This interview with Laura Logan was on Americas Voice.
She says it is hard to believe anything from the dishonest media and how can we believe what is coming from the Ukraine.
Their own emblem contains the Black Sun of the Nazi Occult, even on the female soldiers. White House wants everyone to look the other way.
Western Ukraine was a Headquarters for the Nazi’s.
There is a long history of the USA funding Nazi’s in the Ukraine… Actual Nazi’s from WWII and they flat out said they were planning a 1,000 year run.
The USA coup of the Ukraine in 2014 and the US were the ones who selected the puppet leaders.
Mitt Romney and Biden have children that get paid from the Ukraine.
Putin is going after the Bioweapon facilities and they are being strategic.
We do not know our true history.
Laura said her job as a journalist is find the truth and tell the truth. She says Zelenkskyy is a pure puppet. He was Selected like so many of our leaders. So many leaders around the world have been selected and not voted in.
We were lied to about Covid and now we pretend this war is about Russia and Ukraine is a blatant lie. This is the Globalists taking over the world.
Ukraine has been the CENTER for Money Laundering for all the corrupt US Politicians.
Maria Abromovic – Obama’s ambassador, an open Satanist and we are to believe these guys?
There is so much hypocrisy. The Deep State isn’t a Conspiracy Theory. Look at the SES – Senior Executive Services.
We need more true journalists like Laura Logan!

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  1. Laura Logan works for the Robber Barons. They are trying to stop the inevitable of the return of Prussia's Gold that disappeared before WW1 ended. Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm II (you know the same Kaiser that helped the Jewish community establish Jerusalem, Haifa & Jaffa…) deposited Ten Billion Metric Tons of Gold in the Bank of England. There are Receipts and Memos adequately demonstrating this fact.
    This is the Same Gold the Robber Barons have been searching for, that has been hidden in plain sight.
    The Ancient Aryan Symbol, the Swastika, was printed on the Russian Empire's money until 1914. So while Laura Logan reiterates the Robber Barons Lies about an Ancient Holy Symbol and its representation of the Constellations and the meaning of the Black Sun and its correlation to the Magnetic North Pole, both the Russian Empire and the Prussia/German Empire still exist and the return of Their Assets to Their People is inevitable no matter how many times you can say "Nazi."

    • My friend, Pastor Ray Higgins just reminded me that the Swatika's holy symbol has four squares representing 90 degree angles, multiply 4×90 you come up with a perfect circle of 360 degrees. Which represents the Sun, the Giver of Life. Representing God Consciences.
      Pastor Ray Higgins has a video out explaining it on a drawing.


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