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This is a hypothetical post to show that even in the worst-case scenario for creation, there is no such thing as true doom.

Suppose Earth is to be irreversibly taken over by absolute totalitarianism and AI, which will lead to Earth’s destruction, as AI is the destroyer of all worlds. Suppose Earth lost the war for planetary liberation. Suppose the fate of Earth is planetary annihilation, and all the worst-case scenarios, and all the gloom-and-doom, is actually true – Earth is 100% doomed, and any and all positive forces to stop this have been completely defeated.

In the above scenario, this also means that this universe has been taken over by Evil – what else can it be called? In the case of an entire universe, or even multiverse, or even the entirety of all existence being taken over by Evil, the end result is the same result of a human body taken over by cancer. The cancer destroys the human host, and then the cancer itself dies with the human host.

In the case of all existence being annihilated, Source cannot ever be destroyed. Source/God/Prime Creator, or whatever term is given to the eternal Source from which all creation originated, would allow an existence beyond the point of no return to destroy itself, and completely start over from scratch. This restart is not The Event, or anything of the sort. In the case of existential annihilation, nothing of this creation remains – no remnants or memories – nothing.

Suffering cannot exist when there is no sentient life to suffer, and if existence is destroyed by Evil, and then Evil self-destructs, whereas, everything returns to Source as ‘space dust,’ all the abuse that occurred throughout the current failed creation, which is unimaginable in scope and severity, will forever be erased. In this case, it’s a peculiar situation before complete annihilation, because unimaginable suffering and abuse is experienced, with Australians being hit by microwave weapons only being the ‘tip of the iceberg’ compared to what horrors await us all. Yet, in the case of existential annihilation, nothing is truly experienced at all. In the truest sense, this existence never really happened, yet it did, and is being ‘experienced’ as happening now, but ultimately not experienced at all.

It’s perhaps like the scenario of someone being extremely drunk. The extremely drunk person remembers being drunk at the time of being drunk, but the next day remembers nothing, as though nothing happened. This scenario is only a very crude example to try to explain the nature of erasing experience.

Knowing that if the worst-case scenario is true, I arrive at a sense of peace, because I know that all the horrible suffering and abuse of this existence will be completely erased, and the next creation will be a creation that perhaps (hopefully) is a success. If the next creation ends in annihilation though, the next creation will not be remembered either.

Only a creation that is able to exist without destroying itself, continuing eternally, truly exists. All else cannot exist.

The question of course would be, “Is our current existence damaged beyond repair and doomed to be devoured by Evil, or can our current existence be cleansed of Evil and be healed?”

All I’m seeing from any news, whether alternative or mainstream, is a completely worthless and doomed existence. However, the actual reality may not be this case at all. Maybe the negative elites want everything to seem like absolute doom, because that’s all they have left. Perhaps the current creation can become eternal, and thus truly exist. Whatever the case may be, I find comfort in knowing that there will come a point of reaching an existence that can truly exist. In the case of this current existence being successfully salvaged, I’m not sure what will happen to all the memories of abuse, but all trauma will be completely healed.

Victory of an Eternal Creation!

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  1. Viven en El paradise, nosotros hace cual, ..que yo quiero. Un no mejor que mi. No jefes sobre nosostros todos de eternal. Sobre Gaia. Is, there was a beginning of evil, and on that day the big guys knows the true end day too. No nut master ever had power but which is allowed by the big guy.

  2. the stakes are absolute if satan wins he/she wants total absolute nothingness { thats the highest evil } if the good god wins its total absolute perfect bliss } us and our life is the battleground… choose life ie love in all our dealings, in all things… good god help us , guide us to overcome evil with goodness, and your beautifull love

  3. I saw the first comment about the poles I have found this to resonate as a really likely soon possibility. Who knows what is really going to be … The "event" here resonates with me as well to be a high possibility in the near future. I have been really consumed in trying to KNOW what to prepare for.
    Anyways this was a good read for me author I enjoyed it

    • Michelle, There is a link I left that I feel you would enjoy. Go to "Archives' to right, select Month February, go to Page 7, Go to 'Ascension Connection Call, Feb. 17th, Is Humanity's Ascension Being Guided? Posted by Rev. Kat Carroll.
      I Left an amazing video there. If you get hooked you can find the rest of the six video's by hitting the 'Playlist' under the video, that is the only way to get the same narrator. I hope you enjoy, I watched them all twice.

      • Ok ! Thank you so much Laverne for being so thoughtful to mention for me to take a look. I am going to look in morning! Am sure by title/topic I DEFINITELY will.

  4. If All Trauma will be healed, then that means All memory of abuse will be Erased.
    "For the past troubles will be forgotten and hidden from my eyes. Behold I will create New Heavens and New Earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind. The sound of weeping and crying will be heard no more." Isaiah 65:16-19.
    The Scriptures are based on witnesses from the previous Eons/Ages and are not based on any one religion. We are entering into a New Age.
    Literally the Earth goes through a cycle every 2,160 years, which allows a refresh/restart, due to the North Magnetic Pole (the only Pole) movement alignment with Polaris, the only "Fixed" Star" at the highest and central point of the crystalized dome.

    • The Earth also goes through cycles called yugas which are much longer. The biggest difference this time is that this will be the only time that an ascension of beings will be allowed when in the past all was destroyed and creation began again. The reason there is a battle at this time is because the dark know what is coming and it’s the end for them.

  5. Great article, thought provoking but I have to wonder why the use of capitalization of the word evil???

    As a writer I have learned that to capitalize anything is to suggest that that very "thing" is or has some importance and power over us.

    What possible reason(s) could the author have in making the very thing the holds Humanity back important enough to give it "your" power by naming it so?

    • TJ, the "e" was capitalized to differentiate between lesser evils and greater evils. I was told in the past that "evil with a capital e" meant extreme evil, whereas "evil with a lowercase e" meant something not-so-nice, but not horrifically… Evil. I figured the reader would be able to understand this.

      Of course the Light will always triumph over Evil, and also triumph over evil.


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