In the US, there is a trend for less and less people to know how technology works.  Increasingly, the US is composed of people who only know if technology works.  More and more Americans have next to zero understanding of the inner workings of technology.

Could the US one day become a country where technology breaks down, but there is no one to fix it, because no one knows how it works anymore, especially if the US burns all its bridges with the rest of the world?  Could an exponentially increasing lack of knowledge of technology be a primary cause of the collapse of the US?

How much technology in the US comes from other countries?  Probably most.  Is this a part of the reason why most of the rest of the world believes Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid?

Of course the plan is to make the US into a third world country.  A dramatically increasing lack of technological understanding goes right in line with this plan.

A key destructive psychological manipulation of the US is to make identity the #1 priority.  Generally, people who are more concerned with gender identity, race identity, and so forth, will not have a strong understanding of science and technology, because this would be incompatible with their proclaimed identities.

Before identity became #1 in the US, people would learn ‘how stuff works’ without thinking, “Oh, this just isn’t me.”  Now, anything that ‘isn’t me’ is avoided, and identity is taking everything over.  Too many people in the US no longer selflessly learn anymore, because the identified ‘self’ is all that matters to them.

What makes a person who they are is not their gender, race, sexual orientation, and so forth.  The true Self is the Undefined I Am.

Because the true self is undefined, any definitions of the self are actually limitations.  These limitations have become an addiction.  It’s fine to express oneself, but what if an obsession with identity ultimately limits expression?

A country that has become addicted to identity will identify itself into destruction.

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  1. America relies on the Petrodollar for its Oil supplies from the Saudi's – no more Petrodollar, for the purchase of oil, no more American US$ as the world standard currency on which many other currencies are based and America, along with US$ becomes a third world country with money which nobody wants anymore on the World's markets.
    Biden has stopped all oil supplies from Russia, because of Russia's war in the Ukraine and when Biden tried to contact the Saudi's for increased oil supply for America through OPEC, the Saudi's refused to take his calls, however they took 2 calls from Putin, in Russia.
    If the Saudi's tie their oil supply with that of Russia and refuse to take Petrodollars anymore, bearing in mind that Russia's military strength is not equal if not better to America's and a lot cheaper to buy too than American prices, then America is screwed as is the US$ all brought to you by Biden
    With the US$ 35 Trillion in debt from the property market swindle in 2008/09 when the American banks were propped up with Fort Knox and other American Gold Reserves and Biden spending US$ from nowhere, but say out of the nowhere, twice as fast as Trump did, with no gold reserves at all and the Saudi's not wishing to get Petrodollars for their oil, I would say America and the US$ is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • United States Corporations have been in Bankruptcy since 2012. They have been Liquidated and we are the Creditors. There is No National Debt for any Nation, this has already been announced.
      The United States of America has their own Oil Basin in the Rockies. Things are just getting reconfigured around the World.

  2. Thank you, Starry Light, very well said. I agree with your statement that the manner of how Americans, and many in Europe are in the same boat, focus on identity, or is it individuality? seems to block freedom of expression.
    For doesn't that freedom imply a state of moving with constant change? As in being open to a new point of view, and honest self-imagining? Clarity of motive and drive?

    When it's the case that defining my identity is meant to secure my material level of well being in a survival mode (such as in the present economic collapse), and fear is the driving force, as a result, freedom of expression will drift away with the ability to be the creator of one's own reality.

    For I will have lost access to that power, the more I am in a consumer-style frame of mind, with stomach dictatorship. I'm simply a slave in obedience to it.

    To me, that's the opposite of self-awareness of having a choice, and of self-reliance, the autonomy of one's human nature merging with one's spritual nature, with trust in life as a sustaining force supporting one's sense of purpose, expressed in the mundane and spiritual aspects of daily life. With others included, without alienating "the other"
    The daily grind 🍞👣💎

    • Yeah, identity has created insurmountable suffering. People cannot grow beyond fixed identity. So, identity could be seen as the opposite of growth. "Identity" is a loose term though. I guess it depends on how the word it used. The way it's being used in the US is very destructive though.

  3. As somebody had at a forum written, a polity or a state that is hated by just about everyone therein, for either what it was once, or what it is now, or what it might become, will be eventually broken up.

    Readers, consider asking yourself if life without "racist" mostly Indo-European-descent folks and everything to do with them, reverence for divine beings (perhaps through adherence to Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance), respect for literacy and numeracy like base-twelve or duodecimal mathematics, and analog alternatives to everything digital is really worth living.

    You might want to prepare yourselves for what the Communist Cacodemon's genocidal and culturicidal campaign against all things Aryan and Indo-European-descent, and humanity in general (including human racial and biological differences, traditional cultures, universal moral values, and human dignity), means for you and your loved ones, family and friends.

    For example:

  4. Kali Yuga means the age of the Machines. Machines do everything for us in this age. They make us weak because wee no longer expend the energy and work to do things ourselves. People who don't want to learn technology are exercising their instinct to remain more connected to the natural world because they know deep down inside the Machine world will pass away in a flash from the Solar energy hitting the earth. Kali Yuga & Hinduism: Best Time for Spirituality & Spiritual Growth (What is Hinduism?)

    • Hello M. Harrison, please, show me where I can see that the Machine world will pass away in a flash from the Solar energy hitting the Earth? Besides, what do you mean by "hitting the Earth"? What? When? Where? Your comment isn't complete yet, please give data, written evidence in documents or whatever proof you have of what you described.

      I'm not implying that the Machine world will continue to exist, as a must, and unchanged, but I rather prefer to observe that world as morphing into a different nature and use for humanity. The ancient Mayans describe the time after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, as "The Transformation of Matter", a transition from dense material reality to a less dense reality, perceived according to the vibration of the observer. In other words, a transition from 3D to 5D.

      Light technology and the use of sacred geometry as part of it, won't cease to exist, I believe.
      What I can imagine as "happening in a flash" is when the North and South pole of planet Earth shifts physically so that the entire electromagnetic field flips, and the Earth holds human beings who find themselves waking up to the new light of a 5th dimension, after a more or less noisy, and chaotic transition period of about 3 days in complete darkness.

      At least, that's how it used to proceed in former times, when planet Earth turned around physically. This event will include huge alterations of the Earth surface, with death of living beings involved, and land showing up where water was first, and the other way around.

      Whatever happens, physically, or spiritually, I'm sure the incoming new energies will change the human ideas and perception of machinery from within our collective consciousness, as much as that same collective consciousness will bring forth new forms of technology, serving us while we exist in a reality, as beings with bodies of a, what I earlier mentioned less dense nature.

      I'm interested to read what your vision is of how the world of machine will change, or cease to exist one day, and how.


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