Peak Prosperity always explains things in simple terms to understand.

“Watch the Water” is a hugely successful/popular “documentary” that purports that Remdesivir is actually snake venom, and that what we call Covid is really people’s reactions to snake venom. Worse, that municipal water systems are the means for distributing the toxins to people. Leave aside that snake venom could not be produced in such quantities as to poison entire nations. Leave aside that snake venom wouldn’t survive a trip through stomach acid. What about all the people who have well water that still got sick? Snake venom. Graphene and Nanotechnology. These are the latest conspiracies that could be planted into the ether as a way to discredit anyone opposed to mandates and experimental vaccines. Don’t be fooled, BUT more importantly, don’t allow yourself to made into a fool. These theories are easily destroyed with a little bit of simple science, doing a bit of research, and deductive reasoning,  yet somehow they gain traction in the public. My hypothesis: if I had an unlimited budget to promote my highly profitable vaccines, I’d pay my public relations teams to start whisper campaigns and plant false narratives that embarrass our opponents. The trick is to take down the truth you don’t want in the public eye by attaching it to an obvious falsehood and then sinking both of them at the same time. Politicians and the media do it every year during campaign season. (Congressman Matt Gaetz has been accused of deviant sex crimes by the New York Times and his political opponents, but one year later, not a single law enforcement agency has charged the Republican.) And there is no doubt corporations engage in these kinds of espionage/psyops campaigns. So, doesn’t it make sense that billion-dollar corporations could work to protect billion-dollar profits by anonymously planting these outlandish conspiracies? I may be wrong, but I’m not confused. If you buy into these myths when there is no actual, simple scientific effort to prove or disprove them, you play into the hands of the same people that wanted to dismiss and de-platform you for thinking Covid could originate from a Wuhan lab. The lab leak claims included irrefutable, solid evidence exposing the idea. There is zero backing that covid was derived from a snake. Are there elements that might look like a connection? Sure. But they are subtle and indicate areas of further inquiry that might be fruitful. However, by declaratively spinning an entire (and false) narrative about how Covid is actually snake venom those ideas will be buried in the ridicule that is sure to arise. In our latest video, I’ll take you through what reasonable research, inquiry and due diligence actually look like. My aim is to prevent you from being taken in by a very shoddy piece of investigative work, bad science, and faulty logical conclusions.

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  1. So much trivial dis-info here. There is truth, there are lies and there is a mixture here. Covid Vax does act like snake venom with it's symptoms. Does anyone really know what exactly they used or what combination for the spiked protein. This was not just a one shot send out of a virus protein, and the so called Vaxes contain all sorts of things. They are continuing to geoengineer / chem trails and what they put in them was very crucial to the beginning of the plandemic. They are still doing the chemtrails, only now with different materials, also in the water. Sensing and seeing what was and is occurring now one can tell the multi pronged approach they are using. So the venom approach is not beyond reality and knowing this will help healing approaches. IUnderstanding the different snake venoms has already helped many people. Open sharing without slander is the way forward. Intelligent research is not fear mongering by the way. It's approaching something from a different point of view and flag following. By the way love Staunchone's 'troll' word, good one.

  2. Re "Watch the water"

    Unfortunately, Ardis mixes fantasies with facts, making it a useful piece of propaganda for the ruling criminal class. Hence this video has not been banned anywhere (as 'disinformation') put propelled onto top search engine rankings. Get what's going on here?

    Ardis frames his flawed “theory” in a religious setting, seeing everything conveniently “fitting” into the Christian religion/fantasy – selectively and unscientifically leaving out a plethora of facts that don't ….

    As an example, there's NEVER been a pandemic of covid, ONLY a pandemic of fear propaganda and a pandemic of highly toxic covid "vaccines" (=poison shots) and officially approved toxic covid treatments, such as Remdesivir. As a truly awake person who does not live at the altar of fantasies stated at the onset of the covid SCAMdemic, PRIOR to the public assault with TOXIC covid shots, “Their “cure” for the coronavirus will be far deadlier than the disease." — Robert Gore, March 24, 2020

    Therefore, Ardis' connection to fantasies is obviously nothing but bogus. Fantasy "proving" another fantasy, by someone dedicated to firmly holding on to fantasies, is obviously little more than nonsense, or a mix of nonsense and facts (Ardis correctly sees that Remdesivir is very toxic).

    There is no need (but heaps of popular WANT) to use fabricated ABSTRACT OTHERWORLDLY notions such as “satan” or “the devil” or "lucifer." There is no mystery of evil. There's only a lack of knowledge, true understanding, and denial of reality. Evil on earth, which DOES exist abundantly, is explained coherently by EARTH-BOUND true reality (again, there's no need, only want, for OTHERwordly mysterious mythical concepts), by GENUINELY acknowledging the 2 married pink elephants in the room…

    Fantasies have only ever distracted GENUINE truth-seekers from the true evil and so religions (fantasies) have been helping to MAINTAIN evil on earth for thousands of years… The last referenced article explains how this has come about, and continues…

  3. Dr Ardiss who introduced the "snake venom" hypothesis has done other interviews.
    He is NOT claiming "they" put snake venom in all muni water systems. You are setting up a strawman to knock down with your "logic."
    Who then might be the disinformation?
    Hundreds, if not thousands, of various animal venoms are catalogued and produced synthetically and have been used by medicine…for good and bad.
    They don't need to milk snakes. they don't need the entire venom made synthetically. they know which are the activating snippets of DNA code, and they can easily produce enough of these trigger codes to put in the vaxx.

  4. It's not that Covid is snake venom you troll. It's in the so called vaxx. The Pfizer Clot Shot exhibits ALL the characteristics of a snake venom. Blood clots, heart problems, kidney and liver failure and nervous system disruption. What your pedaling is what the MSM calls "disinformation"'. It's not in the water but you tried to obfuscate truth with this lie.

  5. Thought the video "Watch the Water" was full of crap, watched this guy from Peak Prosperity break it down, interesting. Went to his you tube website Peak prosperity, for goodness sake, where does the "Fear Mongering" end??

  6. It's just that No body trusts The Medical Industrial Complex and the puppet permanent government who has profited in the billions off of sicker population than ever before. So most people are open to such outrageous intentions as past behavior predicts future behavior. History is full of such treasonous acts like the subject above. So I can and do say… "Thank you, NO!". The very act of of making specialties in healthcare to maximize profits ignoring the whole body as an interconnected organism shows how ingrained the ignorance goes. Healthcare is based on a false germ theory and they want you to ignore the incredible immune system we all come in with. That is why they need "titles of Nobility" and EXPERTS and licenses to push the CON. Every person is a doctor because every person has had an immune system from day 1. Doctors today are hardly scientists, They are more franchisee operators who read the book, took the tests and started up heir specialty with little regard for real Science and forget Healing, healing is not even in their vocabulary. Today in the medical industrial complex we see obese people in scrubs walking around town smoking an vaping and drinking big gulps. clueless about their own health so how could they know anything about yours? Yeah there are a million reasons people are waking up to the story above. Especially with the new found power the Medical Industrial Complex has to control the government. yet they cannot even stop the subsidizing in the billions of the Sugar industry that has created the biggest health crisis the obesity epidemic. So just like an abused spouse over time… We are not listening to you all any more. You are seen for what you really are. So that is why the bible states "The First shall be last, and the last shall be first". Get used to it, the time of honoring yourselves is coming to an end.


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