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Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive awakening we’re witnessing throughout the world as huge blowback occurs against the vaccine narrative as restaurants go under for enforcing jab mandates and government ministries investigate the dangers of the vaccine.
The backlash is growing in a large way as millions choose to ignore the tyrannical dictates of pharma owned government and eugenics agendas.
As people from the FDA step down over booster shots and the New York Health Commissioner repeals mask mandates for unjabbed people all while Harvard epidemiologists sound the alarm on the jab and the CDC admits that you’re more likely to get sick in a roundabout sort of way from the jab, New York City restaurants are putting up signs saying they don’t discriminate against the unjabbed.
Despite this, Australia is calling for unjabbed people to be “locked out” of the healthcare system and pushing forward the narrative that people will need endless jabs until the end of time. In Paris, police were seen on video viscously beating a woman for walking in a mall without a jab. This isn’t about safety. It’s about control. Not just control… This is a genocide event. A global human sacrifice ritual.

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  1. There are some possibilities that come to mind:

    It's possible that they won't isolate the coronavirus because the coronavirus is a modified, more severe version of the flu virus. This modified version of the flu virus is not significantly worse than the flu, but is bad enough to cause more deaths than usual, but certainly not even close to being bad enough to be called a plague and so forth. Thus, it's the disinformation element in the alternative media to state that Covid doesn't exist, as this is a purposely incomplete statement. Technically, it could be argued that the Covid being blamed for all the cases and deaths does not exist. However, saying there's no virus at all helps provide legal protection for the negative elites for connections to Wuhan lab funding. If there's no Covid, then there's no such thing as the negative elites funding Wuhan labs. However, the negative elites indeed did fund Wuhan labs, but it was a modified flu virus that was created, as were all subsequent variants. Also, this would mean that PCR testing was rigged to detect modified strains of the flu virus and then call it Covid, and to give false positives.

    Again, I'm stating that the above is a possibility. One thing's for certain: There needs to be absolute accuracy regarding "Covid" to be able to truly defeat what's being pushed.


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