 2021.7.13
I hope that the Galactic Alliance will involve in the surface situation as soon as possible. The anomaly and all the sufferings of the earth will be ended as soon as possible, and the event will be initiated as soon as possible. The Earth humans and star-seeds who liberate the Earth, please participate in this vote!
You can also encourage more people to vote. The greater the number, the greater the power! The Galactic Alliance will know our vote and willingness!

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  1. Hello my friend, after looking at this petition to sign, I noticed that it was different
    than any other petition, particularly the petition of a few years ago on the Galactic Federation.
    According to the article of Cobra, he said the Light Forces have been doing lots of clean up
    on the other side, so things may not be quite ready, I am sure the Light Forces will know
    when things are ready for them to intervene. I believe they will do what right at the right
    time for all on earth. I don't believe it will be a long time according to what's going on
    earth, however we do have to have patience, and do our internal and external work.
    Sincerely ED

  2. if you like that people sign, will be nice to have a English version, a language more popular than Chines with all respect for it

  3. i do not understand this Language and where would i sign
    i know for a fact that there are long meetings happen
    in several places i also know for a fact that appeals for help
    have been placed several times and in a formal way
    please make it more clear what we really sign and
    thank you

  4. I have written a letter to the Galactic Federation and Alliances outlining the manipulative behavior of the more negative energies in many forms. I also outlined their own laws of hands off approach for human on this Earth plane has not been completely honest as well, as we know more negative ETs have been the directors of the negative humans.
    So therefore, they have been hands on. I also discussed the many laws broken and abused by the officials they see in charge of us humans. That the conditioning and maliciousness has been too long. I requested that they realize the impact on the greater whole than the few, whom they perceive as in charge. I was clear that it was not consensual. We, humans did not consent to being lied to, manipulated, and treaties broken.
    I have not received a response as of yet.

    May love and light rain down and may love and light reign.

  5. Hello dear! Great idea!!! YES YES YES! They must intervene immediately! I cannot sign the petition. When scanning the QR code, an error is written, the page was not found! You can go through these registrations somewhere else! My answer is yes!!!! Thanks! Inna


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