Most people are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program which plans to depopulate 95% of the world.

The name of this plan is Agenda 21, and it was developed by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development, as part of a sustainability policy.

According to the United Nations website, Agenda 21 is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, government, and major groups, in every area in which humans have impact on the environment”.

To read about Agenda 21 click here,

The UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: The Blueprint For Global Enslavement


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  1. Agenda 21 was presented by the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development in 1992. The full text of Agenda 21 was made public at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), held in Rio de Janeiro on 13 June 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt the program. The final text was the result of drafting, consultation, and negotiation, beginning in 1989 and culminating at the two-week conference.

    The entire Agenda 21 document is present for free online, a PDF download. Since that date, numerous investigators have chewed on it, studied the identity of its designers. Dr T. Eric Karlstrom presents his research here:

    A woman who courageously discussed, and exposed Agenda 21 for what it truly is, is Rosa Koire.
    Here she is in "The Greater Reset Activation The Agora":

    This is one of the last videos with Rosa Koire's voice. April 2021:
    UN NGOs creating stealth Global Governance.
    Rosa Koire's words: "Awareness is the first step in the Resistance"

    Mind the terms sustainable-green-climate change-agenda 21-World Economic Forum- Transition Network (yes, even that positive goodwill showing organisation) Initially Transition Town Totnes was founded, in 2006, which grew into a worldwide Transition Network in 2007. This initiative originates from the idea, that citizens in our world should envision, create, and sustain communal oriented events, initiatives, and educational programs, all intended to offer each individual citizen a sense of self-reliance combined with a contribution to a sustainable world where people strive for well being, and ecological quality, building natural homes, planting and distributing organic seeds, manage wildlife, recycle plastic, tins, paper and making compost for the soil of allotments.

    Rob Hopkins, the spokesman of Transition Network, deleted my posts and comments about Agenda 21 in the community-members' pages, saying that Agenda 21 was a fantasy and fairy tale. That was proof of a very naive attitude and willful ignorance, to me. As far as the British TN-members in communities behaved, and showed up in their practical work, apart from that famous complacency, so very British, pretending to not be part of conditions that are caused by their own doing, it was mainly talk and praise of attempts, based on fear and a controlling eye on each other.

    Often, with a breaking of contact in tow when the consensus reality (of Totnes) wasn't shared. I've known a woman who freaked out in an hysterical reaction, after hearing my view on blond Greta, the ambassador of a dying planet, caused by a cancer called humanity, breathing out destructive Co2. Have you ever asked yourself why wearing a mask compromises our breathing, and forces us to inhale our own Co2?

    This is the channel with videos about Economics of Sustainability:

    Rosa Koire died suddenly, of lung cancer, last May 2021. She was a true warrior, and great teacher.
    Her book "Behind the Green Mask" is here:


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