Brexit hero Nigel Farage DESTROYS the EU in amazing, patriotic speech on the eve before leaving

In some ways, the British are becoming more American than the Americans. After all, Brexit hero Nigel Farage just did to the EU what our founders did to the motherland centuries ago, except WITHOUT the Revolutionary War. Farage delivered an amazing, patriotic, flag waving speech to the EU on the night before England leaves the … Read more

Cobra – Key to Freedom Meditation Update / Instructions

Key to Freedom meditation videos have been created in more than 10 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass! English: German: French: Spanish: Portuguese: Russian: Czech: Slovenian: Hungarian: Japanese: Guided audio meditation has been created in English: and French: You can learn more about White Fire … Read more


Our planet has been enduring sequences of bifurcation between the timelines that create points of divergence and frequency splitting within the lower dimensions. As the frequency split in that spectrum of that particular dimension widens, it amplifies the polarities in the spectrum of the frequencies that exist in that space and this catalyzes a variety … Read more

Alien Tech at the Vatican + The Jesuits + Archons ++

Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican I was guided to take a look at Corey Goodes blog a few days ago and the article that caught my eye was ‘Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican’ The article is simply the transcript of a discussion that David Wilcock had with his whistle-blower friend Emery … Read more

A Message to Humanity from the Blue Avians via Corey Goode

Therese Zumi here; While visiting Corey Goodes site recently I went to the Introduction page and found this message that I am sharing here because I feel that as many Lightworkers as possible ought to be aware of it. Here is what Corey tells us about the Blue Avians; Relatively recently the “SSP Alliance” was … Read more

The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz