I have been lazy with making pine needle tea.  I haven’t had any for quite some time.  This is partly because I wasn’t getting enough positive results.

I started again just yesterday, but this time I didn’t make tea.  This time I used scissors to chop the needles into small pieces making a green powder, but of course not too finely ground because it would take a long time to chop the needles into a super fine powder.

The needles chop quickly, because I take a small piece of branch and scissor several needles all at once, bit by bit.  Doing this allows for the flavor to be much stronger.  The flavor has turned from a pine taste to a strong bitter taste after chopping.  I chew all the bitterness out of the needles, and then I chew some more as I eat the needles.

Doing the above has granted me far more powerful results compared with making the tea.

The results experienced so far:

I have more energy and motivation.  I feel much more like an actual human being.  I have a notably stronger connection with my higher self.  Auric energies are stronger as well.  My crown lit up very powerfully earlier this evening and it didn’t frighten me at all.  This happened as I was watching Stargate Atlantis when Atlantis rose from the ocean floor to the surface.  The energies were very positive.


Maybe ingesting pine needles in this way is coincidental with other positive changes happening.  I’m not sure.  There could be multiple causes, but I’m not going to focus on the cause.  I’m going to continue ingesting pine needles either way.

Note: It’s important to know the right kind of pine to use, as shown here:

Pine needles for the pineal?  Hmm, maybe.

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  1. A commenter said this on my pine needle update:

    "I actually tried chewing on two pine needles today while running and keeping the dose low it is ok I think. There is a lot of strange medical problems that people will feel I heard, so adding even more the the mix is not wise. We dont need to do any special stuff, just get through this while helping others to understand (slowly) what is happening."

    "I've had some very positive experiences eating pine needles over the last week and a half or so. However, I also began having much more frequent heart palpitations. I've also been having severe heartburn. The palpitations are becoming so severe that I feel that my life is in danger, so unfortunately, at least for now, I'm going to have to stop eating pine needles.

    I made sure to choose the correct type of pine, so it's not a matter of being poisoned by eating the wrong type of pine.

    There is the possibility that a 'cleansing protocol' that I've been doing for quite some time is complicating matters. There are way too many variables to know the cause of the palpitations.

    Every single health protocol I've ever tried, sooner or later, has backfired on me. I've never had any lasting success with anything I've ever tried.

    This post is not to discourage others from eating pine needles. With virtually all health protocols, my experience has been that everyone else touts amazing benefits while the protocols either don't work for me, or backfire on me and end up nearly killing me. Somehow, I'm one of the most singled out people in existence. It's as though reality itself has singled me out as much as possible, manifesting as "(fill in the blank) works for everyone else but me." My latest problem is probably only a problem that I have. Others should give the pine needles a go."


    I wonder if maybe there is such a thing as overdoing it with the pine needles. The last thing I want to do is to hurt others with this.

  2. This brew is the best! I am lucky to have multiples of red cedar, douglas fir, spruces, and pines growing on my property. A couple years ago, in the interest of self-sufficiency, I began periodically collecting a potful combining all four types, about 50% fir and 50% a mix of the other three. Boil two quarts well water, add the cuttings, turn off the heat. When cool, pour off the liquid and store in fridge. One cup, reheated, every day has helped keep me healthy during all the craziness of these times — no shots, no masks, no medications, no colds, no flu, no covid.
    And, it tastes and smells wonderful. Light, citrusy, fresh.
    BTW, I don't bother to trim the needles off, just toss in the six inch cuttings, stem and all. I call it conifer tea. A gift from Mother Nature.

    • Cool! Yeah, the needles may not need to be eaten whole. Key is to get enough to have an effect, so making a good strong tea can work as well. Or, maybe just chew them until all the flavor is gone and then spit them out.

  3. This is an extremely irresponsible and potentially lethal post! Only certain types of pine are edible, others are poisonous and some may cause miscarriages! Just saying "it's important to know the right kind of pine to use" and linking to a video is not enough precautionary action. For crying out loud, you could potentially kill someone with your information! Others reading this: Please do proper and thorough research before taking pine needle tea or any other "advice" from this person.

  4. Hurray, fantastic good news, thank you Starry Light! This is a welcome treat, preparing the pine needles in this way, and eat them. Love the playing with words… pine… pineal gland. That gland is formed as a pine cone, actually, and the pine cone is present in illustrations of holy men and women, in the space right above or on their head. Jordan Maxwell did excellent work on such symbolism. Jordan Maxwell was often present in the circle of Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan at the time of their co-operation, around 2010, Project Camelot.

    At any rate, the bitter taste is also indicating that the liver receives good support in doing its work.
    And the liver IS the organ maintaining our level of vitality, of energy that makes us feel alive. It's great that you feel so much improvement, experimenting pays off at times, isn't it?

    Since I suffered bronchial pneumonia 12 days ago, the tightness of my chest with shortage of breath, is keeping my energy levels lower than normal. I've managed to control the first 2 days of a sore hot throat and fever, with the help of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc, and each day now, there's a tiny step forward in gaining a better condition.

    It's amazing how slow this tightness goes away, and preparing the pine needles for chewing seems an excellent energy booster, at least, I'll give it a try, and I know a spot where clean pine trees grow. Bitterness in taste is often wholesome in times of malaise, it's related to the element Fire.
    I'll let you know about my experience soon.

    • I've heard that too that bitterness has health benefits. They sell "bitters" at health food stores. I look forward to hearing your experiences!


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