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Compared with other methods of meditation, there is way of meditating that is possibly much more effective in healing the mind, body, and soul, called Transcendental Meditation (TM). TM is also used in groups to bring peace to locations that are in a state of war.
Most people who talk about TM state that the technique has to be taught in person, as the teaching is said to be unique to an individual’s needs. There is also a negotiable fee involved. Most people probably don’t want to have to go to a teacher and pay a possibly expensive fee. Most of the internet kept saying “Go find a teacher,” but the Joe Rogan show gives a summary of the actual technique:
So basically, the mind is allowed to wander, but the mind also keeps returning to a mantra that is repeated internally for 20 minutes, twice a day. The objective is not to concentrate on silencing the mind, so the mind can ease into being more present, because there’s very little pressure. There needs to not be much pressure to be in the present moment, because too much pressure can cause the mind to rebel, making matters backfire.
The manta is continually repeated every few seconds or so. The mind then becomes entrained without having to ‘force matters,’ because the mantra is gentle enough to not feel forceful, but strong enough to enter a more positive, meditative state, or at least allow for the interruption of negative thinking.

A duration of longer than 20 minutes can be done as well. For example, if someone is lying in bed at night unable to sleep, it could be done longer. Keeping track of time is a non-issue.

The mantra can be something positive. Here are some examples, with each one being a mantra by itself to be repeated for a duration of time:

– Let the Light through
– I am Light
– I am liberated through Light
– I am free from duality

There are countless mantras that can be used. “I am Light” can cause a person’s mind to focus on Light, and visions of the Sun and Source can come through.

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