There are growing signs we in the West are all watching a giant fake show and that the show is about to end. This came up in a conversation last week between a senior Russian FSB agent and a member of the White Dragon Society. “My guess is that we don’t actually have any presidents and all of this is a kind of staged reality show created before our eyes,” noted the FSB member. There is plenty of evidence to back this up.

Did you know, for example, that according to the official Russian Tass News Agency that Ukraine has not declared war on Russia? Also that the Russian gas still being sent through that country is still the main source of revenue for the government of Ukraine?

Also, did you know that Rothschild family-owned trading companies in Switzerland were still selling Russian commodities to the rest of the world?

Furthermore, despite the “embargo,” Russian oil exports to the US continue and are even increasing. For example, in the week of March 12-18, the US bought 70,000 barrels of Russian oil per day, 80% more than the previous week.

Then of course there is all the obviously fake footage about the Ukrainian “war” that is flooding Western TV screens. In the latest example, CNN is reporting a fire in Edmonton, Canada is in Ukraine.

The screenshot below (taken before CNN blurred it out), clearly shows it is the Edmonton fire department that is on the scene.


The Rita Katz studios (of fake Bin Laden fame) are also working overtime filming Rothschild employee and so-called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is working out of his $34M mansion in Florida. The Russian FSB says he appears to be stoned on cocaine, and the footage below certainly makes it seem that way.

We will not delve too deeply into the fake pandemic except to note that mortality rates around the world are the same as in pre-pandemic years. We also note the pandemic does not exist in Africa and other regions whose governments refused to go along with the entire fake event.

High-level sources in both Eastern and Western secret societies say the fake show going on is just part of a process to wake up the deeply brainwashed people of the West. It is being set up as a sort of initiation ceremony for the West. In anthropology, such ceremonies are called “liminal events” and refer to things like weddings or coming of age ceremonies that mark a major transition in life. In this case, the ceremony is being carried out to start a new age of love, progress and harmony with nature, the sources say. This will be made clear soon, the sources promise.

However, before that can happen a very real international military, agency and police crackdown on an ancient Satanic cult that seized the top levels of power in most Western countries needs to be completed.

This campaign is reaching an end as most of the top leaders of this cult, including Hillary Rockefeller (Clinton), Jens Psaki (aka Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller) and Klaus Rothschild (Schwab) have been arrested. These arrests appear in the form of announcements they have contracted Covid 19 (despite being fully vaccinated) and are “self-isolating.”

Of course, the Khazarian mafia will try to pretend this is not happening by presenting fake versions of their leaders to the public, Below for example are three different versions of Killary.

This is what a Mossad source had to say about Psaki:

She has been taken in again repairing the glitch in her programming. We both have the feeling that the original is “out of service”. After the last round of testing positive 5 months ago and she disappeared for like 10 days. Look at her eyes. They are blank. Like without a soul. A sign of an avatar AI construct.

The members of this cult, also known as Sabbatean-Frankist Jews or the Khazarian Mafia who for years really have been trying to carry out a fake Armageddon. The show we are being subjected to on our screens is their re-enactment of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Famine (Covid 19), War (Ukraine), Death (mass vaccination) and Conquest (the New World Order).


However, as this map of who is “sanctioning” Russia shows, their control grid is now confined to Western puppet governments, headed by the fake Joe Biden. 

In other words, the whole planet has risen in revolt against their incompetent, murderous rule.

The key to their final defeat is the overthrow of their control of the Western financial system, That is why Vladimir Putin said Russia will demand that countries it has labeled “unfriendly” (which includes U.S., U.K., and European Union countries) must pay in [gold backed] rubles for Russian gas,

Since the Khazarian mafia mainly controls fake or fiat money backed by nothing, taking control of the real stuff is the key to defeating them, This is now happening as a commodity doom loop begins. Western commodity traders and clearinghouses are facing a liquidity crisis of historic proportions because the world is demanding they pay with real (asset backed) money.

If you still believe the West can devise sanctions that maximize pain for Russia while minimizing financial and price stability risks in the West, “you might as well believe in unicorns,” a Credit Suisse report notes

These days Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Nigeria etc. are all refusing to sell oil to the West in exchange for fiat currency. In Nigeria, for example, Western corporations received as little as 5% of crude volumes pumped through the Trans Niger Pipeline between October 2021 and February 2022 because Nigerians decided to keep the oil for themselves. 

The other front where the Khazarian mafia is being defeated is in the battle for world public opinion. To quote Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:

The actions of the West confirm it is not reliable…What we want is an equitable world, free from war, aggressive projects or attempts to pitch one country against another…What we want is to discuss how to live on this planet in the future. Too many problems have been piling up, and the existing institutions have been unable to resolve them. “Liberal democracy,” as it turns out, it is not “liberal” at all, and it is not “democracy” at all…all values that those in the West have been preaching to Russia, like freedom of expression, a market economy, the sanctity of private property and the presumption of innocence, are not worth a red cent.

