Best advice in a nutshell from our friend Lorie:

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  1. I like this very quick video – Its right on point –

    The USA is experiencing it's "Pluto Return". Pluto takes 248 years to go around the celestial block. Pluto is about raw power, life/death, the subconscious, volcanoes, earthquakes, huge money "held by the many" (taxes, inheritance etc). Its therefore also connected to potentially rabid corruption, manipulation, paranoia and fear (of death). Also sexual energy and obsession. Ultimately, Pluto is about "Transformation and Self Mastery".

    Its a 5 year cycle, and we have about 12 months to go. It will still sweep closely by the 27 degree Capricorn point for part of 2023… but the really heavy juice will have been hobbled by the end of 2022.

    When it "returns", it drags all that up from the very depths of the nation. All of it. Of course, because the USA Pluto is in Capricorn – which rules authority, ID, respect…"how the world sees you" – the USA is the "Global Super Power". No other country can claim that status without Pluto in Capricorn; and I know of no other country with it. So I find it difficult to believe that the CCP can manipulate/buy the world around to their bidding into achieving that global status, merely because they want it.

    Because of that status, the whole world catches a cold when the USA sneezes. This is no different. Obviously, the whole world is now experiencing various degrees of Plutonian cleansing; which first requires the exposing of that which till now, remained hidden under the surface (like volcanic power). Consequently, this coming 12 months is going to be epic and tragic, globally. Many will die, and many will be transformed beyond recognition. But ultimately, the USA will have "died and been reborn" as the "glorious phoenix"… But its going to very hard going to get there. Each one of us, individually makes up "the whole". So therefore, each one of us is responsible for our own tiny spark of intelligence and awareness, within the whole.

    This is very likely the most powerful transition the "family of nations" has ever collectively experienced. Go well brothers and sisters –


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