Update 11 March 22 by Silver Dove

The energy is now low and you might feel tired and worn out. Now we need to integrate the high energy boosts from the last weekend.

With all what is happening, those who are sensitive can feel the tension in the world and it is more than ever important that we do every thing we can to stay balanced. This negative energy that is all coming to the surface now has to exposed, including the very old patterns of the evil in the world.

There is no time anymore to put our heads in the sand because what is coming if we don’t stop to comply will be the total slavery – which is the future of those who are moving on in the lower timeline.

Have you ever heard of the “Prepare for Change” site? It might be the time to go there and browse a bit around, here is a link to one of the latest videos. (

We all have to be aware that right now not even the “bad” guys are the biggest danger because we know what to expect. The worst enemies are those who are ignorant, stupid and obedient. They are so much brainwashed into the believe that they can’t achieve any thing and are dependent on the mass-narrative, that they reinforce constantly the low energy of fear and guilt.
The energy of “not being good enough” and the believe (and experience/expectation) only ever to get something if they please those “above” them is deadly.
They put those who are some kind of officials (see them as authorities) on a pedestal. This starts with very low level administrators sitting in an office and enjoying the little power they have over others sanctioned by institutions like governments. Then those who have studied in universities (which are paid by the elite to teach their narrative) and are rewarded for the obedience are blind (have to be to keep their jobs) for the truth.

The governments have long ago stopped to serve the people (if they ever did ?!?!?) and they just pursue their own egoistic needs which is then reinforced by some people in uniform who also have lost their connection with the grass root and are trained and indoctrinated to become more and more obedient and do what ever they are asked to do.

Don’t think anymore… just do what you are told!

Those awake can see that and it is not easy to let people they love go and see them drowning in this trap. I have experienced this many decades ago when I was young that I tried to do every thing just to be “normal” and fit in to have friends and family like the “others”. It didn’t work and if I would have pursued this path, I would not be alive anymore. Literally, because my body started to become sick because my life purpose was not to fit in… so if I would have not abandoned the “normal” path and moved into alternative medicine (homeopathy etc.) medicine would have killed me like it did kill my father.

This energy low we have not brings up a lot of the past memories that are not completely resolved yet and we are tested if we have courage to face the dark or not. If we run away, the unresolved problems persist and will come back again and again until resolved… no matter how many life times it needs.

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