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Here are some highlights from David Wilcock’s latest update:

– The solar flash that was supposed to happen in 2012 did happen, but happened in Proxima Centauri instead, which is a member of the Alpha Centauri star system.  (Personal synchronicity – I made a joke about being from Alpha Centauri the other day before I watched Wilcock’s update!)

– Underground bases were built for the thought-to-be-incoming solar flash in 2012 so that the negative elites could survive while humans on the planet surface perished.

– Because of covid, the negative elites exposed themselves, and humanity is now aware enough and capable of liberating Earth without the need for a solar flash.  There will be no future solar flash for Earth.  (Perhaps this is why covid is called the coronavirus.)

– Positive Ets will not allow any nuclear war to take place.  No Armageddon scenarios will be allowed to occur.

– A main reason for a military operation in Ukraine by Russia is because Ukraine has bioweapons.  It’s now believed that Taiwan has bioweapons.  Taiwan therefore could be the next country to have a military operation similar to Ukraine.

– Russia has special 3D printing technology to build pyramids that have incredible healing abilities.  Pyramid water is also discussed.

– Historically, accessing Source involved calling upon the 4 archangels, which are Raphiel, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel.  (Personal synchronicity – Wilcock is perhaps indirectly referring to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which calls upon these 4 archangels, and uses the Godname Yod Hey Vav Hey.)

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  1. Final comment (I hope) regarding flat earth theory, which has infested the comments section on this post, and is being used as a distraction from the original subject matter of this post:

    Just because there is information that goes against the narrative, this doesn't automatically make the information true. The purpose of flat earth theory is to:

    – Give credence to big tech. Big tech makes headers about flat earth theory being incorrect on various platforms, to promote the idea that "Maybe big tech is looking out for us after all because they are actually defending the truth when it comes to saying flat earth theory is false." Flat earth theory is thus being used to improve big tech's foul reputation.

    – Destroy the reputation of truthers. "You believe there is a NWO being pushed? Oh, you're one of those flat earther morons, aren't you?"

    – Confuse people trying to find real answers.

    – Create conflicts and distractions in the truther community.

    – Other destructive purposes I can't think of off the top of my head at the moment.

    Here are a couple videos to consider:

    Flat Earth Theory – How Was It Debunked 2,000 Years Ago?

    Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science – Part 3: Airplanes

    Final note: There are probably unfortunately still a great number of invisibles to be cleared. Progress obviously has not measured up in a timely manner (surprise, surprise).

    • That #3 Airplanes was funny because he is taken the actual map that was Patent by England, Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany & Austria in 1892. He accuses flat earth stealing the globe and flattening it out. I am laughing right now because the map was Patent in 1892 as a Flat Earth Map with the June & December Solstice. I have this beautiful Gleason Map framed in a 28×38. You can find a digital form on google search. The top reads "Scientifically and Practically Correct"
      The powers that be were not very creative to glue on the famous 'Gleason Map' on a ball.

  2. Google Earth Lead Developer post exposed NASA December 25th, 2017.
    29 Year old Thomas Wilkinson of Palo Alto has been a Senior Developer at Google Earth for 7 years. He is in charge of strategy and operations at Google Earth. Leading a team of 10 engineers, Wilkinson is tasked with overseeing the general functions of the software. Mr. Wilkinson stated in a tweet in 2017 "After years of diligent study and intent work I have concluded there is no way the world can be a Spherical. It is my responsibility to finally address our Terrestrial landscape. Given that our Data has never matched up to NASA's Data, and given how modern technology simply cannot measure the magnitude of such a planet.
    The truth is so ingrained in our culture no one questions it, well I am."

  3. P.S. Starlight, When I made reference to "hiding God" I was referring to God/Creators Radiance above our Realm. As usual I have not seen the Sun's true radiance in a while for a long period at a time. Same goes for the Constellations, because of the Chem-trailing.

  4. Starlight, The Creator/Creators are not going to change what is so for your belief system. And your belief system relies on absolutely No Evidence. Clearly you are unaware of this Fact.
    When I was a child we use to lay on the lawn and watch the stars rotate in a circle, because that is what is moving, the Heavens/Sky. You do not grasp the impossibility of the Constellations movement on a yearly time table on a globe.

    • "Starlight, The Creator/Creators are not going to change what is so for your belief system. And your belief system relies on absolutely No Evidence. Clearly you are unaware of this Fact."