The Chinese and others agree. “The United States and NATO are not in a position to judge the moral principles of any country until they apologize and compensate for the damage and suffering they have brought to the peoples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan,” says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying.

India also agrees. When the British slave government tried to send a high-powered delegation to India to convince them to “isolate Russia,” they were told they were not welcome.

The Turks, historical rivals of the Russians, are also not on board. Their official news notes:

[The West] committed a kind of “genocide against Muslims,” from Afghanistan to Libya, from Iraq to Somalia [and now] they are calling on us, the people whose cities they painted red with blood, to defend the West against Russia. They displayed acts of savagery with the secret torture centers they established in 35 countries around the world. They conducted slave trade via CIA aircraft. They employed methods of massacre and torture as if they were religious ceremonies, rites of passage. One thing is certain: This region will and must never lift a finger to defend the West, to defend Europe.

Speaking about Turkey, their leader Recep Erdogan appeared in public for the first time in many days at the NATO summit last week. This is what a Mossad source had to say:

Erdogan did go to the meeting in Brussels. He is wearing a GPS ankle bracelet. He is working with the alliance. A lot is going on behind the scenes. A lot of concessions are being made for everyone’s benefit. Nothing is being said in the MSM. For example, Erdogan is working with PM Bennett of Israel, Putin, Iran and the Saudi’s together as they form a type of coalition for peace and prosperity for humanity. This will not come out in the MSM. They all must show a poker face to the Western KM cabal. Erdogan and Putin are very aware that NATO and the KM Cabal-controlled US will do anything to get Turkey and Russia to start a Black Sea War.

Russia’s Tass news also reports Erdogan talked with Putin and was asked to mediate between the West and Russia over Ukraine

However, Erdogan has vanished from official Turkish news sites, indicating he is still not being allowed to return to Turkey.

The other thing happening is the constant flow of horrific revelations coming out about the Khazarian mafia’s crimes.

For example revelations of the crimes of Hunter Biden are pouring out.

Hunter Biden is going to be indicted, multiple sources agree. This isn’t easy to read but people need to know it. “A 7, 8, 10-year-old child is forced to give sex five to twenty times per day. It’s savage. It’s demonic.” – Jaco Booyens

Here is an example of the Demonic mindset of Western leaders as expressed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who left this earth last week 

STAHL: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

ALBRIGHT: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

The “we” includes Bill, Hillary Clinton David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and other harbingers of “The New World Order.”

We are also learning more about some of the corporations these monsters were using as their fronts. This came from a Canadian source:

Black & Veach and Cemex : Building biolabs for the DTRA since 2003

-Founder thanked Epstein in his 2012 book “The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age”

Shares an office with Metabiota, Inc:geen

-Funded by Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca, the NIH, & Bill Gates.

Cemex : Tied to Child Trafficking & The Clinton Foundation.

– Owner of Cemex, Carlos Slim, 2nd largest stockholder of the New York times hence the virulent propaganda there also owned by Rothschilds / Bronfman Family, tied to NXIVM Sex / Human Trafficking group.

More and more is also coming out about these people trying to kill us all with bio-weapons. Russia’s government has provided detailed proof of this to the governments of the world. “An analysis of the documentation shows that not only samples of tissues and human blood serum were exported abroad, but also dangerous pathogens, as well as their carriers,” they note. These of course were made to design “ethno-specific bioweapons.”

This is still going on with reports that a bio-weapon transport plane affiliated with the CIA, has just landed from Warsaw to Krakow-Balice Airport (Krakow, Poland), while another landed from Zadar Airport (Croatia) without registration marks 


“Everyone needs to realize that the deadline is approaching. Checkmate is coming. The final implosion of the Deep-State is imminent. Put on your hard hats and divine armor because before they leave, they’re going to try to take as many people with them as possible,” warns a Mossad source.

They already have done a lot of damage. This is what happens when Big Pharma takes over your government, media and education system. The attached photos show how the vaccines have been and are now given in America vs Japan. And the death rates in children under 2 yrs old. Very informative!

A critical mass of the West is now waking up to the crimes committed against their people. When Justin Castro appeared last week before the European Parliament, most MPs walked out but a few stayed to lambaste him.


“I would really suggest for when the dust settles that military tribunals [take place] and put all these people in the media, all these school administrators, all these doctors… politicians, and the real ringleaders on trial. If found guilty, they should be executed,” says a Dr.Vladimir Zelenko, expressing the views of many.

Of course the Khazarian mafia are issuing a storm of bullshit to try to stave off justice. For example, this is what refugees from Ukraine look like according to the Rothschild-owned Financial Times. The Picture is from Syria- 

Also, here is more proof that Branden is working out of a prop White House. Look at him getting ready to board the helicopter preparing to go to Europe. The lawn is green and manicured. The trees have all their leaves. The 2 attached photos are of the front and back of the White House. In any event, the trees don’t have many leaves now and the grass is not green. The photo with the green grass and trees full of leaves may be the Atlantic mock-up White House or CGI? The dark photo with the wall in front is the real one in DC now.


