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Corey Goode stated that other civilizations were waiting on Ets to save them from the Negative Elites and their Minions (NEMs) who were enslaving them. The more they waited, the worse matters became. These civilizations then learned that they themselves had to overthrow the NEMs, and that talk of positive Et intervention was propaganda designed by the NEMs to cause complacency and inaction. These civilizations then successfully removed the NEMs from their worlds by their own hand. Earth’s current situation is probably the same as these other civilizations.

Here is Corey Goode’s latest video. I highly suggest watching it and taking it into strong consideration:

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  1. The day Corey Goode or any of his annoying friends like Wilcock will say ((( IT IS THE JEWS ))) then we can begin a conversation… in the meantime "show mw your aliens or f#$%^ of" your family and friends were not exterminated systematically by these people.

    Corey Gode still blames "MUH NAZIS REPTILIANS" for anything when Hitler and the national socialists reqiested 7 times peace, and were the only one to arrest a (((ROTSCHILD))).

    I have enough of larpers and their nonsense.
    Our people died and everyday friends and families are killed by Jews.
    The CEO OF PFIZER IS A JEW, call these folks for what they are.

  2. Thank you, Starry Light, for this contribution. The sync with The Law of One material, is very clear to me, although I appreciate Corey's own words more than David Wilcock's words, on that material.

    David is a Peter Pan persona to me, and often a spoiled arrogant prick, especially to his wife. Not that I ignore his qualities, but I would gladly give him a good spanking, or pull his ears hard, ha! 😆

    The Ascension Chronicles, a picture book with Corey's life story is a stunning work of art, and very educational, to me.

    Alas… on with the day, my kittens need training, playing outside soon, without using a leash. They're turning the place upside down, 3 months old. 😁

  3. I am in one of the most difficult positions in my life because intel is getting to be more adversarial than ever before. Now much of Corey Goode's intel is in direct opposition to the 2012portal blog's intel. There are those who say not to get lost in the intel, yet it's absolutely essential to know some very basic… things, such as the true state of the solar system, and which Ets are AI and which Ets are not AI. Corey Goode's part 2 states that the tall Nordics (with a picture of a Pleiadian in the video) answer to the AI God, lol! This is becoming quite a nasty situation.

    I want to be on the right side of things, but everyone sounds so convincing. There are other Et contactees I haven't even mentioned who are also very convincing. They can't all be right though.

    Regarding Corey Goode and the 2012portal blog, I could work with both opposing realities. This entails encouraging the surface population to stand up for themselves as though there will be no positive Et intervention, but also promoting the 2012portal petition and meditation for Et intervention. That's kind of what I've been doing.

    What does my intuition tell me to do? My intuition tells me that, for my own sanity, I need to take a huge step back from all this because there's no way to know who's telling the truth anymore. Or, I'll have to only rely on my extrasensory abilities to tell me what's real, which means no more looking at any Et intel. My intuition and extrasensory abilities will have to become my only source of intel.

    I don't want to just sit on the sidelines, but I don't know which side is authentic. They can all say they are the only ones telling the truth, but I only have their word to go on. Photos and videos don't count anymore. Everything can be "deep faked" (computer animated to be indistinguishable from reality) and photoshopped to appear real, and there is always project Blue Beam.

    Perhaps intel outlets who take offense to me wanting to scrutinize them and find their true authenticity – perhaps this is a red flag that they are insincere?

    Sorry for being such a 'wild card,' being all over the place with what I support. One day I'm 'this over here,' and the next day, completely something else.

    • My conclusion is this:

      Some may think that supporting the 2012portal meditation and petition is just giving up our own power and relying only on Ets to save us. This is not the case. We can stand up for ourselves and stand on our own two feet and work with First Contact at the same time. These two aspects don't have to be in opposition. I don't see the surface population as being helpless without Ets, and the surface population should never be in the position of being helpless without Ets. No one is helpless. It's entirely possible for the surface population to own their own power and join the Galactic Family at the same time.

  4. Everything is proceeding just as the Book of Enoch and Indigenous Prophecies foretold.

    The wicked are being forced to shut down their experiment, clean up their mess and leave the planet.

    Babylon is falling!
    Babylon is falling!
    Babylon is falling!

    New International Version
    “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore—Revelation 18:11
    Global Shipping In Crisis: World Leaders Ignoring The S.O.S.

    These 3 "mind blowing predictions" are actually telling you how the Son of Man and his armies are escorting the wicked off the planet.

    Jeff Bezos doesn't care about us, he is "lifting" corporation and industry off the planet and moving it to space because the Good ETs are evicting them from this planet!

    Michio Kaku: 3 mind-blowing predictions about the future | Big Think

    The False Narrative about history is collapsing and cannot withstand logical scrutiny.

    Is the house of history built on foundations of sand? | Graham Hancock | TEDxReading

    The false cosmology and physics is also collapsing because Gentiles refused to accept indigenous people’s version of cosmology. The indigenous have always said time is cyclical and that time and space are one and the same. But White Supremacy would not listen and learn. Now it’s science of cosmology is collapsing and they must start all over.

    Einstein's Theory Of Relativity
    Must Be Rewritten

    The idea for vaccines came from Onesimus the slave who told a settler colonial slave holder how vaccines worked! But they delete this in comments when they brag about their medical achievements.

    Nothing made as part of this culture is sustainable or in harmony with the earth because the Fallen Angels designed it to be this way.

    No other species intentionally destroys itself and the earth, which proves the ‘people’ running this planet have been programmed by malevolent ETs.

    What modern society calls “innovation” and “industry” is what the malevolent ETs (FALLEN ANGELS) call “making humans terraform the planet on behalf of the ETs who want to take it over.”

