From Dan Astin-Gregory and suggested viewing by PFC members Stella and Monica:

Does it sometimes feel like you’re surrounded by people who’ve been hypnotised in some way? Well, maybe you are. My guest tonight is Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and his observations over the past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell. Except it’s not actually a spell, of course: the term for it is ‘mass formation’ and right now it’s manifesting as a psychological response — not unlike hypnosis — to the unrelenting, single-focus campaign of fear to which we have all been subjected. Join me at 5pm when I will explore with Mattias what triggers and sustains this mass response, where it could ultimately lead us, why a minority somehow manages to remain unaffected, and whether there’s anything we can collectively do to break the spell before it’s too late.

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  1. Hello rachel469. That's a clear and spit spot comment of yours. Like you, I have a very curious and open mind and a lot of common sense. Although my sisters believe that everything I hear or read is immediately factual and true for me. While they express an imprinting that keeps them in exactly that mode. The pot accuses the kettle of being black, as we say in my country.

    Their argument, that our government, Dutch, is ordained with the blessing of God (The Netherlands once were church-loyal until halfway last century) and that "they" try to do their very best to govern…. ahem… how pathetic that sounds!! goes one ear in and the other ear out. I've decided to not discuss this subject unless they begin to ask questions, and show interest in my views.

    I'm not throwing my views on them, not only for the risk of losing contact, but also because it's not helpful AT ALL, to cause shock, even disbelief due to shock. I'm not allowed by my conscience. Isn't it quite a learning curve, to allow others to believe what they choose, or copy from the beliefs of others? And be at ease with that as well? I've had some training of that nature all of my life, and it serves me well now. I have my moments, no doubt, when someone shuts the door… affected by distress, or fear, as if saying "I'm not at home!"

    So many are slaves to the desire to share a consensus reality with the need to belong, even when the reality is a mirage, hypnosis. But I'm not choosing to look down on them with contempt. Their moment of inner disclosure will come. All in good timing, to each his/her own. Right now, I believe we're advised to act like the hobbits, the chosen hairy footed ones, Bilbo Balings, and Frodo, true to their word of promise.

    Slaying the dragon in its lair, under the Lonely Mountain, the beast that hides the gold under its belly, guarding it with the fire of its flames. To me, the dragon represents the instinctual aspect in our inner dungeon where unconsciousness is located, with obedience to impulse, fear or heroism.

    Untamed, it can and does destroy much with its flames of fury, in defence of treasures that lay hidden, guarding it with all its power. Once the dragon is tamed, for I believe the inner dragon should live in its proper role, the treasures are shown, representing the light and nobility of higher levels of consciousness, entering the power of will, the compassion in the heart, the voice of truth and authenticity, and the doorway used by inner eye and inner ear, to the connection with the higher self, all gathered in one flow of life force energy between the centre of planet Earth and the Cosmic centre. The taming of the dragon is illustrated also by Archangel Michael, who uses his javelin to keep the dragon under control, not touching it.

    As I perceive the learning curve, laid out, at least, for me to take, it's the taming of our inner dragon that will raise our consciousness in a balanced manner, holding on to our grounding, our physical form, with our presence on planet Earth's surface. All fiery and lively aspects, innate partners within 3D living conditions, serve a purpose when our inner observer is senior to their presence, at work.
    This choice requires our effort to bring duality consciousness to a closure, not by an act of will, but by the illuminated heart that knows forgiveness, toward oneself and toward the world out there.

    Here's the movie "The Hobbit" Tolkien's story of Bilbo entering the lair of Smaug, the dragon, in order to recover the Arkenstone, a precious object. The purpose of this Quest is to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. In the company of thirteen dwarves and the wizard Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen), Bilbo enters the Lonely Mountain in possession of Gollum's "precious" ring and his keen blade, Sting. (it's a rented video, lasting 4 weeks from now, for you to watch.
    I hope)

  2. It should be called mass malformation because common sense and intelligent perceptive thinking and concluding has been warped! I knew straight away from day one I did not believe about this pandemic for even one second of time. I had been doing a lot of research for a long time about these people and what their intentions were. It all came under the blueprint of AGENDA 21 EUGENICS PROGRAMME and their goals which is a NAZI SATANIC creation. So I was expecting them to make their move. Then I looked out of the window I did not see people falling down dead. I also know that had their been a pandemic the intelligent thing to do is not to terrify the population by constantly repeating terrifying statements this is brainwashing by airways it reaches lots of people. Despite there being no evidence in reality of mass death and illness and despite UK posting that this so called virus was not a threat before the government sanctioned emergency powers which is an official report it is not dangerous nothing to worry about and everything from there became more and more ridiculous. It is clearly the TV and electro magnetic waves hypnotising and brainwashing the public. I have a very curious and open mind and a lot of common sense I am not willing to wet my pants over a lot of unconvincing hearsay. I would have to dig deep and the more I discovered the more I realised I was right it was a fraudulent and we all know why. Switch of the TV and Covid 19 does not exist just a lot of mad brainwashed zombies with masks on. I blame the media used by the hijacked criminal governments and hijacked medical establishment . Education is empowering if you can get them to read watch or listen.


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