It is all falling apart. Just as this report was being prepared Fox News reported the following:

Ballot Harvesting a part of Sting operation!

Biden Crime Family etc. being arrested and detained!

Fraud and coming days will be living on a barge off GITMO and face military Tribunals!



Finally this week, we will update what we know about the death of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Our source says “There is a Gag order in place. Watch what comes out in the MSM in the next week or so. A spin story is being prepared.” One such spin story says he was poisoned and saved by the white hats. It appears they need to keep him “alive” in order to ensure a conservative majority in the Supreme Court for the upcoming tribunals.



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  1. April 4, 2022

    Interview Kimberly Goguen " Trustee" Alpha Quantum Global Financial System And "Ground

    Command" ,With Chris Rice, discuss current events, her position, clearing up

    mis-information and much more! Kim and Chris's 5th Interview!

    • I feel Kimberly is speaking the truth about her knowledge of the "Back" end of the Global Financial System. She is also speaking the truth at the end of the video when asked "if she has this position, why not just do it" she replied "because you have to do it, The People." She is referring to when all things came to its End in 2012 and it entailing the Liquidation of the Bankruptcy of Corporate America that was running/controlling Congress, and the White House, it was returned back to 'We The People.'
      The problem that Kimberly is running into is that she is working on behalf of organizations operating as foreign corporations, which 'We The People' just got rid of. This thing is deep that involved the Queen, the Pope & The Lord Mayor, whom were Federal Subcontractors.
      Now that a Congress Assembly has taken back our government under the Constitution of 1789 (including the Articles from 1781 that still exist), I suggest Kimberly Gougan make her case to Congress Assembly as a person applying for a vacant position. As Benjamin Fullford stated months ago, "keep the functionable parts of your governments, there are some good parts." (speaking to all governments).

  2. Just another inaccurate reporting from Fulford, and he thinks he has more credibility than Kim Goguen. He also needs to stop making excuses for the Nazi Queen. Who among you will abduct, rape, etc., kids "because you are blackmailed"?

    • I like to see convincing evidence of these accusations we have been hearing for at least seven years about the elite. When I was typing in my 2 of 5 experiences last week pertaining to pedophilia around me growing up and as a young mother, it a cured to me that us peasants need to clean up our own backyards. We ignore signs around us and when comes to light we sweep it under the rug to protect our Schools and town's reputation (I've seen that too).
      We allow Brothel's in our Communities and call them Massage therapy.
      We have Playboy and other nasty magazines displayed at Gas Stations and Convenient stores magazine racks, in view of our children. Who is buying them??
      We have Billboards throughout our Highways advertising Strip Clubs, while our children are in the car with us in plain view. Who goes there??
      We ourselves buy movie theater tickets for ourselves and our children to watch inappropriate movies that the elite put out and pass the blame back on the elite when our communities become a stomping ground of trash.
      We buy inappropriate clothing for our children, mocking the elite.
      We buy Music and Concert tickets for our children and allow them to dress like them.
      You see Cecille everything begins at Home then stretches out to our Communities that We ourselves are responsible for!
      Everything is based on Supply and Demand in the Market World, Look Who is Buying the Supply!

  3. Breaking News March 10 , 2022

    Global News Desk -Interview Benjamin Fulford &

    Kimberly Goguen Ground Command and "trustee" of the Alpha Quantum Global Financial System

    • When Kimberly Gougan Keys to the World's Financial System turns off the Mafia's Money Laundering in Human Trafficking, is When she will Earn Credibility.

  4. What nationality is the Ukrainian president Zelenskyy?

    Has anyone done a deep dive ?

    Is he an ACTOR ?

    is he a Zionist and NOT Ukrainian ?

  5. Ben,

    I know you live in Japan, but please be precise for Japanese info. My wife is Japanese, and we pulled the info on childhood vaccines, and clearly kids are vaccinated before 2 years old in Japan. We love you but if your research is faulty, it's hard to lend credibility for the rest of the articles.

    • Noticed this question was posted on Benjamin's site. Benjamin gave an answer April 1st, I wanted to post the answer because I hate all vaccines.
      "You are right. The information was exaggerated. The Japanese babies get very limited and proven safe vaccines. It is a fact that the Japanese infant mortality is the lowest in the world". Benjamin Fulford

  6. Another good report from Ben. Glad it has shown how they lie and make the public believe falsehoods with all their varies tricks in the media . It is a painful time; I look forward to better times with peace on earth and the cleansing of the corrupt from positions of power leading to the healing of the planet. I am sure that something very nasty will go down because these creatures will always use destruction whether they win or lose. Take care. God bless all!


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