    But, because the humans were programmed to adore their images for more than 1000 years, they are too much in love with themselves to REALIZE any of this. US Senator Beveridge placed these exact words in the record of the US Senate.

    A quote from Senator Albert J. Beveridge, speaking in the chamber of the United States Senate (1900):

    “GOD has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but VAIN AND IDLE SELF-CONTEMPLATION AND SELF-ADMIRATION. NO, HE MADE US MASTER ORGANIZERS OF THE WORLD to establish a system where chaos reigned. He has GIVEN US THE SPIRIT of progress TO OVERWHELM THE FORCES OF REACTION throughout the earth. HE HAS MADE US ADEPT IN GOVERNMENT that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night. And of all our race He has marked the American people as His chosen nation to finally lead in the redemption of the world. Record, 56 Cong. I Sess., pp. 704-712.”

    It was not GOD that made them do these things. It was the Fallen Angels masquerading as Gods. They made them organize the world so that it could be more easily destroyed. They forced self-admiration programming to promote denial of truth even if it kills them, especially if the truth comes from someone whose image does not fit in the self-admiration programming. This is how they program to self-destruct.

    Now, the earth is almost destroyed. That is why the heavenly host are here to bring an end to the Times of Gentile domination, to stop them from destroying themselves, the earth and all that is on her.

    Take a look at just one in a million ways wickedness was hidden in their “lofty and noble” organizations. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was established in 1945 as a special organization of the United Nations (About FAO, 2021). In 1946, they conducted the first World Food Survey. In 1952 they established the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), under the guise of protecting plants from pests, but the actual result was an explosion in the use of insecticides and chemicals (Unsworth, 2010). In 1957, they started a world seed program, but the actual result was an explosion of GMO seeds over the next 30 years (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 2020). In 1961, they started the Fertilizer Program and we all saw the results in “Kiss the Ground”. The FAO was established to combat the food crisis of 1945, create food security and to fight hunger. But for the past 70 years, food security to them means, securing their control over food production and distribution. It does not mean Food Sovereignty for the individual.

    While people like Klaven over at RummorMill, are blind to the cognitive dissonances of the Times of the Gentiles, so he debates the worthiness of receiving awards for creating such grandiose organization while killing the planet. And because of the programming inflicted on Gentiles by the Fallen Angels, It takes decades for Gentiles to admit to their lies.

    Gentiles will not be leaders going into the Golden Age of Peace. They must first be healed from the abuse of the Fallen Angels and cease denying the truth of the destruction they have caused. Gentiles must step aside and allow others to lead but others lack the strength and power to make that happen. The Son of Man and his armies will help Gentiles reach this understanding and escort Gentiles off the planet. You have had sufficient time to properly integrate control butt you have failed to do so. None of this is Gentiles Fault but it becomes their fault when they continue to deny the truth.

  5. So negative aliens are allowed to take over and supress until the end of time, but positive aliens aren’t allowed ( or willing? ) to help and take action against this same madness? Great system, great universe *slow clap*

    • Hello Eluned, your presumption that our world, we as humanity, needs saving by external forces is worth pondering again, I think.
      The open door on planet Earth, opened by negative forces, those beings who are maybe half human, half reptilian, or whatever program makes them slaves to them, creates this interaction with negatively oriented beings.
      Only a call for assistance, from within humanity, will result in an interaction, be it for better or for worse. I believe that humanity needs to wean off of waiting for a saviour.
      And start with becoming its own saviour. "Get off your knees", is David Icke's message, for over 20 years now. To me, that means minding my own businees in the most literal and practical way.

      Without losing my heart's working tools, I'm walking away from a sentimental trip, wanting to see my world saved, or wanting my fellow human beings saved. That's where we are still like toddlers, hanging onto mom's skirts. Grow up, choose the path of your destiny, and grow your plans like pumpkins, from seed to fruition.

      That sentimental journey is an enormous loss of energy, far better invested in practical work, building up what brings a smile and confidence.
      Building bridges where the present reality shows much separation. You are the changer, with me, and everybody else, to bring about the change you wish to see manifest in the world. You are the seed of change, don't skip that phase by calling out for a saviour. It won't bear fruit, you see? Time to start being a creator, and join the construction work, you are welcome 😉

      • You got it Devon. The journey is individual. Reconnect with God within. Discover your will becomes one with Divine Will once awakened sufficiently within. Follow that will, in the highest good, with Faith as your rock, and you shall see the golden age. It’s always been here, for those with eyes to see it. It’s always been here, for those with heart to feel it. It’s always been here, for those ready to live it.

        All the divide of “info” out there should serve but one purpose: the realization that all you have is belief. The search for truth outside you is the search for a master to control you. Realize all you think you know is just belief, and see where that inner truth takes you. 🙏

    • Read my comment above these larps need to stop. I would love to confront these people for a bit. They are poison. Just like pedo friendly Chopra who is very tight to Oprah, and Joan of God.

      The (((blend of Satanic))) controllers never ends. As a reminder Corey Gode the larper had told us and had drawn by some artist little Dinosaur / raptor like creature that lived underground with the so called (((Anshar peoples))). So if you read the book titled "The Coming Race" you will know were these idiots take their odeas.

      In the meantime Jews worldwide take power. Biden admin, CDC, Pharma, Klaus Hell Yeah Schwab, in Intel circles, and Palestinians or Yazidi (white Gnostic Iranians) and Corey Goode the retarded American larper thinks it is a joke.

      He needs people or his wife to die, killed by some Jews as usual and then the joke will end. Everything is a joke until it is not anymore.

      I do not advocate for violence against him or anybody but this bs needs to stop bc in Prison PlanetI know who is killing people. It is the Jews and it is written in their sacred books. Trump is one of them. Biden is one of them. All are Zionists. Some are conservative and other Communists.


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