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A large reason why the negative elites feel it is their right to exploit, enslave, and genocide the surface population is because human beings are subject to the laws of cause and effect.  Just as animals follow the laws of cause and effect with mathematical predictability, such as birds flying south for the winter, human beings also exhibit behavior that can be mathematically predicted.

Because human beings are in large part behaviorally mathematically predictable, the negative elites don’t believe human beings are sentient, because beings who simply adhere to mathematical predictability can be likened to non-sentient machines.  Thus, to the negative elites, the surface population is only a resource to be exploited, and nothing more.

Through the mainstream media, and large parts of the alternative media, the negative elites exercise considerable control over the surface population.  The negative elites know exactly which buttons to push, and exactly when to push them.  And, all too often, like clockwork, the surface population behaves in accordance to the programming of the negative elites.

Of course, most people don’t believe they are being programmed by the negative elites.  Most people believe they have some degree of free will.  Fortunately, there have been instances when the surface population has behaved in ways that defy the programming of the negative elites.  This is partly because there are also ‘those behind the scenes’ who wish for humanity to break free of the negative elites.

The negative elites see themselves as Gods because they have been able to program the surface population into being their slaves without the surface population even knowing it.  However, because of positive interference, the surface population can awaken to be masters of themselves, instead of the negative elites being their masters.  Although by being alive in the physical world we are all subject to mathematical algorithms and cause and effect, so are the negative elites.  The negative elites bleed and die just like everyone else.

Humanity is an organic machine, but is also multi-dimensional, and capable of transcending itself, going beyond its machinery.  There is the I Am Presence within humanity.  There is self-aware consciousness.  Yes, this consciousness is subject to scientific predictability, but is not limited to scientific predictability.

There is a divine spark in humanity, and the negative elites fear this.  Part of this divine spark is the impulse to reach out to the universe with a transcendental knowing of not being alone.  Let’s show ourselves and the universe that we are more than just automatons by participating in the Divine Intervention petition and meditation! 


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