Yea, the title is provocative!

We had our fill of political division, but this clip reminds us that the entire political system likely remains a complete farce, and was never really in danger of losing its hold of the power structure.  Is it really a surprise?  Are you still convinced that Trump is going to save us?  If nothing else, this interview from raises a lot of interesting here before unknown information.

Watch here:

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  1. December 2021 .Global Peace & Restoration Consortium and Member States Ratified In the Hall Of Records Has Officially Replaced The United Nations Which Has No Charter.People Of Fiji , Military and Law Enforcement Fully On Board First
    Order By Global Health & Wellness Consortium Ratified In the Hall Of Records which has Replaced the WHO which has no Charter ,"ALL Vaccines Announced Biological Weapons and Must be Destroyed Immediately" !
    Global Intelligence Agency is Freezing ,Bank accounts of Organizations & Entities Globally Mandating the Vaccines !! Please Share !

  2. I have completely jumped off the Trump train. When he announced Operation Warp Speed, I had a very visceral reaction. I was glad he was booed in Alabama when he was telling people to get vaccinated despite all the maimed and dead secondary to the killer jab. What part of exterminate yourself don't you, folks, understand? Are you aware of the NWO's genocidal agenda? I read and listen to everything even when I do not agree with certain sources. Even Patriot Patel's Devolution Series cannot begin to rationalize Trump's moves. We are being slow-walked to our slaughter. The other most common excuse for what is being allowed to happen is to give the sheep time to wake up. How many deaths exactly before Trump will consider that there are enough awakened sheep? At what point do you finally acknowledge that the bus is never coming? Berating others, name-calling, etc. are so uncalled for just because people are disagreeing with Trump supporters who think he will save the day. Learn to agree to disagree. These days Kim Goguen makes more sense than anyone. Oh, yes, I have read all the negative things said and written about her. I read everything I can get my hands on. Now that I am retired from our healthcare cartel, I have nothing to do but read. Truth-tellers, as history shows, were and are never sanctified. They are usually crucified. For reality check, it is also good to listen to the 1000 plus whistleblower interviews on Project Camelot. I don't believe all of them, but they will make you realize that our life is not as we think it is. Far from it.

  3. This was meant to tear you away from GOD by SATAN. Thats simple.
    But I will not support this website thats for sure.
    folks pipe up during WWIII like they know how to approach it. smarter than President Trump and The "Q" team.

  4. I am grateful for you exposing some truths .
    I know President trump has done and passed things that are infiriating.
    The Evil Satanic pedos that have dug into this planet, have had control for thousands of years.
    Our beloved President is the WORLD LEADER now. He will install N.E.S.A.R.A. in USA and G.E.S.A.R.A. around the globe. Big job.
    He and "Q" team had decided to take back our planet, at the same time they were running their game.
    If folks took vaccines that their journey. Besides do you know anyne else that has done so much for us and will kick pedos off the planet?
    There isnt anyone else. You see anyone else stepping up to the save america plight?
    If some one else tells you to take a unknown jab and you do, shame in you.
    He knows the smart ones wont touch it. Get fired collect unemployment. Stay away from the jab.
    Its that simple.
    It is the enemys way of depopulation. Third world war isnt easy.
    You folks that think you should influence folks away from him better be willing to fight the fight or shut it down.
    You give silly dates in a war against SATAN.

    I feel your lost and need to pray for your wits to come back.

    Good luck.

  5. The biggest mystery to me is: Why are Betsy and Thomas saying that Trump was a big supporter of rushing out this experimental "vaccine" as if this is a new shocking revelation. Everyone in the world new that as it was happening. "Operation Warpspeed" wasn't a big secret. It was headline news. Yes, the documents underlying how he did it are mildly interesting, but the fact that Trump was a key player in the global genocide that is underway was obvious from the start. It was also obvious that Trump did absolutely nothing to stop the theft of the 2020 election, even though he had all the power he needed to do so. Nor did he fire the swamp generals he now complains about, nor any other swamp creatures. In fact, he appointed mostly swamp creatures to run his administration. None of this is news. It's been in our face for years. So, yes, of course, duh, Trump is a traitor.

    • Explain why its garbage?
      Trump signed an EO a few months before Covid that states he wanted warp speed development for Flu vaccines, claiming new technology was needed.
      The timing is quite suspicious.
      Trump did surround himself with Globalist traitors and DC swamp creatures and that is a fact.

    • You have established your opinion Jake, twice.
      But you dont provide any details to why you claim its garbage.
      Its not garbage Jake, Trump is a British pilgrim of some sort.
      They have bailed him out too many times for him Not to be.
      Open you eyes


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