      This is exactly what the deep state does. Everything they do they project onto others. Everything you are saying is exactly what you are doing. It's flat earther's who have a belief system not based on facts. It's flat earthers who have zero valid evidence. Then they tell people who do have real evidence that they have no evidence, that it's a mere 'belief system.'

      This will be my last reply here. Thank you for revealing how the deep state operates.

  5. Wilcock has always had a flair for explaining science-cum-metaphysics.
    On the topic of solar flares, which come periodically as part of waves that pulsate from the galactic core and out through the "Tree" of the galaxy, please see Disaster Cycle series from Suspicious0bservers channel. Much validated cycle info here which shows in Earth geology.
    Some may recall Paul laViollete's work on galactic superwaves.

    We are already entering the wave and its effects on our Matrix. The wave has been visible as it approached us from the center because as it passed through star systems closer to Center, they flared. Even Wilcock has earlier pointed out the changes observed on the planets in our solar system.

    If the wave is a natural recurring pulsation or "out breath" of the galaxy which is embedded in larger circuits…who can turn the switch off?

    • I'm not sure about the science, but I approach The Event and so forth from a life perspective. It's not much of a life to just wait endlessly on a solar flash to 'make everything all better.' That sort of thing.

    • It's all about Gods Clock. And it is more simple than you all are made to believe. Go to the Playlist on my video below and watch #7. You will understand what they are hiding and why they are panicking, nothing can stop what is the inevitable of our natural cycle of our realm.

  6. Thank you, Starry Light, for this post. I'm feeling a deep trust in life and how it'll unfold, most of the time, although, it gets a little shaky when the intensity is huge, at times. This spring is quite intense, and I've noticed, by reading in a Dutch discussion forum, that Q-Anon predicted March-Madness.

    Now, after moving through a few trustquakes, these last years especially, the groundedness is growing stronger with sobriety. A happy change is that the UK has opened its borders to all travelers
    I hope you're alright, there was a commenter below your former post, who mentioned that your blog was down. I hope your spirits are high, at least, you're safe to leave your thoughts and subjects posted here. Much appreciated! 🌞🧙‍♀️⭐

    • Thanks! I'm glad March-madness is over. Now it's April-madness, woo-hoo! 😂

      I'm doing alright, thanks. My blog wasn't taken down, but google decided to censor one of my posts recently, just after one of Cobra's posts was censored. It's so very silly. Big tech never ceases to disappoint me.

      • That figures. Than how is it interesting. Starlight you ought to really question why you believe in something that has never been proven, literally.

      • We live in a Celestial Clock above us. The Stars above us are an integral function of our Realm. Polaris, the North Star is fixed at the Central and highest point of a Crystalized dome, and the North Pole is the source of the magnetism here on Earth Plane. It takes 2,160 years to complete a Celestial Cycle, called an Arc. We entered into the cusp of a new Arc September 2020, the transition has begun. This is why the clowns are talking about climate change. Our Realm goes through natural climate change every 2,160 years. This is why the powers that be heavily guard the Antarctica Wall and the North Pole. The map is changing as it always has every 2,160 years. That is why we always hear of ancient cities buried beneath the seas.

      • The conduit part was interesting. I felt conned when it started talking about flat earth though.

        It has been proven that the Earth is round many, many times. Many truthers who are not a part of the narrative have debunked flat earth theory as well, and very thoroughly. Flat earth theory is nothing more than a psyop to discredit truthers. There's no point in debating this with flat-earthers though, as there's nothing that can get them to see the obvious.

        It's sad because people can know a great deal, but then some also believe the earth is flat and they make themselves and others look like fools.

        Knowledge about cycles is fine, but flat earth theory is nothing more than deep state infiltration.

        • Dito Starlight. Globe is only a Theory. Con job that has never been proven. Globe theory was created to take us away from God source, the Sun, the only Proven Source our Life depends on. Globe theory was created to take us away from the Stars energy as well, and navigation. Also the energy of the Moon. Why do you think they are Chem trailing us so bad? To hide God.
          I'm almost 60 and am grateful I grew up before the books were printed from the Federal government take over of our education system under President Carter. We did Not have a globe in any of our classrooms.
          Perhaps you should stay off the sites that the government designed to make flat earthers look ridiculous. Good luck floating around space.

          • One can have a connection to God without believing the Earth is flat, lol!

            It was probably our own government who pushed flat earth theory as a deep state tactic.

            You're proving me right that there's no reasoning with flat earthers.


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